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February 19, 2012

Which NZB Indexing Sites Do You Use? (self.usenet)

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Here are the sites I have bookmarked (not all are free):

How about you guys?

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[–][deleted] 1 month ago



7 points 1 monthago (7|0)

I use nzbmatrix mostly with as backup. Failing that, use a pre-db and binsearch


2 points 1 monthago (2|0)

What pre-db do you use?


1 point 1 monthago (1|0)



1 point 1 monthago (1|0)


1 point 1 monthago (1|0)

That PreDB hasn’t been updated with new releases in over four months.


1 point 1 monthago (1|0)

Damn back to looking for another 😦


2 points 1 monthago (2|0)

What’s a pre-db?


2 points 1 monthago (2|0)

A constantly updated feed of what is about to be released into the scene. See here for an example.


1 point 1 monthago (1|0)

So its just a heads up? How soon does it take to hit nzbmatrix for example? Is that just one group? or is it a more broader list?

Ty btw


2 points 1 monthago (2|0)

So its just a heads up?


How soon does it take to hit nzbmatrix for example?

Depends. Some popular ones are up in less than 15 minutes, some never get posted.

Is that just one group?

No, it should be most if not all groups.

Ty btw

No problem. Be aware that the PreDB I linked to stopped updating 4-5 months ago and I am not aware of an up-to-date one. They are useful resources if found though.


3 points 1 monthago (4|0)

Heh. NZB Matrix here as well. Although I think it fails me on a daily basis.


8 points 1 monthago (6|1)

I use NZB Matrix and paid the one-time “membership fee”. I have not looked back and am not interested in looking for anything else.

I use this with SABnzbd plus, CouchPotato, and SickBeard on my FreeNAS server.


[S] 1 point 1 monthago (1|0)

Same here except the server is a desktop and not a NAS box


3 points 1 month ago*  (5|0)

  • NZBMatrix to start with.
  • if I can’t find it through NZBMatrix (thank you for adding the SABConnect button, BinSearch owners!)
  • for RSS because of how goddamn unreliable NZBMatrix RSS has become and because of how simple setup and adding new shows is with
  • NZBxxx for porn. Just like BinSearch, sells itself because of the integration with SABnzbd. One click in full HD with no ads? Sign me up.
  • Torrents and jDownloader & whatever direct download site has what I’m looking for as a last resort if I’ve exhausted all other options.


4 points 1 monthago (4|1)

Newzbin only. In some rare cases I use NZB Matrix.


[S] 1 point 1 monthago (2|1)

I find the content between the two to be the same. NZBMatrix is a $10 donation for full lifetime access. Newzbin has monthly or yearly subscription. I am a member of Nzbmatrix and paid for a year of Newzbin this weekend and I somewhat regret doing so now.


1 point 1 monthago (1|0)

Yeah, I have nzbmatrix and had newzbin as well. It’s almost the same, but I think newzbin might have had a better selection of anime or something. I let my newzbin credits run out and I’m letting it go for a bit to see if I can still get all the same stuff. So far, I haven’t missed it, but I haven’t looked for anything particularly old or unusual. I also have a premium account on, but I think it’s all the same stuff as on nzbmatrix.


3 points 1 monthago (3|0) for advanced raw searches (similar to binsearch but with advanced search filters.)


2 points 1 monthago (2|0)

nzbmatrix ftw


1 point 1 monthago (2|1)



1 point 1 monthago (1|0)

Newzbin + NZB Club because I’m a cheap bastard.


1 point 27 daysago (1|0)

I mainly use NewzBin and set up an rss feed and just let sabnzbd do its thing.


1 point 20 daysago (1|0)

For anime I use


2 points 4 daysago (2|0)

I’ve pretty much exclusively used for years now. Never seemed to need an alternative.


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