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December 23, 2012

Android Launchers

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Try both Nova and Apex out and see which you like, they seem a little odd in that they pretty much are the exact same launchers and for a time they even had same version numbers. I found Apex just to be that little more powerful but whatever works for you.

Apex ships with a few more custom ROMs than you will find with Nova. Both are great and offer basically the same features. their free alternatives will do almost everything you need.

i got the paid versions for both. i use nova because i wanted folders in the app drawer

I like Nova launcher because its easy to make folders.

Best Free launcher for ICS and up is definitely Apex. The paid versions of Nova and Apex are basically interchangeable, it’s all personal preference at that point.

The free version of Apex has a few more features that are in only in the paid version of Nova, otherwise they are exactly the same.

If you’re running ICS or JB, go with Nova Launcher.
If you’re running Eclair, Froyo or Gingerbread go with Launcher Pro.

I like Nova since it has many more features/customization options. It’s based of the AOSP launcher, so if you want more a ‘stock’ experience it’s the way to go.

I like Apex and Nova, although have been using mostly Nova. I like that it can restore widgets after a ROM flash, and that it can import other launchers’ configurations.


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