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May 26, 2013

bbs betterbatterystats

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Process shows which apps consume the most CPU time. Most apps should never go past a minute or so for a single battery charge. (Unless you’re using them ALOT or they are 3D games)

Partial Wakelocks shows processes that keep your phone awake even if the screen is off. They are using resources in the background. If you’re playing podcasts with the screen off… They will show here as AudioOut or something similar. Background data transfer, processing, etc…

Other misc data about phone state… How long wifi was on… how long the phone’s been awake… screen on… phone talk time… etc

Kernel Wakelocks things that the kernel is doing to keep the phone awake. Dragons be here. Partial wakelocks usually lets me find the culprit apps.

Alarms this is how many times each app has woken up your phone to do something. Apps that are ranked high are waking your phone up all the time. Llama with polling sometimes hits into the thousands for me.

In the end each of these panels is just a tool to point you in the direction to look. By combining all of the data and doing some trial app uninstalls you can usually find out what’s killing your battery pretty quick.




February 3, 2013

Custom kernel Nexus 4

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Faux kernel:

The way I see it, yeah. If what you want is a kernel that allows you to over clock your gpu/cpu and a kernel that has a lot of configurable options that normally wouldn’t be possible on stock (swipe2wake is built in, custom governors, a bunch of options I’m not really familiar with) I recommend faux or Bricked. You’ll have to tweak your kernel if you want something good to come out of faux.

Franco kernel:

If you’re looking for something that you can flash and forget, franco is what you need. The default options on franco are amazing. The only thing you might need/want to tweak are the colours and/or your voltage.

The easiest way is to download his app and use that to flash and control his kernel.

Basically, every ROM comes with its own kernel. So when you switch ROMs, whatever kernel you have will be overwritten with whatever kernel that comes with the ROM.

Yes Franco’s kernel is compatible with CM10.1. Most kernels are compatible with most ROMs.

The only thing that you need to remember is to be careful and not flash a different device’s kernel, if the flashing involves tinkering with the bootloader, doing so will brick your device.

Also, some kernel developers (like Franco) modified the boot.img to modify the ramdisk. When you wanna switch from such a kernel to a different kernel, it’s best to re-flash your ROM so that the boot.img is reset to stock configurations. Not doing so will result in a bootloop.

Refer to the side bar for more information about kernels, there’s an excellent guide written by IAmAN00bie

Installing a Custom Kernel

Just flash the zip in your recovery of choice. No need for wiping cache or anything. However, one thing to note that might save you some headache in the future is: what exactly are you flashing? When you flash a kernel, you are not just flashing the kernel, you are writing to the entire boot partition. The boot partition is made up of the kernel AND the ramdisk (the ramdisk is an image that the kernel mounts read-only at boot, it is basically used by the kernel to mount the rest of the system images). Some kernel devs pack their own ramdisk into their boot.img that you are flashing, so when you try to flash a DIFFERENT kernel, you end up in a bootloop. (An example: flash Franco kernel –> flash Faux kernel on top = bootloop.) To solve this you need to reset the ramdisk by flashing a stock reset kernel with the stock ramdisk[6] .


BiteSMS like messaging SMS for Android

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Stock Android SMS app + SMS Pop up (free) or Glowfly (paid)




ChompSMS (free alternative SMS app)

January 21, 2013

How to recover from a bricked android

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January 9, 2013

How to transfer SMS from iPhone to Android (export / import)

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STEP 1-A (jailbroken iphone)

Download iFunbox (it’s free) –

  • Download sms.db in Raw File System/var/mobile/Library/SMS
  • Select “Copy to PC” and save sms.db file to your PC.

STEP 1-B (non-jailbroken iphone)

  • Optional: If you still haven’t created a latest backup on iTunes, connect iPhone to computer to perform a sync.
  • Open Windows Explorer in Windows (or Finder in Mac) and navigate to the following folder:

    Windows: %UserProfile%\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup
    Mac OS X: ~/Libary/Applications Support/MobileSync/Backup

  • IE: for me it was: C:\Users\—–WINDOWS-USERNAME-HERE—–\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup\
  • There will be one or more than one sub-folders with random HEX characters as name, where each of them represents one backup stored by iTunes. By sorting by date or looking at the last modified date of the folders, note down the folder (origin folder) which is the latest backup created.
  • In that subfolder, there will be hundreds of file, you need this exact one: 3d0d7e5fb2ce288813306e4d4636395e047a3d28
  • c) Copy/backup this file “3d0d7e5fb2ce288813306e4d4636395e047a3d28” to your desktop, and
  • then rename this said file to sms.db




Nexus 4 – Tethering in LTE mode

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—Had anyone figured out how to tether while on LTE?—

You can use this script but you will need root access and root browser or something that can execute sh file.

Here you go. Just execute it with root access and try it out. You will need to execute every time you reboot though.

Here is the code that you could copy&paste in a txt file saved as an .sh file if the above link is down:

iptables -A bw_FORWARD -i !lo+
iptables -A natctrl_FORWARD -j RETURN -i rmnet+ -o wlan0 -m state --state RELATED,ESTABLISHED
iptables -A natctrl_FORWARD -j DROP -i wlan0 -o rmnet+ -m state --state INVALID
iptables -A natctrl_FORWARD -j RETURN -i wlan0 -o rmnet+
iptables -A natctrl_FORWARD -j DROP
iptables -A natctrl_nat_POSTROUTING -t nat -o rmnet+ -j MASQUERADE


Source: XDA forum here:

December 27, 2012

Nexus 4 Battery Custom Kernel (also prevent apps from auto-starting)

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Rooting won’t do anything for battery life, it only gives you access the the root “/” directory files/folders.

The only thing you can change to increase battery life is the kernel. I am running CodefireX ROM with the franco kernel, and better life is much better then stock. I was having to charge every day, sometimes plugging in at night with less the 15% left.

This morning I work to see I forgot to plug it in last nigh, and after a full day of use yesterday, and sitting all night, 68% left this morning. I am going to see if it will go another day.



I’ve been using this to keep an eye on apps that are going out of control. Android handles memory just fine, you need to watch out for apps using hte CPU running in hte background that chew through your battery.

I also used Autostarts (or a free alternative) to stop some apps from starting e.g. I don’t use twitter so it doesn’t need to start and why the hell does facebook need to start with the phone. Also get faster reboot times.

December 23, 2012

RFD Nexus 4 settings Kernel Custom Rom Screen Color Calibration

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Well I am about to sell my N4 today regrettably, but over the short period of time I’ve had it I will post a quick summary of what to do to get the most out of your N4 – this only applies to people who are willing to root and unlock the bootloader on the device:

– Install a custom ROM of your choice (I had CyanogenMOD 10.1)
– Download and flash faux123 kernel
– Purchase the faux123 kernel Enhancement Project app for ~$4 CDN
– Use these kernel settings with the app:

CPU: Max clock 1.134 GHZ, Min Clock 384mhz; CPU governor: intellidemand, mpdecision OFF, Snake Charmer ON
Voltage: -100mV across the board (you should be able to push this further – inch lower and lower to the most stable setting)
Governor: Up Threshold 75, Boost 0, Two Phase 702000, LMF Max 1134000, Sampling Rate 50000, Optimal Freq 594000, Synchro Freq 918000; CPU Eco Mode ON
GPU: Governor: ondemand, GPU Clock 400mhz, Vsync Toggle ON
IOSCHED: Scheduler: fiops, Readahead size 2048
Misc: Dynamic File Sync ON, TCP Congestion westwood
Vibration: (your choice), mine is at 80%
Screen: R: 255, G: 255, B: 255; Gamma Amp 0: 17, 15, 20; Gamma Amp 1: 1, 2, 3

Now I know that was a lot of ***** , but with these settings it makes the N4 a perfect device, really… the screen is now not washed out and is close to near identical to the iPhone 5 calibrated screen in terms of colour reproduction… no joke. 

The battery life with these settings are amazing. The battery % just won’t go down when I expect it to, and it really holds up with these settings. Personally was able to get over 4 hours (almost 5) with just screen time ON alone. This is with Gmail Push, Wifi on Sleep OFF, auto brightness ON. A member on XDA was able to get almost 6 hours (5h 50 min) screen time ON with these settings. 

These settings are not my original ones and are all on XDA, but shared here as a concise summary. I encourage everyone to try these out as it really brings out the max potential of the phone. Makes the N4 truly a worthy device to have with the new amazing battery life and corrects the crap screen calibration out of the box.


Android Nexus 4 Reddit Battery Drain Possible Fixes

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Go into settings and tap your Google account, turn off sync settings for anything you don’t use, especially Google currents. It might also be worth checking your data usage to see if it’s transmitting and you can identify it that way.

There is definitely something causing that, likely the only way to find out will be to use better battery stats, though it’ll cost you a few bucks it’s more than paid itself off for me over the years.

Get better battery stats from play and monitor your wake locks. I had pretty awful battery on stock, but now that I’m on CyanogenMod 10.1 it’s much better.

November 21, 2012

CCTS fido port porting rogers rfd

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How to avoid paying for 30 days of service when porting a Rogers/Fido mobile number in Canada

Posted by  on January 10, 2012. 26 comments.

TL;DR: When you port a mobile number from Rogers or Fido, they try to charge you for 30 days of service beyond your port date. Here’s how I avoided paying this “port fee.”

This is a longish post, but I’m hoping it’ll be helpful for anyone who’s planning to port their number from Fido/Rogers, and wants to save a few bucks.

Recently, I ported my mobile phone number from Fido to When I called Fido to verify that there was nothing on my account that would prevent a port, they told me I’d have to pay for 30 days of service aftermy number was ported. Here’s a transcript of my online chat with Fido representative Jennifer:

FidoANSWERS! Hello Daniel Misener, my name is Jennifer, and it will be my pleasure to assist you today. Please allow me a moment to answer your question. Thank you for your patience.

Daniel Misener says: Hello, Jennifer.

Jennifer says: I’m sory to hear you are thinking of leaving Fido, may I ask why ?

Daniel Misener says: I’m leaving the country, moving to France, and need to port my Canadian number to a VOIP service.

Jennifer says: To answer your question, you have no active contract, therefore there would be no penalty if you ported out your number. You would be charged 30 days of service however.

Jennifer says: I see!

Daniel Misener says: Why would I be charged 30 days of service?

Daniel Misener says: If I port my number, after the port is successful, shouldn’t the amount I owe Fido be pro-rated?

Jennifer says: This is part of your service agreement with us, we ask for 30 days notice to terminate your service.

Daniel Misener says: May I give my notice now?

Daniel Misener says: With an end date 30 days from today?

Jennifer says: With a port out, the notice is the port itself. It would begin on the day the number leaves Fido.

Daniel Misener says: Right. My question then is, if I give my cancellation notice today, then port the number before the 30 days are up, will I still be charged 30 days after the port? Or 30 days after today?

Jennifer says: You cannot give your notice today and port your number because if there is a scheduled deactivation, your number will not be able to be ported. So for porting, the port itself is the notice and the 30 days start from that day.

Daniel Misener says: That’s a shame.

This, of course, seems crazy. Why should I pay for 30 days of service that they’re not actually delivering? Some quick Googling turned up this RFD forum thread, and this post at RogersWatch, which explains how to avoid paying for these 30 days. It seems that the CCTS (The Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services) has recognized this 30-day “port fee” as an issue. If you complain to the CCTS, you can avoid paying. RogersWatch’s advice:

  1. go ahead and do your port whenever you darned well feel like it
  2. after it’s all done promptly call Rogers and tell them to reverse your 30-day fee because you ported out, or else you’ll just file a complaint with CCTS about it (and CCTS will force Rogers to reverse the charge if you file a complaint)
  3. if Rogers doesn’t co-operate then either escalate to OoP or CCTS (I recommend CCTS) per this Rogers complaint escalation flowchart

So then, after my port was completed, I called Fido, asked them to reverse the charges. When the Fido representative said she couldn’t, I went to the CCTS website and registered a complaint. It’s simple, and only took a few minutes. For reference, here’s my complete complaint:

Details of the contract dispute: I ported my Fido telephone number to a VOIP provider. The port became active on January 3, 2012. I telephoned Fido on January 3, 2012 to confirm that there would be no further charges on my account. The Fido representative (“Molly”) said that I would continue to be charged for 30 days of service beyond my port date — service that I would not receive, a sum of ~$44.

Date the contract began: [I left this blank]

Date the contract terminated, will terminate or renewed: 2011-12-28

Date you became aware of the dispute: 2012-01-03

What steps did you take to resolve the matter with your TSP? I asked the Fido representative (“Molly”) to reverse the charges internally, as I should not have to pay for services that I will not receive.

What did your TSP say/do? The Fido representative (“Molly”) told me that she could not reverse the charges. I informed her that I would make a complaint to the CCTS.

What do you consider to be a reasonable resolution to your dispute?A reasonable resolution would be for Fido to reverse the charges, so I am not paying for service that they are not delivering to me.

Other organization? [I left this blank]

Two days later, I received an email from the CCTS, confirming that they had received my complaint, and that it fell under their mandate:


Dear Daniel Misener,

Thank you for contacting the Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services (CCTS). The CCTS is an independent agency with a mandate to receive, facilitate the resolution of, and, if necessary, resolve eligible consumer and small business complaints relating to certain retail telecommunications services.

We have received your complaint [CASE NUMBER] and hereby advise you that your complaint falls within the scope of our mandate and will be processed in accordance with our Procedural Code (the “Code”), which can be found at:

We encourage you to review the Code so that you are aware of the complaint resolution process as well as your rights and responsibilities as a customer.

In accordance with Section 6.5 of the Code, we have forwarded your complaint to your telecommunications services provider (TSP). Pursuant to Section 6.6 of the Code, your TSP is to:

a) within 15 days of receipt of the complaint advise the CCTS in writing, with a copy to you, that the TSP objects to the complaint on the basis that in their view, it should not be investigated pursuant to the Procedural Code or any other lawful reason;

b) within 30 days of receipt of the complaint advise the CCTS in writing, with a copy to you, that the complaint has been resolved to the mutual satisfaction of both you and the TSP; or

c) within 30 days of receipt of the complaint advise the CCTS in writing, with a copy to you, that the complaint remains unresolved and of the TSP’s intention to file a written response thereto.

In the event that your TSP responds that the complaint has been resolved to the mutual satisfaction of both you and the TSP and you disagree that the matter has been resolved, you must advise CCTS within 20 days of your TSP’s response.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your complaint, or anything contained in this correspondence, please do not hesitate to contact us.

P.O. Box 81088
Ottawa, ON
K1P 1B1

Please ensure to retain this correspondence for future reference.


CCTS Assessment Team

The following day, an email from the Office of the President at Rogers:

Dear Daniel Misener,

This e-mail is in response to the incident that was referred to us by the Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services (CCTS) [CASE NUMBER]. First and foremost, we would like to thank you for taking the time to share your observations with us. Feedback from customers is always appreciated.

In response, we would like to clarify that according to Fido’s Terms and Conditions, which govern all services provided by Fido explicitly state:

“…you may terminate any or all of your Services upon no less than 30 days’ advance notice…” and “… Applicable charges continue to apply until the end of the notice period or until the Services are no longer accessible by you, whichever is later. The transfer of your telephone number to another telecommunications service provider constitutes a termination of the applicable Service(s)…”

Should you wish to consult the Fido Terms and Conditions, you may do so via or on the abbreviated version on page 2 of every Fido invoice. Please note that this is a common practice amongst Canadian carriers, as such it may be an applicable condition for your new service provider as well.

A review of your files reveals that Fido has received notice of your cancellation on January 3, 2012 upon the transfer of your telephone number to another telecommunications service provider, as such the 30 days notice period applies as of this date. We were thus unable to find any billing errors. Notwithstanding the above, in view of finding an amicable resolution Fido is prepared to offer the following:

  • As a goodwill gesture credit $44.44 which represents the monthly service fees (taxes included) to be charged on your final invoice.

Your final invoice will be issued in date of January 14, 2012. Any usage fees above and beyond your monthly service plan remain legitimate

It is understood that the above option was offered in the sole optic of finding an amicable resolution, is without prejudice and in no way constitutes an admission of liability on the part of Fido.

We consider the above incident resolved.

And the same day, another email from the Office of the President at Rogers, addressed to the CCTS, cc’ing me:

Dear CCTS,

Concerning the CCTS complaint number # [CASE NUMBER], we have contacted Daniel Misener by e-mail and successfully reached a satisfactory resolution by applying the requested credit as a goodwill gesture (monthly service fees of the final invoice).

Should you or our client have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

I also received an email the same day from Fido — an “account change confirmation” detailing the charges on my account that would be reversed.

So then, it seems that the advice from RogersWatch is solid: Port your number, and once the port is completed, call Fido/Rogers to request that the 30-day fee be reversed. If they don’t cooperate, complain to the CCTS. It worked for me, and it was an easy way to avoid paying $44.44.

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  1. Jess Whyte

    Clap clap clap

  2. Tony

    Good story. Is this a service you will still use when you return or does it only make sense for your particular situation?

    • For us, is simply a good way to “park” a phone number so we don’t lose it while we’re away. When we get back, I’ll port it from to someone else, I’m sure.

  3. amy

    Brilliant. I will definitely be trying this soon.

  4. Jared

    Does this apply to all carriers or just Rogers?
    Since I have the exact same problem but iam with Virgin mobile and ported my # yesterday and found out Virgin is going to charge me for 30 days from yesterday. My monthly bill is just under $100. And i def dont want to be charged that for no service provided.

  5. K H

    I was billed for 30 days of service after I ported my number out too and I contacted the CCTS, just as this post had recommended. Filling out the form was easy and quick. Within one business day I received an email from the CCTS that they’ve received my complaint and the very next day I received an email from Fido Solutions (the person’s title was Advisor -”Office of the President”) telling me that they’ve credited the owing balance. I’m really surprised that this worked and really happy this is resolved. Thanks to Dan for this post and thanks to CCTS for the help!

  6. Dmitry

    Beautiful. Thank you very much for writing up a detailed explanation for this. Also, I can’t believe this doesn’t turn up on Google until 3-4 pages into the results.

    • Hope it was helpful.

      Re: where this appears in Google results — good question.

      It’s long overdue, but I just changed my permalink structure to generate more SEO-friendly URLs. Maybe that’ll help.

  7. Nhi Tran Le

    Thanks for your details. Got my money back today 🙂

  8. Henry

    How did you guys address this note from the CRTC?

    “If it’s your residential phone, you may not have a contract for local phone service. If you don’t have a contract, you can cancel your service anytime.

    However, if you reside in a competitive area, where the terms of service are no longer regulated by the CRTC, you must communicate with your service provider to cancel your telephone service. Cancellation takes effect 30 days after the date you contact your provider. You will be charged and be responsible to pay the applicable charges for that 30 day cancellation period.”

    Scroll down to this section labeled: How do I get out of a contract with a phone company?

  9. Henry

    I just called them twice, ready to demand that the 30-day billing of “dead air” time be reversed.

    Me: Could you tell me more about this policy?
    Sherif: Yes. If you cancel, we will charge you 30 days after you give us notice.
    Me: If you look up my file in your system, you’ll notice in early July I called and requested a port over and was —
    Sherif: Okay okay. You have a zero dollar balance, okay??
    Me: What?
    Sherif: No charge to your account. zero dollars
    Me: Great! Could I have a confirmation number of this conversation?
    Sherif: Yes, it is [confirmation number]

    Basically this guy didn’t feel like dealing with me so he just let me win. I really did give advanced 30 days notice (not in writing) that I’d be cancelling my service.

    Anyways, just wanted to reassure visitors on this site that, although as a customer you’re binded by their terms of service which states you must provide written notice to end service, and the regulations outlined by the CRTC, you can still recover these funds by complaining. Call and bug the hell out of Rogers about this! It’s cheaper for them to just pay you out than the intangible cost of dealing with your escalating problem.

  10. Ryan

    I just had this very thing told to me today by a Fido “supervisor” it is EXTREMELY refreshing to have people like you posting your situations, especially when it helps the consumer! I will follow up with my results.

  11. John

    so I do not have to give my current carrier 30 days notice but just go to my new provider, port the number and then when it is done call them to tell them not to charge anything anymore?? The “30 days notice-clause” in the contract does not count? Thanks I am dealing with it right now. And I read that as soon as I call my current provider to have my contract cancelled they freeze my number so I cannot port it anymore.

  12. Michelle

    Did anyone try to do this while still in a contract? We’ve just been told that by moving to the states we’d have to pay $400 per phone to cancel them. If I can VoIP it and avoid those fees that would be awesome!

  13. RL

    Hey. Here is an alternate suggestion. (more of a question, cause I’m not sure if it works… would like to hear what you think).

    User has completed his contract with Fido. User is on a $40/month plan.
    User wishes to transfer his/her number to another carrier.
    User calls Fido and finds out that he has to pay for an additional 30days.

    So user asks to be downgraded to the pay-as-you-go prepaid plans. In particular, ask to be transferred to the ’30cent anytime’ plan.
    This plan has no monthly fee.
    Then call Fido 24hours later and cancel service.

    In this situation, they wouldn’t be able to charge you anything because there is no monthly fee on this plan.

    Let me know if this is flawed in anyway.


  14. AJ

    Hi, I ported from Fido and filled in the CCTS form.
    I just checked my voicemail and I have a message from someone in the Presidents Office to call them back. I’m nervous because I’m not an aggressive person. To be honest I was hoping this would be solved via e-mail. I don’t want to cave-in because I really feel it is not fair to charge for airtime that I cannot use!

    Wish me luck. I hope I don’t get bullied over the phone.

  15. Jason

    I tried this with Bell and they will not reverse the charges. I filed my complaint with CCTS and they still refused to reverse the charges so I guess it depends on what cell phone company. Wondering if I should just let it go to collections out of principle. I can’t believe they are allowed to do this legally? There is no way to port your number without paying for an extra month that you do not use?

  16. Marko

    I hate Rogers… was attacked by a cable installer I caught up on the roof on my home… he was up there stringing a wire over to a neighbors home… a temp hookup. I told him I didn’t want this black wire run over my home… attached to my gutter.. they did this without even asking me! Then the guy got all physical with me telling me he could do as he please. I’m sick of Rogers and these stupid pricks that work for them. I’ve cancelled all my services but want to port my cell number that I’ve had for 21 years to I can then send my calls anywhere from there. I just did the port as it’s only $10 on special at I’m just waiting for Rogers to cause problems… now I know have to fight these stupid A-Holes!!! thanks for the help.

  17. Patrick

    I’m glad I found your blog. I filed a complaint via CCTS against Fido and it worked. My 30 days bill was waived. Thanks!

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