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May 26, 2013

bbs betterbatterystats

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Process shows which apps consume the most CPU time. Most apps should never go past a minute or so for a single battery charge. (Unless you’re using them ALOT or they are 3D games)

Partial Wakelocks shows processes that keep your phone awake even if the screen is off. They are using resources in the background. If you’re playing podcasts with the screen off… They will show here as AudioOut or something similar. Background data transfer, processing, etc…

Other misc data about phone state… How long wifi was on… how long the phone’s been awake… screen on… phone talk time… etc

Kernel Wakelocks things that the kernel is doing to keep the phone awake. Dragons be here. Partial wakelocks usually lets me find the culprit apps.

Alarms this is how many times each app has woken up your phone to do something. Apps that are ranked high are waking your phone up all the time. Llama with polling sometimes hits into the thousands for me.

In the end each of these panels is just a tool to point you in the direction to look. By combining all of the data and doing some trial app uninstalls you can usually find out what’s killing your battery pretty quick.




February 4, 2013

Auto-resume ringer after muting it for a meeting / movies / class

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Prevent app from auto-starting on Android

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I’ve been using this to keep an eye on apps that are going out of control. Android handles memory just fine, you need to watch out for apps using hte CPU running in hte background that chew through your battery.…hdoglite&hl=en

I also used Autostarts (or a free alternative) to stop some apps from starting e.g. I don’t use twitter so it doesn’t need to start and why the hell does facebook need to start with the phone. Also get faster reboot times.


February 3, 2013

BiteSMS like messaging SMS for Android

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Stock Android SMS app + SMS Pop up (free) or Glowfly (paid)




ChompSMS (free alternative SMS app)

January 21, 2013

How to recover from a bricked android

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Titanium Backup Tutorial

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Ten Easy Steps for TiBu success:
1. Open TiBu.

2. Menu > Preferences > App processing mode > AUTO Direct (Should be this by default anyway)

3. Create your backup: Hit the Batch button to the top-right on your screen (the one with a checkmark). Hit “Backup all user apps” and click the green checkmark up top on the next screen. When getting ready for future wipes and ROM flashes, you are going to scroll down and just hit “Backup new user apps & newer app versions”, followed by “Redo backups for modified data”… This will update all those saved games and other info that has changed since the last time you backed it up. Do not backup or restore system data.
Note: While not required.. its a great idea to periodically move all of your backups to your computer for safekeeping. When connecting to your computer you will find a /TitaniumBackup directory on your internal storage. Go ahead and just copy the entire folder over to a safe spot on your computer, and update it from time to time. You never know when you that might come in handy!

4. TiBu now lets you backup and restore your call logs, SMS messages, and browser bookmarks (stock browser only).. How sweet is that?! On the main screen hit Menu > Backup data to XML and choose what you would like to backup if you please.

5. Now we’re going to make an This is an awesome feature that gives you a file to flash after your ROM, so that when you boot up you will have TiBu already installed and ready to restore all your apps! Menu > Create “”. The only thing you want to change here is under “Titanium Backup will be installed as:” Select “System application”. You can change the name of the output file if you like, I just leave it as for simplicity. Hit your green checkmark up top and you are good to go.
TIP: Remember to create a new before your next ROM flash if TiBu has been updated at all since then.. which it probably has if its been a while, the developer updates things a lot!

6. Boot to recovery.. flash your ROM and Gapps (if needed). Now Mount the System, then install the TiBu we just created. Now… reboot.

7. Skip the initial device setup screen. This can be done by quickly tapping the top-left, top-right, bottom-right, and bottom-left corners of the screen in that order. Or you can just skip through everything without entering your Google account info.

8. Launch TiBu and do Batch > Restore missing apps with data. Now here’s the important part.. hit Deselect all. Go through the list and manually select the apps you want to restore with data. You can do it safely for MOST userapps: games, utility apps, etc. But do NOT restore data to any Google apps, and try to avoid it for any apps which actively sync often or create accounts in your phone setup. Can you get away with some of these things sometimes? Maybe.. but just don’t take the risk. Restoring any bad data you shouldn’t could mean you’ll have to re-wipe and start all over again. Once you’re done selecting, hit the green checkmark to start the restore.

9. Now run through that last step again… This time after hitting Deselect all, hit App only. Now you can select theapps you are going to restore without data. You can do this for just about anything, including your google apps. Its the same as installing them normally.. TiBu will just do it for you in one quick batch job. Afterwards you can do a Menu > Restore data from XML and restore any the call logs and SMS data we backed up earlier as well.

10. Reboot. Go to Settings > Accounts > Add your Google account and set up your phone again. You can take it from here 


January 9, 2013

How to transfer SMS from iPhone to Android (export / import)

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STEP 1-A (jailbroken iphone)

Download iFunbox (it’s free) –

  • Download sms.db in Raw File System/var/mobile/Library/SMS
  • Select “Copy to PC” and save sms.db file to your PC.

STEP 1-B (non-jailbroken iphone)

  • Optional: If you still haven’t created a latest backup on iTunes, connect iPhone to computer to perform a sync.
  • Open Windows Explorer in Windows (or Finder in Mac) and navigate to the following folder:

    Windows: %UserProfile%\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup
    Mac OS X: ~/Libary/Applications Support/MobileSync/Backup

  • IE: for me it was: C:\Users\—–WINDOWS-USERNAME-HERE—–\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup\
  • There will be one or more than one sub-folders with random HEX characters as name, where each of them represents one backup stored by iTunes. By sorting by date or looking at the last modified date of the folders, note down the folder (origin folder) which is the latest backup created.
  • In that subfolder, there will be hundreds of file, you need this exact one: 3d0d7e5fb2ce288813306e4d4636395e047a3d28
  • c) Copy/backup this file “3d0d7e5fb2ce288813306e4d4636395e047a3d28” to your desktop, and
  • then rename this said file to sms.db




December 23, 2012

RFD Nexus 4 settings Kernel Custom Rom Screen Color Calibration

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Well I am about to sell my N4 today regrettably, but over the short period of time I’ve had it I will post a quick summary of what to do to get the most out of your N4 – this only applies to people who are willing to root and unlock the bootloader on the device:

– Install a custom ROM of your choice (I had CyanogenMOD 10.1)
– Download and flash faux123 kernel
– Purchase the faux123 kernel Enhancement Project app for ~$4 CDN
– Use these kernel settings with the app:

CPU: Max clock 1.134 GHZ, Min Clock 384mhz; CPU governor: intellidemand, mpdecision OFF, Snake Charmer ON
Voltage: -100mV across the board (you should be able to push this further – inch lower and lower to the most stable setting)
Governor: Up Threshold 75, Boost 0, Two Phase 702000, LMF Max 1134000, Sampling Rate 50000, Optimal Freq 594000, Synchro Freq 918000; CPU Eco Mode ON
GPU: Governor: ondemand, GPU Clock 400mhz, Vsync Toggle ON
IOSCHED: Scheduler: fiops, Readahead size 2048
Misc: Dynamic File Sync ON, TCP Congestion westwood
Vibration: (your choice), mine is at 80%
Screen: R: 255, G: 255, B: 255; Gamma Amp 0: 17, 15, 20; Gamma Amp 1: 1, 2, 3

Now I know that was a lot of ***** , but with these settings it makes the N4 a perfect device, really… the screen is now not washed out and is close to near identical to the iPhone 5 calibrated screen in terms of colour reproduction… no joke. 

The battery life with these settings are amazing. The battery % just won’t go down when I expect it to, and it really holds up with these settings. Personally was able to get over 4 hours (almost 5) with just screen time ON alone. This is with Gmail Push, Wifi on Sleep OFF, auto brightness ON. A member on XDA was able to get almost 6 hours (5h 50 min) screen time ON with these settings. 

These settings are not my original ones and are all on XDA, but shared here as a concise summary. I encourage everyone to try these out as it really brings out the max potential of the phone. Makes the N4 truly a worthy device to have with the new amazing battery life and corrects the crap screen calibration out of the box.


Android Launchers

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Try both Nova and Apex out and see which you like, they seem a little odd in that they pretty much are the exact same launchers and for a time they even had same version numbers. I found Apex just to be that little more powerful but whatever works for you.

Apex ships with a few more custom ROMs than you will find with Nova. Both are great and offer basically the same features. their free alternatives will do almost everything you need.

i got the paid versions for both. i use nova because i wanted folders in the app drawer

I like Nova launcher because its easy to make folders.

Best Free launcher for ICS and up is definitely Apex. The paid versions of Nova and Apex are basically interchangeable, it’s all personal preference at that point.

The free version of Apex has a few more features that are in only in the paid version of Nova, otherwise they are exactly the same.

If you’re running ICS or JB, go with Nova Launcher.
If you’re running Eclair, Froyo or Gingerbread go with Launcher Pro.

I like Nova since it has many more features/customization options. It’s based of the AOSP launcher, so if you want more a ‘stock’ experience it’s the way to go.

I like Apex and Nova, although have been using mostly Nova. I like that it can restore widgets after a ROM flash, and that it can import other launchers’ configurations.


Also check:

Android Nexus 4 Reddit Battery Drain Possible Fixes

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Go into settings and tap your Google account, turn off sync settings for anything you don’t use, especially Google currents. It might also be worth checking your data usage to see if it’s transmitting and you can identify it that way.

There is definitely something causing that, likely the only way to find out will be to use better battery stats, though it’ll cost you a few bucks it’s more than paid itself off for me over the years.

Get better battery stats from play and monitor your wake locks. I had pretty awful battery on stock, but now that I’m on CyanogenMod 10.1 it’s much better.

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