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May 21, 2012

unraid nas sata hardforum mv8 m1015 controller car ebay

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unraid nas sata hardforum mv8 m1015 controller car ebay

Go for one of these…/12332_na.html

Hp 8 port SAS controller…. Yes that’s what they are really called.
Pci-x LSI 1068e controller

Rebadged LSI…d#ht_614wt_808

Search eBay for hp part number 347786-B21 or 435709-001 or 435234-001,
also search for LSI 3080X-R

May 18, 2012

unraid plugins nas 5.0 rc3 forum forums compatibility

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Re: unRAID Server Release 5.0-rc3 Available
« Reply #185 on: May 17, 2012, 12:34:35 AM »
all plugins i am running are working fine in 5rc3

powerdown script
simple features
SF cache dirs
SF disk stat
SF active streams
SF disk Health
SF System info
SNAP (always been quirky but it does the most important automount a few disks :P TILL WE GET 24 disks in UNRAID ;)

none give me any issues…

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UNRAID 5.0B12A in a NZXT Tempest case
ASUS P5B-Plus Vista edition – CPU: E6550 core 2 duo
3 GB Corsair DDR2 800 – 6 onboard 3gbs sata ports trough an intel ICH8
1 x IBM BR10i in PCIE-X16 slot
2 X sil3132 2 port PCIE-X1 adapters
1 X Adaptec 1220-SA PCIE-X1 Adapter
1 X JMicro sata port – 1 X Esata port on the JMicro too
4 x 2TB Samsung F2 (1 Parity)
2 x Hitatchi 7200 rpm 1 TB
1 x 750 GB WD (EACS)
1 x 500 GB Samsung (Cache Drive )
PSU = Cooler Master 550 W + 400w no brand psu
8 drives on the br10 are laying outside the case in lian-li 4in3 HDD Cages with Fan :P
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May 15, 2012

unraid tutorial howto how-to journey

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May 11, 2012

teksavvy rogers cable modem signal down archive archive123

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forward path
SNR: doit etre 32 et + /// moi: 17.2 12.8  16.8 16.9  22.7  21.5 25.4   25.6  28.5
Received Signal Strength (dBmV) -15 a +15
moi: +22, +25, 25.6 24.5 24.3 , 21.7, 22, 21.22, 16.8  17 21.6 21.3

return path
Power Level (dBmV)
doit etre 35-55, moi: 25, 59, 22, 28, 15, 31, 56, 12, 59

billet:  rogers133431

May 2, 2012

How do you send large files online? (self.24hoursupport)

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Wait… why can’t they use Dropbox? You can give them an HTTP link to your files from your public Dropbox folder.


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many places of work block dropbox entirely for security reasons


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Use teamviewer, I use it all the time to drop files on client computers.
Matter of fact used it during a remote help session with a client today and dropped a 550 mb file on his desktop in about 20 mins. It’s not the fastest way but easiest I have found as you can monitor it real time. Both parties select run, have client give id/password. When connected there is a file transfer button on the top window bar. Select local file > directory to transfer to and send. Easy breezy!



1 point 8 hoursago (1|0)

team viewer’s great but it would be really inefficient to use it for file transfer, you’re already taking up bandwidth sending video/keyboard/mouse commands. It has file transfer capabilities but it’s really meant to transfer for over small tools to help clean up computers that are too infected for the users browser to work. Plus it’s pretty intrusive if you just want a file from someone, you shouldn’t have to give them free reign over seeing everything you’re doing on your computer.


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Team viewer can actually do a file transfer without having a remote desktop connection running. If you right click a partner, you will see the options to remote desktop, file transfer, or VPN.


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you can just go right ahead and disregard all that shit I just said


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Just one way. Not the fastest but easy if its someone you already have used Teamviewer with.


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Try dropsend. The free version lets you transfer 2GB files. And you get 5 transfers a month.


1 point 8 hoursago (1|0)

pipebytes is unlimited bandwidth/transfer/file size. You just both need to be online at the same time, it connects you directly


2 points 5 hoursago (2|0)

wow. I’ve never heard of this! cool


1 point 17 hoursago (1|0)

We even paid for our own version it works so well.

They have servers in the US, UK and Asia. So file transfers work really well no matter the locale.


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If you have Winrar or 7zip you can split the file into smaller chunks (Let’s say 50mb) and send them through dropbox. Then the receiver can just extract the archive provided he has all the chunks in the same folder.


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I just setup my own webserver and installed ajaxplorer. Easy to configure, and easy to manage. I would recommend it if this isn’t going to be a one time thing.


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  • Most file transfers, so long as I have room for them, especially if it’s for multiple people I know: Dropbox
  • One time transfer to one person of large file: PipeBytes (100% Browser Based)
  • One time transfer of a bunch of stuff: AIM 5.9 Direct Connect/Get File (allows resuming transfer if interupted, sending of folders/files in folders/subfolders/etc)
  • Uploading stuff online for people I don’t know, like source files to stuff I’ve made: Mirror Creator

There are limitations in dropbox, such as only allowing 4 simultaneous downloads from your account. I don’t recall what the file size limit is. There used to be one, but then they got rid of it, but it may have come back. In any case I know it works for files 250 MB and under at least. So you can use WinRAR to split it in to 200 MB archives.


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