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September 3, 2013

Recover deleted files (reddit)

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Was the format the last thing that she did? It’s extremely vital not to write anything on that drive.


[–]NoSleepReader [S] 3 points 9 hours ago (4|1)

Yes. Formatting was the last thing she did.


[–]king_of_blades 15 points 9 hours ago (18|3)

Then I’d say that there’s almost 100% chance that she will be able to restore the data. That should make her panic less. That said, if it’s so important for her business I’d go to a data recovery company.

I probably would be able to help you if you know your way around a computer, but I’d really advice you get some professional help.


[–]NoSleepReader [S] 1 point 9 hours ago (5|4)

I’d say I know my way around a computer. When googling a lot of people recommend downloading programs. Are these of any use?


[–]TheBigC 13 points 7 hours ago (15|1)

I would reiterate King’s comments. Unless this is something you have done in the past, take the drive to a professional. They will charge $100 but your mother will likely get every single picture back. Then setup a proper backup and consider yourself lucky. The reason I say professional is that yes many utilities will recover deleted files, you may only have one opportunity to do it right. Do it wrong, or use a poor tool and you are done.


[–]TheBigC 3 points 1 hour ago (4|1)

I would add if you or your Mom thinks $100 is too much money, then the pictures aren’t that vital.



[–]king_of_blades 5 points 9 hours ago (5|1)

I assume that the drive is connected to a functional PC. She didn’t delete her OS? While it’s theoretically possible to fix the drive “in place”, meaning to make the deleted files appear on the drive again, I’d try to avoid modifying the drive in any way. That will let you seek professional help it you can’t restore it yourself.

Do you have another drive with enough free space to restore the files to it?


[–]NoSleepReader [S] 2 points 9 hours ago (3|1)

Yea we also own a 3TB external hard drive.

The drive is connected to a functional PC and the only thing deleted was everything on the 1TB external hard drive.

I’m very tired. It’s 2AM, I’m going to go to sleep. I will be sure to leave everything as is and follow up with you in the morning. I appreciate the help.


[–]king_of_blades 7 points 9 hours ago* (8|1)

Awesome. Download Testdisk.

If you use Windows this would probably be the best version to use.

EDIT: Didn’t notice that bit about going to sleep. It’s 2 PM where I live, so I can’t promise when I’ll be able to reply, but I’ll do it as soon as possible.


[–]princeofcash 1 point 7 hours ago (1|0)

Aside from it being free I’ve never tried TestDisk how does it compare to ontrack or to GetDataBack


[–]king_of_blades 2 points 7 hours ago (2|0)

Never used them. It’s a console application, so the learning curve may be a bit steep, but it does work. It seems to focus more on recovering lost partitions than on recovering individual files.



[–]capn_untsahts 2 points 7 hours ago (2|0)

Haven’t used those other programs but testdisk is very good at retrieving data, but it isn’t particularly user-friendly. Not super-complicated though.



[–]NoSleepReader [S] 1 point 8 hours ago (2|1)

Ok I downloaded it. Now what?


[–]king_of_blades 3 points 8 hours ago (3|0)

See my edit to my previous post. Go to sleep if you need, the whole process will take a few hours. Most of it just waiting for files to copy, but still.


[–]NoSleepReader [S] 2 points 8 hours ago (2|0)

I want to start it before I go. Do I open testdisk or photorec exe?




[–]excolatur 4 points 1 hour ago (4|0)

Before you use any of the file recovery software people are suggesting, the first thing you need to do is make a bitstream image of the drive using software like FTK Imager. And then you use the recovery software on that image.


[–]Lilday 1 point 3 minutes ago (1|0)

FTK Imager also has the function to export any files found…although I think you’d have to do them all one by one.



[–]garrettskj 4 points 8 hours ago (5|1)

As soon as you recover it…

Seriously best $60.


[–]NoSleepReader [S] 1 point 8 hours ago (1|0)

I appreciate this. I will look into this for sure!



[–]xKhanix 3 points 8 hours ago (3|0)

Be aware that if she has many pictures, songs …etc then all will be without names. Due to the way windows partitions save the names of files. (I have done a few disk recoveries in my days)



[–]fongaboo 3 points 5 hours ago (3|0)

I have had great results with R-Studio.



[–]YoshiMagick 2 points 1 hour ago (2|0)

I recommend DMDE to rewrite the file structure.

Hard Drives usually keep backups of the file structures in the last 128 sectors of the drive, and they can usually be recovered after a format.

You can use recuva as well, but DMDE would retain most of the names of the files as well as the folder structure. Recuva will probably give them all back to you unnamed and in one folder.

DMDE is a rather techie tool though. I recommend reading the manual or googling some guides.

Just keep in mind that the more unsuccessful tries you have with software the less of a chance you will get more of your files back. Also, after this is over, you might consider making a back up or two.



[–]almyz125 1 point 5 hours ago* (1|0)

I’ve tried recuva with no luck. The link above has worked for me. It’s not free though…

one of the tools in the link above is specifically for lost or corrupted photos. ^

There is also some open source tools for linux.



[–]unabletofindmyself 1 point 19 minutes ago (1|0)

I’ve used Restorer Ultimate (and other older versions of it) many times over the past 6-7 years to recover multiple TB of data across many drives and my even a crashed RAID-5 array, granted it didn’t restore everything, but it got about 85%.



[–]jstarlee 1 point 1 minute ago (1|0)

Please drill the concept of backing up data into her head for everyone‘s sake.

Good luck.


March 4, 2013

Automatic Local Backup Software

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I use ‘Cobian Backup’ — lightweight and runs as a service.


Here are the options I like best:


SyncBack[1] if stuff is large and on you want it on another local HDD



Roadkil’s Unstoppable Copier – througha task is easy enough.



January 21, 2013

Titanium Backup Tutorial

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Ten Easy Steps for TiBu success:
1. Open TiBu.

2. Menu > Preferences > App processing mode > AUTO Direct (Should be this by default anyway)

3. Create your backup: Hit the Batch button to the top-right on your screen (the one with a checkmark). Hit “Backup all user apps” and click the green checkmark up top on the next screen. When getting ready for future wipes and ROM flashes, you are going to scroll down and just hit “Backup new user apps & newer app versions”, followed by “Redo backups for modified data”… This will update all those saved games and other info that has changed since the last time you backed it up. Do not backup or restore system data.
Note: While not required.. its a great idea to periodically move all of your backups to your computer for safekeeping. When connecting to your computer you will find a /TitaniumBackup directory on your internal storage. Go ahead and just copy the entire folder over to a safe spot on your computer, and update it from time to time. You never know when you that might come in handy!

4. TiBu now lets you backup and restore your call logs, SMS messages, and browser bookmarks (stock browser only).. How sweet is that?! On the main screen hit Menu > Backup data to XML and choose what you would like to backup if you please.

5. Now we’re going to make an This is an awesome feature that gives you a file to flash after your ROM, so that when you boot up you will have TiBu already installed and ready to restore all your apps! Menu > Create “”. The only thing you want to change here is under “Titanium Backup will be installed as:” Select “System application”. You can change the name of the output file if you like, I just leave it as for simplicity. Hit your green checkmark up top and you are good to go.
TIP: Remember to create a new before your next ROM flash if TiBu has been updated at all since then.. which it probably has if its been a while, the developer updates things a lot!

6. Boot to recovery.. flash your ROM and Gapps (if needed). Now Mount the System, then install the TiBu we just created. Now… reboot.

7. Skip the initial device setup screen. This can be done by quickly tapping the top-left, top-right, bottom-right, and bottom-left corners of the screen in that order. Or you can just skip through everything without entering your Google account info.

8. Launch TiBu and do Batch > Restore missing apps with data. Now here’s the important part.. hit Deselect all. Go through the list and manually select the apps you want to restore with data. You can do it safely for MOST userapps: games, utility apps, etc. But do NOT restore data to any Google apps, and try to avoid it for any apps which actively sync often or create accounts in your phone setup. Can you get away with some of these things sometimes? Maybe.. but just don’t take the risk. Restoring any bad data you shouldn’t could mean you’ll have to re-wipe and start all over again. Once you’re done selecting, hit the green checkmark to start the restore.

9. Now run through that last step again… This time after hitting Deselect all, hit App only. Now you can select theapps you are going to restore without data. You can do this for just about anything, including your google apps. Its the same as installing them normally.. TiBu will just do it for you in one quick batch job. Afterwards you can do a Menu > Restore data from XML and restore any the call logs and SMS data we backed up earlier as well.

10. Reboot. Go to Settings > Accounts > Add your Google account and set up your phone again. You can take it from here 


January 9, 2013

How to transfer SMS from iPhone to Android (export / import)

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STEP 1-A (jailbroken iphone)

Download iFunbox (it’s free) –

  • Download sms.db in Raw File System/var/mobile/Library/SMS
  • Select “Copy to PC” and save sms.db file to your PC.

STEP 1-B (non-jailbroken iphone)

  • Optional: If you still haven’t created a latest backup on iTunes, connect iPhone to computer to perform a sync.
  • Open Windows Explorer in Windows (or Finder in Mac) and navigate to the following folder:

    Windows: %UserProfile%\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup
    Mac OS X: ~/Libary/Applications Support/MobileSync/Backup

  • IE: for me it was: C:\Users\—–WINDOWS-USERNAME-HERE—–\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup\
  • There will be one or more than one sub-folders with random HEX characters as name, where each of them represents one backup stored by iTunes. By sorting by date or looking at the last modified date of the folders, note down the folder (origin folder) which is the latest backup created.
  • In that subfolder, there will be hundreds of file, you need this exact one: 3d0d7e5fb2ce288813306e4d4636395e047a3d28
  • c) Copy/backup this file “3d0d7e5fb2ce288813306e4d4636395e047a3d28” to your desktop, and
  • then rename this said file to sms.db




January 21, 2012

reddit how to synch folders — backup tool crashplan

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[S] 1 point 21 hoursago (1|0)

I think this is the one. It seems to be exactly what I want.


2 points 21 hoursago (2|0)

No problem, I have a desktop pc in my basement and a laptop that we use all the time. My wife loads all her pictures on the laptop and I have syncback on the desktop. Twice a week syncback looks at the pictures folder on the laptop and copies anything new down to the desktop. I then have carbonite installed on the desktop to send the data offsite. If my house burns down I want to make sure I still have all those pictures of my kids in tact! Everything else can be replaced.


5 points 20 hoursago (5|0)

Even the kids??




1 point 18 hours ago*  (1|0)

allwaysync is free for personal use. You only have to install it on the windows side.

Once set up you can run it manually, schedule it, run when the machine is idle, or have it watch the folders and automatically propagate any changes. It can work using windows folder sharing, or connect via FTP for the transfer, and can use UNC paths so you don’t have to map a drive letter if you don’t want to.

There are a ton of options, so you can tweak it to work many different ways (exclude files, folders, extensions, wildcards, only propagate changes in one direction, etc) and it will ask you what to do in the case of conflicts (files on both sides are changed).

I use it at home to mirror my PC to my NAS (which I use for backup). For work, I bought the license so I can use it to mirror some local network shares to an offsite backup machine.

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