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February 19, 2013

Android Apps for IT Professionals

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I’ve yet to see, nor find, a thread that lists useful apps for an IT professional or techs. Here’s some that have been recommended to me, and that I use personally. Add yours below and I’ll update the list. Please specify if it requires root access.

Directory Services


  • Rhybudd[3] – Viewing Zenoss alerts from your phone
  • aNag[4] – Nagios monitoring tool
  • Core Temp Monitor[5] – Monitor node temperature



  • Cam Scanner[7] – Create a PDF via a picture of a document


  • SQLTool Pro Database Editor[8] ($2.99) – Connect and manage MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Sybase, and Oracle databases from your Android device.

External Storage

  • Nexus Media Importer[9] ($2.99) – Allows you to connect an external storage device via a USB OTG cable. Requires the device to have USB host control natively installed. [LIMITED COMPATIBILITY]

File Browsers

  • Solid Explorer[10] ($1.99) – Great file browser that can also do SMB, FTP, SFTP, and Cloud connections
  • ES File Explorer[11] – Also does FTP, SMB, and cloud connections
  • X-Plore File Manager[12] – FTP, SMB, Cloud connections, and some other functionality



Network Utility Apps

  • Wifi Analyzer[15] – Self explanatory
  • Landroid[16] – Basic networking tools such as ping, tracert, etc. from your phone
  • CIDR Calculator[17] – Subnet calculator
  • Wifi Kill[18] – Disable internet connection for a device on the same network [REQUIRES ROOT]
  • Shark Rooted[19] – Capture packets on Wifi and mobile data [REQUIRES ROOT]
  • Shark Reader[20] – Read pcap files
  • Android PCAP Capture[21] – Uses an external NIC connected via an OTG USB cord to capture network traffic
  • Fing[22] – Large package of network tools

Note Taking

  • Evernote[23] – Cloud based note taking

Password Storage

  • LastPass[24] – Password storage/auto fill. Syncs with other devices and desktops/laptops
  • KeePassDroid[25]


  • Pinout[26] – Diagrams of cable pin types

Remote Access


  • dSploit[34] -Multipurpose security tool with: Wifi cracking, port scanning, deep inspector, login cracker, kill connection, injection, vulnerability testing, and a lot more. [REQUIRES ROOT]


Sync Tools

  • FolderSync[39] – Backup selective folders with different methods



February 14, 2013

Steak & Blow Job Day

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Steak & Blow Job Day

“If only there were more Steaks and Blow Jobs in the world, we would have no War …”

~ Ghandhi on Steak & Blow Job day, before he turned vegetarian.

“’Because sucking dick brings peace on earth and joy …”

~ Mr. Hankey and Kenny, “The Most Offensive Song Ever”

“I treat Mrs Dildo Duffy to a hefty blozza every year thanks to Steak & Blowjob Day. As for the steak, I give that to my sex slave Germaine Greer…”

~ Carol-Ann Duffy on Steak & Blow Job day before she was executed for being female.

Steak & Blow Job Day or Steak & BJ Day is a holiday celebrated one month after Valentine’s Day on March 14. The day was popularised by Tom Birdsey a radio show host on FNX radio in 2002 after Jalapeno Poppers & Rim Job Day proved unpopular.[1].

Some say it was invented by the Romans in 269AD, and institutionalized through St Valentine’s cousin, Claudius Fellatio. Others suggest that when World War II ended in 1945, president Harry S. Truman had the FBI covertly spread the word to act as a “welcome home” for the troops. All we really know, is that it’s pretty damn awesome.[2]

Steak and Blow Job Day was founded because Valentine’s Day is a made up holiday for women and vegetarians; so it is only fair that there is an equivalent holiday for normal people[3]. The holiday has proven to be even bigger than Christmas with restaurants such as Hooters Restaurant reporting that customers were pleased to offer “a big tip” on such days. In 2007George W. Bush declared a State of Emergency when a band of vegan terrorists started murdering cows in protest, calling the campaign “An Inconvenient Truth“. Due to the severe steak shortage, many people resorted to eating tofu steaks and were later found to have Aids.





The idea is simple; there are no cards, flowers, candy or other overpriced fluff. Partners need only to bestow their man with a steak and a blow job. But not necessarily in that order. And not necessarily only once that day. And it doesn’t even have to be them who does it. [4]



Figure 1.1: Relative awesomeness of fellatio targets as determined by the Hawking Boner Scale (HBS).

According to Stephen Hawkingfellatio is awesome and makes you smarter. Contrary to popular belief, it feels really good if you eat jalapenos before performing fellatio. Refer to the figure of the male anatomy. Furthermore, certain fruit bats are the only species known to man which enact fellatio during coitus[5].

Hooters Application Process

Figure 1.2: Steak sizing chart.

The steak itself should be made to taste, but rare is usually recommended by chefs. Steak may be served for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner. But not after 10pm as you’ll get a tummy ache.

Steak selection should always be completed in advance of the day, in order to avoid disappointment for the receiver[6]. Just like the ladies have a preference of flowers on Valentine’s day, men can oft be upset should the wrong meat be served on March 14th. 


Steak & Blow Job Day has proven to be very popular across all demographics. The Pope was quoted as saying that this day was like “The Second Coming“. Paris Hilton the leader of feminist group PETA is a big fan of the day, saying it gives her a chance to “give back to the community”. Another supporter of this day is Eddie Munster, who insists on his steak being rare, in his own words “every day is man day in Eddies world with the best being Steak & Blow Job Day”.

In the gay community, Steak and Blowjob day has been seen as a religious festival. Many famous homosexual celebs have spoken out about the holiday including the likes of Sir Elton John and Bono. In a press conference in 2007, Vin Diesel claimed “today is a blessing, meat in every which way”.


editSteak & Blow Job Community Divided

There’s hot, stiff debate in the Steak & Blow Job community as to which is the better aspect of the holiday[7]. Some members claim that the original official date is March 14 while others claim to have “come up” with the idea themselves. This has resulted in raw tension within the community, with some people suggesting that both days should be observed so there can be a “happy ending” for everyone.

Hallmark have been rumored to be cashing in on the day, with prototype cards being spotted in the wild, much like a coveted new iphone release. Thankfully, a variety of sites have dedicated themselves to the free distribution of such materials to keep the love flowing freely[8].

editWomen Bite Back

As usual, women have to have the last word in. There is now talk of a Cake and Cunnilingus Day on April 14.

editSee also



February 4, 2013

dsploit to replace wifikill and droidsheep

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Google Play MArket enabler unlocker to get Apps that are US restricted for ex

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Market enabler


[–]saultymoosepickles 8 points 1 day ago (8|0)

Market-Enabler is an application to fake the phone’s location and access markets from other countries. Android market is separated into regions (country and carrier specific) and some apps are just enabled for a specific country and not available to the other Countrys.



[–]Mr_R0LTZ N4, NS4G 3 points 23 hours ago (3|0)

Link to app. I think is the latest version, even if it was released January of 2012.


[–]shadowdude777 Galaxy S3 Verizon, CM 10 4 points 19 hours ago (4|0)

To be fair, this is basically a build.prop modifier. It doesn’t need to be updated unless a new version of Android changes build.prop.


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Apollo 1.1 😦


[–]vjfalk [+1]Nexus 4 | JB 4.2.1 | Paranoid Android 20 points 1 day ago (20|2)

Here’s the apk, I had it on my Drive – Link


[–]butth0lez One x (CM10 Rom), Transformer Prime (Stock) 1 point 7 hours ago (1|0)

How can I get the ad free cm one?


[–]vjfalk [+1]Nexus 4 | JB 4.2.1 | Paranoid Android 1 point 6 hours ago (1|0)

This is a newer version than the one in CM, I think… What you can do is download the latest CM nightly of any ROM (Take one that has development in progress, like Nexus 4, so you have the latest), extract the Apollo apk that will be in system/app folder of that zip file and install it on your phone.

Dood’s Music Streamer. Search and play from grooveshark for free.

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Dood’s Music Streamer. Search and play from grooveshark for free.

Here’s the link[1] .   And save them for offline listening as well.



also alternative:

Tinyshark it is a grooveshark player that allowed you to cache songs to play offline. Basically it was a free version of spotify but better in every way


[–]Mr_R0LTZ N4, NS4G 6 points 23 hours ago (6|0)

Both TinyShark and TinyShark Downloader can be found here.





Auto-resume ringer after muting it for a meeting / movies / class

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Prevent app from auto-starting on Android

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I’ve been using this to keep an eye on apps that are going out of control. Android handles memory just fine, you need to watch out for apps using hte CPU running in hte background that chew through your battery.…hdoglite&hl=en

I also used Autostarts (or a free alternative) to stop some apps from starting e.g. I don’t use twitter so it doesn’t need to start and why the hell does facebook need to start with the phone. Also get faster reboot times.


February 3, 2013

Custom kernel Nexus 4

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Faux kernel:

The way I see it, yeah. If what you want is a kernel that allows you to over clock your gpu/cpu and a kernel that has a lot of configurable options that normally wouldn’t be possible on stock (swipe2wake is built in, custom governors, a bunch of options I’m not really familiar with) I recommend faux or Bricked. You’ll have to tweak your kernel if you want something good to come out of faux.

Franco kernel:

If you’re looking for something that you can flash and forget, franco is what you need. The default options on franco are amazing. The only thing you might need/want to tweak are the colours and/or your voltage.

The easiest way is to download his app and use that to flash and control his kernel.

Basically, every ROM comes with its own kernel. So when you switch ROMs, whatever kernel you have will be overwritten with whatever kernel that comes with the ROM.

Yes Franco’s kernel is compatible with CM10.1. Most kernels are compatible with most ROMs.

The only thing that you need to remember is to be careful and not flash a different device’s kernel, if the flashing involves tinkering with the bootloader, doing so will brick your device.

Also, some kernel developers (like Franco) modified the boot.img to modify the ramdisk. When you wanna switch from such a kernel to a different kernel, it’s best to re-flash your ROM so that the boot.img is reset to stock configurations. Not doing so will result in a bootloop.

Refer to the side bar for more information about kernels, there’s an excellent guide written by IAmAN00bie

Installing a Custom Kernel

Just flash the zip in your recovery of choice. No need for wiping cache or anything. However, one thing to note that might save you some headache in the future is: what exactly are you flashing? When you flash a kernel, you are not just flashing the kernel, you are writing to the entire boot partition. The boot partition is made up of the kernel AND the ramdisk (the ramdisk is an image that the kernel mounts read-only at boot, it is basically used by the kernel to mount the rest of the system images). Some kernel devs pack their own ramdisk into their boot.img that you are flashing, so when you try to flash a DIFFERENT kernel, you end up in a bootloop. (An example: flash Franco kernel –> flash Faux kernel on top = bootloop.) To solve this you need to reset the ramdisk by flashing a stock reset kernel with the stock ramdisk[6] .


BiteSMS like messaging SMS for Android

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Stock Android SMS app + SMS Pop up (free) or Glowfly (paid)




ChompSMS (free alternative SMS app)

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