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March 25, 2012

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Ask Slashdot: DD-WRT Upgrade To 802.11n?

Posted by timothy on Tuesday October 25, @10:38AM
from the bending-over-backwards-for-flexibility dept.


First time accepted submitter krinderlin writes“My home network consists of a Linksys WRT54GL for WAN access and a WRT54G version 8 for a wireless bridge for my Blu-Ray and old XBox 360*. Due to a recent move and coaxial jack placements, I can’t run Ethernet to the office, so I’m now looking at about 8 wireless clients at any given time. I’d like to start piecing together a network upgrade to 802.11n, but want to keep the flexibility and power of DD-WRT. So what 802.11n routers do you have with DD-WRT? What would you recommend for PCIe x1 and USB adapters? *Because $100 for a 802.11g adapter is pure insanity.”

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