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February 19, 2013

Android Apps for IT Professionals

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I’ve yet to see, nor find, a thread that lists useful apps for an IT professional or techs. Here’s some that have been recommended to me, and that I use personally. Add yours below and I’ll update the list. Please specify if it requires root access.

Directory Services


  • Rhybudd[3] – Viewing Zenoss alerts from your phone
  • aNag[4] – Nagios monitoring tool
  • Core Temp Monitor[5] – Monitor node temperature



  • Cam Scanner[7] – Create a PDF via a picture of a document


  • SQLTool Pro Database Editor[8] ($2.99) – Connect and manage MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Sybase, and Oracle databases from your Android device.

External Storage

  • Nexus Media Importer[9] ($2.99) – Allows you to connect an external storage device via a USB OTG cable. Requires the device to have USB host control natively installed. [LIMITED COMPATIBILITY]

File Browsers

  • Solid Explorer[10] ($1.99) – Great file browser that can also do SMB, FTP, SFTP, and Cloud connections
  • ES File Explorer[11] – Also does FTP, SMB, and cloud connections
  • X-Plore File Manager[12] – FTP, SMB, Cloud connections, and some other functionality



Network Utility Apps

  • Wifi Analyzer[15] – Self explanatory
  • Landroid[16] – Basic networking tools such as ping, tracert, etc. from your phone
  • CIDR Calculator[17] – Subnet calculator
  • Wifi Kill[18] – Disable internet connection for a device on the same network [REQUIRES ROOT]
  • Shark Rooted[19] – Capture packets on Wifi and mobile data [REQUIRES ROOT]
  • Shark Reader[20] – Read pcap files
  • Android PCAP Capture[21] – Uses an external NIC connected via an OTG USB cord to capture network traffic
  • Fing[22] – Large package of network tools

Note Taking

  • Evernote[23] – Cloud based note taking

Password Storage

  • LastPass[24] – Password storage/auto fill. Syncs with other devices and desktops/laptops
  • KeePassDroid[25]


  • Pinout[26] – Diagrams of cable pin types

Remote Access


  • dSploit[34] -Multipurpose security tool with: Wifi cracking, port scanning, deep inspector, login cracker, kill connection, injection, vulnerability testing, and a lot more. [REQUIRES ROOT]


Sync Tools

  • FolderSync[39] – Backup selective folders with different methods




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