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March 4, 2013

Automatic Local Backup Software

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I use ‘Cobian Backup’ — lightweight and runs as a service.


Here are the options I like best:


SyncBack[1] if stuff is large and on you want it on another local HDD



Roadkil’s Unstoppable Copier – througha task is easy enough.




March 11, 2012

Windows application for creating metadata? (self.xbmc)

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I use Ember Media Manager (EMM-r)


media companion can be used to scrape and change the data before xbmc scrapes it. it will create the nfo files and download and choose fanart as well.

media companion

That’s the one I settled on. Works perfectly.

Free, you can pay for extra bits if you wish, but tagging is free and awesome.

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I set my movie downloads to go to a completed folder and TheRenamer runs silently every 15 minutes and scans for new movies, renaming and movie them to the movies folder. MediaCenterMaster then runs in the background scraping the relevant metadata.!/petes_mcm

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