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January 12, 2014

Bluetooth adapter to 3.5mm car aux input /// Tasker android app

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It wasn’t as straightforward as I had hoped!

I had to create four profiles

  1. Bluetooth connected (select bluetooth device in car) ->: task in car
  2. Bluetooth NOT connected (select bluetooth device in car) -> task: left car
  3. Power connected -> task: Plugged in
  4. Power NOT connected -> task: Plugged out


In car

  1. Set variable %CAR to TRUE
  2. Display rotation set ON
  3. Keygoard set off
  4. If %PWR = TRUE use Secure Settings plug in to wake device

Left Car

  1. Set %CAR to FALSE
  2. Set Keyguard ON

Plugged In

  1. Set %PWR to TRUE
  2. If %CAR = TRUE use Secure Settings plug in to wake device

Plugged Out

  1. Set %PWR to FALSE




Not gonna lie mine sounds quite good as well. I don’t really notice a difference from using the aux. (htc one). as for the buttons. I keep this loaded up which lets me switch play pause etc simply by waving my hand.




if anyone is looking to get bluetooth setup like his they might also look at this. which is what i purchased and absolutely love.

petard if you use your phone for music you might love this tasker script i use. i use google music to automatically launch and stop my music once it connects into my bluetooth set

heres the code.

Profile -> Set Variable -> %MTRACK

Task -> Flash -> %MTRACK

Profile -> Bluetooth Connected -> GT BT-Receiver (name of my receiver)

Task -> Load App -> App Play Music

Wait -> 6 seconds

Media Control -> Pause

Media Control -> Toggle Pause

google now bluetooth car adapter android nexus 4 blog

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Yes you can. It’s not too difficult. First launch Google Now, scroll to the bottom and hit the menu button (three dots), Settings, Voice, check the ‘Bluetooth headset’ box. Download a free app called ‘Bluetooth Launch’ from the Play Store. Launch it and it will load a list of all your apps. Go to the Google Search one, expand it, and choose When you press and hold the button on the Kinivo BTC450 you’ll hear a beep after two seconds or so. Your phone will then prompt for you to choose which app to launch. Select Bluetooth Launch and set it as your default. It should now launch a Google Now search box and start listening. You can execute voice commands from here. After the initial setup it’ll just launch the action by default. It works for me even when the screen is off. Just remember to speak loudly and towards your bluetooth adapter because it’ll be listening from that as opposed to your phone’s microphone. The little circle around the microphone will turn red when it actually hears what you’re saying vs grey when it doesn’t.
I initially had a problem with this messing up media that was playing. This was because I originally didn’t check off the ‘Bluetooth Headset’ box in Google Now’s settings.
I hope this helps!
Keep in mind. Single pressing the button is pause/play. Long-pressing the button will trigger that button command.

I’ve noticed on my Nexus 5 that occasionally the microphone on the Google Search bar on the home screen will become hollow instead of solid white. I know that this is normal during media playback so that it doesn’t recognize stuff from songs you’re playing. If I have music playing, long-press that button on this adapter, the music will pause, and then Google Search can hear me and function normally. On some rare occasions the microphone icon will stay hollow despite music not playing. I’m not really sure what causes this but restarting the phone fixes it.

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