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June 25, 2012

How to get crashplan to backup to network share / unraid / mapped drive

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In addition to backing up to the paid crashplan central, I want my stuff to get backed up locally on my unraid network share:

“After much screwing around I was finally able to get Crashplan to back up to the unRAID box via Network Share.

Out of the box Crashplan won’t back up to a network share saying it doesn’t have the correct permissions.  Here’s how I got around it.

1)  Create a folder somewhere.  I created mine at c:\crashPlanBackup
2)  Open up CrashPlan and go to the Destinations tab of the ap.  Click “Folders” and find your new folder. Leave CrashPlan running and the Destinations tab open.
3)  Delete the new folder you created and just pointed CrashPlan to.
4)  Open a command prompt and create a hardlink to the network share.    Type mklink /h “c:\crashPlanBackup” \\tower\sharename  –  Hit return.  You can also mount the share so it has a drive letter and do it this way mklink /h “c:\crashPlanBackup” s:  if I remember correctly. (some people will want to use the /D switch (instead of /H) on the mklink if they get the “Local NTFS volumes are required to complete the operation” error

You’ve now tricked CrashPlan into thinking that the folder you added was a local folder and it’s not.  Working like champ!  For as little as $3 more per month  you can have your data back up to their cloud service as well.  Redundancy!  I imagine there would be no reason you couldn’t trick CrashPlan into backing up your network shares to their cloud and really make them wonder if $3 a month for unlimited storage was a good idea :)


crashplan backup to network share


May 18, 2012

unraid plugins nas 5.0 rc3 forum forums compatibility

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Re: unRAID Server Release 5.0-rc3 Available
« Reply #185 on: May 17, 2012, 12:34:35 AM »
all plugins i am running are working fine in 5rc3

powerdown script
simple features
SF cache dirs
SF disk stat
SF active streams
SF disk Health
SF System info
SNAP (always been quirky but it does the most important automount a few disks :P TILL WE GET 24 disks in UNRAID ;)

none give me any issues…

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UNRAID 5.0B12A in a NZXT Tempest case
ASUS P5B-Plus Vista edition – CPU: E6550 core 2 duo
3 GB Corsair DDR2 800 – 6 onboard 3gbs sata ports trough an intel ICH8
1 x IBM BR10i in PCIE-X16 slot
2 X sil3132 2 port PCIE-X1 adapters
1 X Adaptec 1220-SA PCIE-X1 Adapter
1 X JMicro sata port – 1 X Esata port on the JMicro too
4 x 2TB Samsung F2 (1 Parity)
2 x Hitatchi 7200 rpm 1 TB
1 x 750 GB WD (EACS)
1 x 500 GB Samsung (Cache Drive )
PSU = Cooler Master 550 W + 400w no brand psu
8 drives on the br10 are laying outside the case in lian-li 4in3 HDD Cages with Fan :P
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