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December 30, 2012

PIA VPN DNS LEAK INSTRUCTIONS REDDIT private internet access utorrent

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Second, it seems like a bug. Apparently with the prevent DNS leaks setting active it screws with your network settings. It basically just turns off DHCP and then it needs to be reactivated after you close the VPN. It’s a quick fix. (TROUBLESHOOT ACTUALLY WORKED….WTF)


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Thank you for asking and thank you for sharing this. I’ve been having exactly the same problems with their client. Troubleshoot has been a lifesaver for me as well. Like you, I’m wondering if there is an easier way or a better client we can use?


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You can use the OpenVPN client, not PIA’s modified version — they link it from their client support page, but you can find it here. It is not as “full featured” as the PIA client (no built-in DNS Leak protection or “internet kill switch”) but it is less invasive (for the same reasons).

The instructions for setting up the client are in the “Advanced OpenVPN SSL Usage Guides” sections of PIA’s client support area.

I’ve used both clients and neither are trouble free for my purposes. I like the kill switch so that traffic I am not constantly monitoring isn’t going out over a non-VPN-ed connection if my client drops, but I too found the fiddling with my OS’ network settings to be troublesome. In the end, I decided to install a virtualized copy of Windows and run the PIA client inside that, and run all my applications that I want channeled through the VPN inside the virtual machine. I don’t care what PIA’s client does to the settings inside my virtualized Windows, and I get all the benefits I want with the security of the link killer.

This is a short-term solution until I can move to a routed traffic setup that doesn’t require such shenanigans on the user end.



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I have the same issue and it can be solved with a very simple batch script. Execute this

netsh interface ip set dns <your-connection-name> static
netsh interface ip add dns name=<your-connection-name> addr=
ipconfig /flushdns

after you disconnect and it will reset your DNS to point to Google’s DNS service. You must run it as an admin, and it will wait for keypress to exit.

EDIT: You can also fix a DNS leak with a similar script rather than using PIA’s software if you so choose.

ipconfig /flushdns
netsh interface IPv4 set dnsserver <your-connection-name> static both

Run before connecting. You can find <your-connection-name> by running ipconfig if you didn’t know. It’s whatever connection your IP is associated with when you’re connected without the VPN.


December 27, 2012

XDA Nexus 4 threads

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[INDEX] ROMs, Kernels, Recoveries, Guides, etc *DEC 24th 2012

[HOW-TO] How to flash a factory image / return to stock / unlock / root #

Must Have Apps for the best phone around Google Nexus 4

Nexus 4 Battery Custom Kernel (also prevent apps from auto-starting)

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Rooting won’t do anything for battery life, it only gives you access the the root “/” directory files/folders.

The only thing you can change to increase battery life is the kernel. I am running CodefireX ROM with the franco kernel, and better life is much better then stock. I was having to charge every day, sometimes plugging in at night with less the 15% left.

This morning I work to see I forgot to plug it in last nigh, and after a full day of use yesterday, and sitting all night, 68% left this morning. I am going to see if it will go another day.



I’ve been using this to keep an eye on apps that are going out of control. Android handles memory just fine, you need to watch out for apps using hte CPU running in hte background that chew through your battery.

I also used Autostarts (or a free alternative) to stop some apps from starting e.g. I don’t use twitter so it doesn’t need to start and why the hell does facebook need to start with the phone. Also get faster reboot times.

December 23, 2012

RFD Nexus 4 settings Kernel Custom Rom Screen Color Calibration

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Well I am about to sell my N4 today regrettably, but over the short period of time I’ve had it I will post a quick summary of what to do to get the most out of your N4 – this only applies to people who are willing to root and unlock the bootloader on the device:

– Install a custom ROM of your choice (I had CyanogenMOD 10.1)
– Download and flash faux123 kernel
– Purchase the faux123 kernel Enhancement Project app for ~$4 CDN
– Use these kernel settings with the app:

CPU: Max clock 1.134 GHZ, Min Clock 384mhz; CPU governor: intellidemand, mpdecision OFF, Snake Charmer ON
Voltage: -100mV across the board (you should be able to push this further – inch lower and lower to the most stable setting)
Governor: Up Threshold 75, Boost 0, Two Phase 702000, LMF Max 1134000, Sampling Rate 50000, Optimal Freq 594000, Synchro Freq 918000; CPU Eco Mode ON
GPU: Governor: ondemand, GPU Clock 400mhz, Vsync Toggle ON
IOSCHED: Scheduler: fiops, Readahead size 2048
Misc: Dynamic File Sync ON, TCP Congestion westwood
Vibration: (your choice), mine is at 80%
Screen: R: 255, G: 255, B: 255; Gamma Amp 0: 17, 15, 20; Gamma Amp 1: 1, 2, 3

Now I know that was a lot of ***** , but with these settings it makes the N4 a perfect device, really… the screen is now not washed out and is close to near identical to the iPhone 5 calibrated screen in terms of colour reproduction… no joke. 

The battery life with these settings are amazing. The battery % just won’t go down when I expect it to, and it really holds up with these settings. Personally was able to get over 4 hours (almost 5) with just screen time ON alone. This is with Gmail Push, Wifi on Sleep OFF, auto brightness ON. A member on XDA was able to get almost 6 hours (5h 50 min) screen time ON with these settings. 

These settings are not my original ones and are all on XDA, but shared here as a concise summary. I encourage everyone to try these out as it really brings out the max potential of the phone. Makes the N4 truly a worthy device to have with the new amazing battery life and corrects the crap screen calibration out of the box.


Android Launchers

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Try both Nova and Apex out and see which you like, they seem a little odd in that they pretty much are the exact same launchers and for a time they even had same version numbers. I found Apex just to be that little more powerful but whatever works for you.

Apex ships with a few more custom ROMs than you will find with Nova. Both are great and offer basically the same features. their free alternatives will do almost everything you need.

i got the paid versions for both. i use nova because i wanted folders in the app drawer

I like Nova launcher because its easy to make folders.

Best Free launcher for ICS and up is definitely Apex. The paid versions of Nova and Apex are basically interchangeable, it’s all personal preference at that point.

The free version of Apex has a few more features that are in only in the paid version of Nova, otherwise they are exactly the same.

If you’re running ICS or JB, go with Nova Launcher.
If you’re running Eclair, Froyo or Gingerbread go with Launcher Pro.

I like Nova since it has many more features/customization options. It’s based of the AOSP launcher, so if you want more a ‘stock’ experience it’s the way to go.

I like Apex and Nova, although have been using mostly Nova. I like that it can restore widgets after a ROM flash, and that it can import other launchers’ configurations.


Also check:

Android Nexus 4 Reddit Battery Drain Possible Fixes

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Go into settings and tap your Google account, turn off sync settings for anything you don’t use, especially Google currents. It might also be worth checking your data usage to see if it’s transmitting and you can identify it that way.

There is definitely something causing that, likely the only way to find out will be to use better battery stats, though it’ll cost you a few bucks it’s more than paid itself off for me over the years.

Get better battery stats from play and monitor your wake locks. I had pretty awful battery on stock, but now that I’m on CyanogenMod 10.1 it’s much better.

December 17, 2012

Setup your own VPN server for $10 per year

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Running your own VPN

This will make it a 5 minute automated setup:

Get a cheap $10 box/year from 123Systems

Or a $15 one from

Actual instructions to setup the VPN on the VPS server:

How to install and configure OpenVPN on Centos 5

This is tutorial on how to install and configure OpenVPN in a few easy steps on Centos 5.


  • Make the script executable:

chmod +x

  • Run the script


  • Follow the instructions from the script
  • When you are done with the installation you need to copy clientkeys.tgz from /etc/openvpn/keys/ to your PC (you can do this with winscp for example)

What is Usenet & How to Get Started

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Usenet is a world-wide distributed discussion system.  It consists of a set of “newsgroups” with names that are classified hierarchically by subject.  ”Articles” or “messages” are “posted” to these newsgroups by people on computers with the appropriate software — these articles are then broadcast to other interconnected computer systems via a wide variety of networks.  Some newsgroups are “moderated”; in these newsgroups, the articles are first sent to a moderator for approval before appearing in the newsgroup.

Well that’s the technical definition. Let’s simplify things a little to suit your needs!

To enjoy everything the newsgroups have to offer, you need three essential things:

  • A good newsgroup server – This is where your newsreader will download the files from.
  • A good newsgroup reader – This is the program you will use to download from the newsgroups.
  • Access to an indexing site – This is where you will browse or search for things to download from the newsgroups (similar to a torrent site).

An important note at this stage is to remember that Usenet is a premium service that gives you uninterrupted download access to all available files (your only limitation is the download speed of your ISP). This is the reason why all good Usenet services are paid. However, there are a lot of good affordable options nowadays. Here are the best options that we recommend:

But wait! Before you jump the gun and buy a service, let’s setup the basics and understand your needs.

Setting up your Newsreader

One of the best free, open source and cross platform newsreaders we have come across is SABnzbd. In the developer’s own words: it’s totally free, incredibly easy to use, and works practically everywhere. Simply download and install the program on your computer and it will automatically download, unzip/rar and fix files for you.

Also, during the install process, Sabnzbd will ask you for your newsgroup server details. On this page, enter the server information provided by your news host. If you are using SSL (recommended), be sure to tick the SSL checkbox. Once you’ve entered your server details, click the “Test Server” button to determine if the connection works.

Once this is setup, it works much like any torrent program. You download the “.nzb” file from the indexing site of your choice (this is very similar to a torrent file). Once you launch this file, Sabnzbd will start your chosen download within seconds!

There are alternatives to Sabnzbd like alt.binz and Grabit but these might not be as simple and easy to use as our recommendation. Feel free to explore around though!

Which Newsgroup Server to Choose?

The news server is where all the information you want is located, and it is very important that you subscribe to one that suits your needs. Thankfully, there are many choices! But there are several things to consider before you start buying.

Binary Retention

Maintaining all of the messages on the server that contain files takes up a tremendous amount of space. This leads us to a term you should get to understand: retention. Retention refers to the amount of time a post or file remains on a news server before its deleted. A popular newsgroup with frequent posts would have a shorter retention period than a less popular newsgroup with few posts. As the cost of hardware and server capacity dwindled, most news servers now have a blanket retention policy for all the newsgroups they carry; if the retention is 800 days in one newsgroup, chances are it will be the same for the rest of the newsgroups the news server carries.

As a basic rule of thumb: the longer the retention the better!

Number of Connections

Connections are another critical feature and refer to the amount of simultaneous processes that can take place between a news server and a news reader. The more processes that can take place, at least to a point, the faster and more efficient your download will be.

Every Usenet service provider caps the number of simultaneous connections you can make at a single time through your account. This is relevant for a couple of reasons. First, most of the files you’ll download are split into parts and you may want to download those parts concurrently, as this can often be faster than downloading one file at a time. The number of connections you pay for is directly related to the number of files you can download at a given time. Also, if you want to use your account from different locations at the same time or share your account with someone else, you can split up the number of connections between locations so only one account is needed.Generally, no matter what type of account you choose, you’ll end up with a sufficient number of connections–if not more than you’ll ever need.


Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption, is another feature that has become popular.This is the same kind of protection that is used when you pay your bills or perform online banking. While this option is especially significant for uploaders, it helps protect downloaders as well – but to an extent. SSL encryption helps conceal the contents of the data stream between the news server and the end user.

In most cases SSL and other security options don’t cost extra but may be something you want to consider. If you want to take any extra measures to encrypt the data moving between your Usenet service provider and you, make sure you take a look at what each provider offers you, as various security options are available with most.

Quota – Monthly vs. Block

Finally, we have the types of accounts offered. There are generally two types of accounts you can subscribe to based on your usage.

Monthly accounts have a regular billing cycle and assign you an allowance of download every month. For example, if you sign up for a monthly 15GB plan; you have a 15GB download limit per month which is automatically renewed every month. However, nowadays many providers offer unlimited download accounts at competitive rates so it is best to keep checking back on the links we provided in this guide for the best deals with the best providers.

Block accounts have a one time fee and allow you to buy a chunk of download allowance without any expiry. So, if you purchase a 100GB block from one of the providers, you can use it at any time (months/years) until you use up the 100GB download limit. This is a great option for people who do not download a lot of material every month.

Easy Usenet Automation Software

Here is a list of software that will enhance your Usenet experience:

  • SickBeard – The ultimate PVR application that downloads and manages your TV shows. Automatically finds new and old episodes.
  • CouchPotato – Allows you to keep a “movies I want” list and will search for NZBs of these movies every X hours.

How to efficiently hide your IP address from torrents using a (paid) VPN connection

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Beware, utorrent and other torrent apps for some versions using a SOCKS5 proxy, especially the older versions, leak your real ip to the tracker, and from there the tracker sends it to the peers, revealing your real ip address.

It is not the fault of the proxy, but rather with the bittorrent app that isnt programmed properly.

You have several options without using a proxy to prevent the occasional VPN drops that will happen with any VPN:

The following uses Windows firewall to block your bittorent app from using the internet (in or out) unless it is through the Public network (which is your VPN as you shouldnt place your VPN network as private):;.lways-use.html go to FAQ #4, to manually remove the route to the router after you connect to the vpn. But the drawback is that you no longer have a route to the router meaning no file/printer sharing with the rest of the network, and if you forget to put the route back into netstat then you wont have internet after disconnecting from the internet. This method is 100% effective provided you remember to use it.

You also have the option of trying to use your non-windows firewall to allow connections for the bittorrent app to anything other than your local area connection ips, if you can get it working. Commodo doesnt seem to work properly for some rules for some reason.

You can skip VPNetMon as it doesnt close the app in time if the VPN drops, and will expose your ip for a few secs after the drop. The VPN Kill Switch feature in PIA doesnt seem to work consistently either. I suggest the first 2 things I mentioned above for security.

December 14, 2012

What are the best apps for recording calls? (self.androidapps)

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I use CallRecorder. It’s paid, but it does everything the way I need it to and is exactly what you’re looking for. Along with AlsaMix, it’s able to record the audio directly from both the microphone (for your voice) and the output to the speaker (other party’s voice). Also has built in file management (delete after x days, etc) and it labels all files with proper names/phone numbers.


[–]Stealthz 2 points 7 hours ago (2|0)

CallRecorder was the only app I could find that supported recording both sides of the

conversation. AlsaMixer also took care of any volume problems.



I use Sanity and it works perfect. It automatically records every phone call and saves them in a folder that can be accessed from your gallery.

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