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January 3, 2013

Things to do in Ottawa

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[–]s7vn [+1] 6 points 3 hours ago* (6|1)

  • Rock Climbing (several good places, coyote in st. laurent is my fav)
  • Any of the museums
  • Fun Haven (pretty sure owner is a redditor too, good peeps at this place)
  • Try finding your way out of the new ikea
  • Glass Blowing
  • Go Kart place in hull (someone pls toss up the name, I have forgotten)
  • Tour Parliament
  • Skating (rink of dreams is pretty cool!)
  • Gatineau park, please don’t get lost
  • Calabogie day trip!
  • Ice Fishing
  • Go for coffee and people watch (I recommend westboro/downtown)
  • Venture out to mackenzie king estate (please be cautious)
  • go for a derienzos sandwhich and then venture over onto preston for some delicious italian treats
  • bundle up and walk along the canal
  • go to the airport to watch planes land (pm me for more details but you can pretty much be directly below the planes) Here is a photo I took last week of this (if you have not done this GO.)

I hope this helps, if not I shall continue listing.

Just gave you all a bunch of wiked date ideas. I shall remain foreveralone.jpg :P. Now I’m gonna have to step it up.

So I have been getting a lot of PM’s from you about the airport location [also thanks for the photo compliments :)], I will reply here. You’re not breaking any laws, my friends and I go often because its something that is really freaking cool and we have never had an issue. That being said, don’t be jerks and start shinning shit at the planes, specially laser pointers. Don’t ruin this for everyone. The best way I can describe to you how to get there would be by taking the road behind the hotel (Hilton Garden Inn), I believe the name is Alert Rd. Google this and you will see how to get there, there is also a golf course right next to it. I can go into more details if this is unclear.

Also shameless plug: go through my flickr account, if you see any places that you’d like to visit but don’t know where it is feel free to get in touch.



[–]mamayama 2 points 2 hours ago (2|0)

A few questions: – is Funhaven good for adults? (I’ve never been) – Where do you go glassblowing?


[–]Shakin_bacon Kanata 2 points 2 hours ago (2|0)

I went to Funhaven for my 26th birthday and took advantage of the Saturday Night 6-pack. We had a BLAST. One of my friends told me “I’m being 100% serious when I say this, this is the best birthday party I’ve ever been to”. We played on the bumper cars, bowled, and sucked ass at laser tag.


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