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January 31, 2013

Prévenir les ampoules / Prevent blisters

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Prevent Blisters When Running or Hiking with Pantyhose Bottoms

Foot blisters and other damage occurs when you’re running, hiking, dancing, or just using your feet for a long time because the skin chafes against your socks. Fortunately, redditor sawarahh that the bottoms of paintyhose can solve the problem.

All you have to do is cut off the bottom and layer it under your socks to prevent chafing. Although sawarahh wasn’t able to post a source link, we were able to find confirmation that this tip works well from FitSugarNBC News, and wikiHow. Army blog Stars and Stripes noted that it even worked well for soldiers who were on their feet all day long. If this works for the army, it should work just fine for you.


Lifehacker comments:


Wayneburg and 5 moreReply

“… layer it under your socks…” Does that mean wear them over the socks ie. put on socks and then put the pantyhose bottoms over the socks? OR are you saying put a layer of pantyhose bottoms on you’re feet and then socks… because that image your using is suggesting this.


blake31a and 1 moreReply

In my experience with mountaineering and ski touring (two activities that are pretty good at making blisters), I’ve found that liberal application of leukotape in typical blister spots is the only thing that really works. It sticks like hell even with sweat and it’s relatively breathable.



ender89 and 1 moreReply

you could probably buy those disposable pantyhose sock things that shoe stores sometimes have around. thats a thing, right?


HtcEvo4g3d and 1 moreReply

What I’ve used to prevent blisters was to wrap and maybe tape a plastic bag around my feet. This works good for short term high impact stuff like hockey but makes for a sweatier foot. I will certainly try this for future rucking.


kenzi718 and 1 moreReply

I’m going to try this. I get the worst blisters on the arch of my foot from roller skating.


jli585 and 1 moreReply

I use bodyglide — it looks like a miniature stick of deodorant.


Omni-impotent Reply

I’ve been experimenting with merino wool socks, due to their amazing wicking properties. From what I understand, (most) blisters occur when your feet get moist from sweating. The skin then becomes soft and so friction will damage it. The panty hose idea is to have a spacious layer between your feet and socks so that moisture gets transported away from your feet. All outdoor enthusiast know that using high quality merino for one’s base layer is great for doing just that. Woolen socks sounds like it will make your feet sweat more, but if you get the really good ones, like Icebreaker merino, they can be made very thin and breathable.


Meetloaf13 Reply

Tried this out on a 45 miler a couple years back, didn’t have a blister, so I can say that it didn’t hurt =]

I just picked up a couple pairs from Walmart, in the Ladies’ section they have a couple bins of them, they’re in those little spherical-ish pop-top containers you get from the quarter machines. I think they were $.99, cheap fix.


MSNBCmole Reply

I got it the first time after a quick reread but is written away that makes you have to think what the author meant. It would have been easier to read as: the socks go over the pantyhose.


Mifune Reply

Jesus. I just ordered some expensive sock liners on Amazon yesterday because I got a hell of a heel blister during my walk from my new running shoes, which I tied too tightly.

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Original Source (Reddit): To prevent blisters during hikes or long walks, wear the bottoms of panty hose under your socks



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