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August 28, 2011

Router Recommendation

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submitted 23 hours ago by omnicious

I need recommendations on a router that has great range and preferably has DD WRT support. Keep in mind I would have to be using 802.11g and I need it to go through at least one floor. I have internet speeds that are 25 Mbps and above through modem so I’ll also need a router that’ll be able to give me as close as those speeds with at little overhead as possible. Price point is preferably $80 tops but if you really think your recommendation fits the bill I’m willing to go to $100. If you need any more clarification on what I would need please leave me a message.


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[–]stocksy 2 points 22 hours ago

The maximum useful throughput of 802.11g is 21 Mb, so 802.11n is essential if you wish to exceed this.

All the consumer routers I’ve come across have been very low quality, so I can’t in good conscience recommend one to you. Hopefully someone else will.


[–]tsdguy 2 points 21 hours ago

Plenty of “consumer” routers would fit the bill, however what’s “consumer” is a matter of opinion. Many router companies have multiple lines.

Your price point is not going to cut a quality router for which you will get sustained throughput. I’d say $100 is a minimum for a good 802.11n with dual 2.4 and 5Ghz simultaneous networks.

You need to visit for a list of supported and recommended routers.


[–]omnicious[S] 1 point 20 hours ago

I see a list for supported routers but not recommended ones.


[–]dajacu 2 points 21 hours ago

yeh go wireless N

the more you spend the better the quality will be, dual band should give you better throughput..


[–]omnicious[S] 1 point 20 hours ago

I can’t use wireless n because my roommates computers can’t use it. Is it possible to dual broadcast g and n? Either way I need g to go pretty far.


[–]dajacu 2 points 20 hours ago

a wireless N router will be able to connect a/b/g/ and N. It will use G when the PC only has G, it will just be a bit slower..


[–]omnicious[S] 1 point 17 hours ago

So do you have a recommendation in mind?


[–]dajacu 1 point 17 hours ago

i wouldnt go netgear… i have a dlink wireless N.. and it seems ok, it was about $80 from my local dick smiths..

there are not too many advanced, expensive features that you will require

i have this and no real problems…

Linksys are also good if you want to spend the money (i think they are good, no personal experience)

I just hate netgears…


[–]omnicious[S] 1 point 16 hours ago

I heard the DIR-615 is problematic.


[–]dajacu 1 point 16 hours ago

i use ethernet on my main PC so its fine.. but wifi signal doesnt extend to the other end of the house very well… although i think the end rooms only have wireless G


[–]omnicious[S] 1 point 16 hours ago

Yeah wireless is my main concern. I need it to punch through the floor at preferably a few walls.


[–]Dr_Reddit 2 points 20 hours ago

I have two ASUS RT-N16 routers. They can run DD-WRT on them but I have TomatoUSB (which I find to be way more stable) running on them. They are rock solid.

Also, they have external antennas so you could swap those out for better ones if you felt the need to do that.


[–]omnicious[S] 1 point 20 hours ago

What are your thoughts on their range and signal strength?


[–]Dr_Reddit 1 point 18 hours ago

I don’t have hard numbers for you on signal strength and range but I bought two of them to cover a 2 story 4500 square foot house due to the fact that before I had these I was using two D-Link DIR-655 routers to cover the same area and constantly kept having issues with them dropping connections.

After switching to the ASUS RT-N16 I have full signal everywhere in the house and also in the front and back yards. The other day a cleaning lady accidentally unplugged one of them and we still had great signal strength throughout most of the house, making me think that having two of these things is probably somewhat overkill.


[–]omnicious[S] 1 point 17 hours ago

What about speeds? Is there much drop off between modem and router and than between wired and wireless?


[–]Dr_Reddit 1 point 17 hours ago

None. The ASUS RT-N16 has a 480 MHz processor and 128MB of RAM. With TomatoUSB on there, the thing is not only screaming fast but also super stable. I’ve never had any problems with video streaming, torrents, VOIP calls, etc.

If you install TomatoUSB on there (which takes about 15 minutes from reading how to do it to actually doing it) you can even set up the router to automatically reboot itself on a set schedule. I have mine set to reboot every day at 3:45 AM which helps keep everything running at optimal speed and with low RAM usage. Although with 128MB of RAM, it probably isn’t really even needed.


[–]PrimaryLupine 1 point 17 hours ago

Buffalo Nfinity Air-Station. It has DD-WRT installed standard. Have had one roomie playing WoW, another on Xbox live, and me streaming Hulu simultaneously without issues. Wireless is powerful enough that my phone will associate with the AP when I’m pulling up to the garage gate at my apartment, where the router’s on the second floor.

$59.99 at Microcenter.


[–]omnicious[S] 1 point 16 hours ago

Is that using N or G?


[–]PrimaryLupine 1 point 15 hours ago

My Palm Pre is G, but the 2 laptops that connect via N work perfectly fast as well.


[–]omnicious[S] 1 point 14 hours ago

So range is pretty good with the G then? Is there a lot of walls between your router and your garage?


[–]PrimaryLupine 1 point 14 hours ago

Just the floor, really. The parking area is under the upper apartments. With 2 walls between me and the router inside the apartment, I get 80-86% signal with my Vostro’s internal Wifi G connection.

In my last place, it was powerful enough to cover a 1500sq ft house, beyond what a WRT54G could do even with add-on antennas.


[–]wrtpro 3 points 12 hours ago* 

Cisco E3000 (simultaneous dual band, 2.4 and 5Ghz)

ASUS RT-N16 (single band, 2.4Ghz only)

On each you can install Tomato RAF (the RAF build is better than TomatoUSB at the moment).

N routers can run simultaneously G and N bands.


[–]omnicious[S] 1 point 6 hours ago

I hear the range on the Cisco model isn’t very good though.


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