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January 12, 2014

google now bluetooth car adapter android nexus 4 blog

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Yes you can. It’s not too difficult. First launch Google Now, scroll to the bottom and hit the menu button (three dots), Settings, Voice, check the ‘Bluetooth headset’ box. Download a free app called ‘Bluetooth Launch’ from the Play Store. Launch it and it will load a list of all your apps. Go to the Google Search one, expand it, and choose When you press and hold the button on the Kinivo BTC450 you’ll hear a beep after two seconds or so. Your phone will then prompt for you to choose which app to launch. Select Bluetooth Launch and set it as your default. It should now launch a Google Now search box and start listening. You can execute voice commands from here. After the initial setup it’ll just launch the action by default. It works for me even when the screen is off. Just remember to speak loudly and towards your bluetooth adapter because it’ll be listening from that as opposed to your phone’s microphone. The little circle around the microphone will turn red when it actually hears what you’re saying vs grey when it doesn’t.
I initially had a problem with this messing up media that was playing. This was because I originally didn’t check off the ‘Bluetooth Headset’ box in Google Now’s settings.
I hope this helps!
Keep in mind. Single pressing the button is pause/play. Long-pressing the button will trigger that button command.

I’ve noticed on my Nexus 5 that occasionally the microphone on the Google Search bar on the home screen will become hollow instead of solid white. I know that this is normal during media playback so that it doesn’t recognize stuff from songs you’re playing. If I have music playing, long-press that button on this adapter, the music will pause, and then Google Search can hear me and function normally. On some rare occasions the microphone icon will stay hollow despite music not playing. I’m not really sure what causes this but restarting the phone fixes it.


February 4, 2013

Google Play MArket enabler unlocker to get Apps that are US restricted for ex

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Market enabler


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Market-Enabler is an application to fake the phone’s location and access markets from other countries. Android market is separated into regions (country and carrier specific) and some apps are just enabled for a specific country and not available to the other Countrys.



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Link to app. I think is the latest version, even if it was released January of 2012.


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To be fair, this is basically a build.prop modifier. It doesn’t need to be updated unless a new version of Android changes build.prop.

January 21, 2013

How to recover from a bricked android

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January 9, 2013

Nexus 4 – Tethering in LTE mode

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—Had anyone figured out how to tether while on LTE?—

You can use this script but you will need root access and root browser or something that can execute sh file.

Here you go. Just execute it with root access and try it out. You will need to execute every time you reboot though.

Here is the code that you could copy&paste in a txt file saved as an .sh file if the above link is down:

iptables -A bw_FORWARD -i !lo+
iptables -A natctrl_FORWARD -j RETURN -i rmnet+ -o wlan0 -m state --state RELATED,ESTABLISHED
iptables -A natctrl_FORWARD -j DROP -i wlan0 -o rmnet+ -m state --state INVALID
iptables -A natctrl_FORWARD -j RETURN -i wlan0 -o rmnet+
iptables -A natctrl_FORWARD -j DROP
iptables -A natctrl_nat_POSTROUTING -t nat -o rmnet+ -j MASQUERADE


Source: XDA forum here:

January 7, 2013

Preparing for an Interview at Microsoft (Reddit)

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Here’s the best advice I can provide you:[1]

December 23, 2012

Android Nexus 4 Reddit Battery Drain Possible Fixes

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Go into settings and tap your Google account, turn off sync settings for anything you don’t use, especially Google currents. It might also be worth checking your data usage to see if it’s transmitting and you can identify it that way.

There is definitely something causing that, likely the only way to find out will be to use better battery stats, though it’ll cost you a few bucks it’s more than paid itself off for me over the years.

Get better battery stats from play and monitor your wake locks. I had pretty awful battery on stock, but now that I’m on CyanogenMod 10.1 it’s much better.

December 14, 2012

What are the best apps for recording calls? (self.androidapps)

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I use CallRecorder. It’s paid, but it does everything the way I need it to and is exactly what you’re looking for. Along with AlsaMix, it’s able to record the audio directly from both the microphone (for your voice) and the output to the speaker (other party’s voice). Also has built in file management (delete after x days, etc) and it labels all files with proper names/phone numbers.


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CallRecorder was the only app I could find that supported recording both sides of the

conversation. AlsaMixer also took care of any volume problems.



I use Sanity and it works perfect. It automatically records every phone call and saves them in a folder that can be accessed from your gallery.

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