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January 21, 2012

reddit how to synch folders — backup tool crashplan

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I think this is the one. It seems to be exactly what I want.


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No problem, I have a desktop pc in my basement and a laptop that we use all the time. My wife loads all her pictures on the laptop and I have syncback on the desktop. Twice a week syncback looks at the pictures folder on the laptop and copies anything new down to the desktop. I then have carbonite installed on the desktop to send the data offsite. If my house burns down I want to make sure I still have all those pictures of my kids in tact! Everything else can be replaced.


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Even the kids??




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allwaysync is free for personal use. You only have to install it on the windows side.

Once set up you can run it manually, schedule it, run when the machine is idle, or have it watch the folders and automatically propagate any changes. It can work using windows folder sharing, or connect via FTP for the transfer, and can use UNC paths so you don’t have to map a drive letter if you don’t want to.

There are a ton of options, so you can tweak it to work many different ways (exclude files, folders, extensions, wildcards, only propagate changes in one direction, etc) and it will ask you what to do in the case of conflicts (files on both sides are changed).

I use it at home to mirror my PC to my NAS (which I use for backup). For work, I bought the license so I can use it to mirror some local network shares to an offsite backup machine.

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