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October 20, 2011

iPhone games – App store – Apple – Free & Non-free

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Trainyard. I found out about this from a topic here on Reddit. It’s one of the best examples of indie successes I’ve seen.

Kairosoft certainly qualify as one of my favorite developers. Despite the lack of retina and creating games probably better suited to a flip phone than an iPhone or Android, they are a lot of fun. And they have resisted adding IAP despite the attraction of greater profit. Where most people would have produced their games in order to implement bottlenecks and grinding with pricetags attached to every feature and shortcut. Kairosoft seems to only care about making the best games they can.

Defender Chronicles. It was simultaneously the first iOS game I really enjoyed, and my first disappointment in discovering what IAP is and what it can do to ruin a game.

Mirror’s Edge. I don’t think it’s among the top running games or even top EA games, but it was one of the first I couldn’t put down until it was over. It’s a very fun and probably underappreciated game.

Bug Heroes. I’ve seen Foursaken get a lot of undeserved criticism, such as when Bug Heroes Quest went free shortly after launch. But all they do is make worthwhile games, and are gracious and attentive to customers. This shows in the way they’ve structured their IAP model in as much of a non-exploitative manner as anybody to date.

Bean Bag Kids Presents Little Red Riding Hood. For anybody that has younger children, this is one of the coolest apps I’ve found geared toward them.

Pottery HD. It offers a unique experience for iOS, and everybody loves it. Kids will keep coming back to it, and I even got hooked for an evening.

Glo Flo. Another one the kids love to pick up and play.

Bloons TD 4. Not sure how popular this actually is, but so far has been one of the more distinguished and fun tower defense games I’ve played on iOS.

BBC Live: I had to pirate this one as it’s only available on the EU store, but would have gladly paid if permitted. It lets me watch streaming BBC news.

Tyrian: One of my all-time favorite games. I typically hate shoot’em ups for being cookie cutter clones that haven’t produced a novel idea in decades, but this one did it right. I played it umpteen times on PC way back. I have the port for my hacked PSP, and when I got an iPhone I was ecstatic to find it had been ported again.

Magnetic Baby. It’s a really enjoyable game that involves spinning around planets and jumping among them. The graphics are deceptively childish considering the motor skills required to pass levels.

Cloud Girl: Another one of the kids’ games. It’s always being updated and the developer seems genuinely nice, so I like to mention it and hope it gets the attention it deserves for being such a cute niche game with a lot of heart.

City of Secrets: A must for fans of adventure games. There was a review likening it to Pixar in video game form, which isn’t too far from the truth. It’s filled with quality humor, likable characters, high quality design and graphics, and all of it complete with voice overs. A hint system is helpful if you feel more like walking through it to experience it for the story, or just outright get stuck figuring out what to do next.

Forget-Me-Not: I never really liked Pacman, even when in the early days of gaming. Nor have I enjoyed a roguelike since I was maybe fourteen years old. Somebody decided to stitch the two of these together and created something greater than the sum of its parts. The word ‘addictive’ gets thrown around a lot with iOS gaming, but there’s probably no description better suited for it.

[–]BOSSWIGGA (_) 2 points 4 hours ago (2|0)

I’m going to hijack this post to tell you all about a game that I never see posted is these hidden gem threads.

Soosiz is one of the best platformers I have played on the iPhone. Think Mario galaxy 2-D. Don’t let the 2-dollar price point scare you away, this game is worth more than that with the re-playability and whatnot.

Check it out, you will not be disappointed.

[–]i010011010 (_) 1 point 1 hour ago (1|0)

Thanks, I will.

[–]anyquestions (_) 8 points 14 hours ago (8|0)

Pudding Cam (titled 푸딩 카메라 in the App Store) is a great lesser-known find. It’s a Korean camera app, but nearly all the options are in English and the UI is pretty intuitive. It’s one of my favorite cam apps with some cool [motion] 


and other modes and an array of color treatment options. Also, it’s free! 

[–]Punchomatic (_) 6 points 11 hours ago (6|0)

Drop 7

[–]zowki (_) 2 points 4 hours ago (2|0)

Drop 7 is the most insanely addicting yet simple game for iOS. It has absolutely destroyed my social life.

[–]pyr0gan (_) 1 point 2 hours ago (1|0)

You’re on reddit and you have an iPhone. What social life? 😉

[–]cabbeer (_) 1 point 1 hour ago (1|0)

I have no idea how to play this game. I get more points by randomly dropping numbers vs actually trying to play with a strategy.

[–]mikerapin (_) 1 point 43 minutes ago (1|0)

This looks exactly like DropZap.

[–]amatijaca (_) 4 points 5 hours ago*  (6|2)

Shameless self promotion – my own app – Salt Sugar Fat Calories it’s free – it is used to compare nutrition labels.. Yeah, I’ll probably get downvoted… Just looking for some “traction”…

[–]JennyCide (_) 6 points 4 hours ago (6|0)

Cam Box (video beatbox made stupidly simple and tons of fun)

Guardian Eyewitness (Kind of photo of the day but much better) (Disclaimer – I know the devs but it’s still an awesome free app and just benefits from more people using it. Tag and find local fresh produce near you)

Orange Wednesdays (UK only I think – everything you need to know about finding movies and cinemas near you)

Tiny Wings (dev is redditor and it’s highly addictive)

Galcon Fusion (classic game remade beautifully – move your troops between planets to swamp your enemies)

Osmos HD (another classic game remade beautifully)

Cloudreaders (simple to use – I use it to read my cbr/cbz comics/graphic novels)

The Red Bulletin (Red Bull’s free interactive magazine – surprisingly good)

Sid Meier’s Pirates (I seem to have a thing for classic games remade well)

Galaxy on Fire 2 HD (or non-HD) – for those of us old enough to remember playing Elite several decades ago – this is the natural evolution of it – space trading, mining and fighting)

Machinarium (Go and buy it now! iPad2 only I think. From the makers of the classic flash puzzle games Samorost and, well, Machinarium comes this ios version which is unlike anything else – amazing art and puzzles gauged at exactly the right level – beautiful.)

The Fantastic Flying Books of Morris Lessmore Stunning interactive book from a team of ex-Pixar employees)

[–]MyQuietMind (_) [S] 2 points 4 hours ago (2|0)

I didn’t know tiny wings was developed by a redditor! I was goin to mention this as one of my favorite games, but it’s in the top 25. This is the only game as of late that I couldn’t put down.

[–]GaryDebussy (_) 1 point 43 minutes ago (1|0)

Dammit!!! Don’t tease me with all of these awesome ipad-only apps!!!

[–]jamesvdm (_) 5 4 points 15 hours ago (6|1)

10 Pin Shuffle!

[–]MyQuietMind (_) [S] 1 point 15 hours ago (1|0)

I’ll check it out!

[–]Alex011 (_) 4 points 14 hours ago (4|0)

Convoy, its made by a redditor, he posted about it on here a while ago…

[–]vodkus (_) 3 points 14 hours ago (3|0)

chess with friends. boom, i said it.

[–]bobaf (_) 3 points 13 hours ago (4|1)

I’m not sure if this is in the top 25 but the app that is called “flashlight” with a white on green icon is up there. I often need a flash light & this app works well. I’m sure there are better ones but it was free & I’m happy with it.

[–]modalert (_) 3 points 8 hours ago (3|0)

Iridium Flare App that tells you when an Iridium satellite will become very bright in the night sky based on your location.

[–]mitchell209 (_) 2 points 14 hours ago (2|0)

Astronut, The Last Rocket, and League of Evil are all pretty fun games. And any game by the Game Dev Story guys.

[–]HeadbangsToMahler (_) 2 points 13 hours ago (2|0)


[–]chongssuck (_) 2 points 12 hours ago (2|0)

Moron Test was fun


[–]LeoPanthera (_) 2 points 11 hours ago (2|0)

Pinball Dreams, and Pinball Fantasies.

In my opinion, two of the best games available for the iPhone.

Are we allowed to talk about non-games too? VelaClock is an awesome multiple-city sunrise/sunset clock.

[–]lantheria (_) 2 points 7 hours ago (2|0)

chain link, glass tower, optia, mr. space and the chop chop games are all great.

[–]pheen (_) 2 points 6 hours ago (2|0)


  • Homerum Battle 3D – nice graphics, online play, simple and addictive.
  • Game Dev Story – like crack would be a good description. (just noticed you already mentioned this game)
  • Mirror’s Edge – Really well done and easy to control
  • Stair Dismount – Simple physics-based game
  • Touchgrind – control a skateboard with your fingers

Not Games:

  • i-ginma – If you need a QR code reader, this is the one to get
  • 8mm – shoot videos that look like old cameras. Various presets to change the look
  • Word Lens – augmented reality translator. Hold it up to a sign in a different language and it will translate it in real time, right back on top of the original. Really needs to be seen to be believed. Doesn’t work quite as slick as their promo video, but close.

[–]JoeyBlaze (_) 2 points 5 hours ago (2|0)

Robot wants Kitty. Not sure if this is hidden but I don’t know many people who have heard of it. It’s an amazing game with endless playability. Def check this out if you haven’t already.

[–]funkypenquin (_) 2 points 3 hours ago (2|0)

I got this one free during a promotion. Very fun game.

[–]tzeLih (_) 2 points 4 hours ago (2|0)

Epic War TD Pro

[–]tannrar (_) 1 point 4 hours ago (1|0)

HookWorlds and Pix’n Love Rush. Two great endless runner games that do a lot with the formula that isn’t done anywhere else.

[–]brettcadet (_) 1 point 3 hours ago (1|0)

Eliss, Super original and the best use of multitouch I’ve ever seen in a game. It was free for a limited time when I got it about a week ago, might still be.

[–]bab5871 (_) 1 point 3 hours ago (1|0)

Enigmo 2 – Amazing graphics on this puzzle game… have it for the Macbook Pro too…
Fantastic Contraption 2 – Fun puzzle game as well… simple thinking gets you there.

[–]barrettj (_) 1 point 3 hours ago (1|0)

DropZap 2, the guy that made it is a redditor (he made a post about an update recently) and frequently makes it free for a while.

[–]acalmerkarma (_) 1 point 2 hours ago (1|0)

Sleep Stream 2 Pro – One of my most used apps. Perfect for working indoors or out, reading, sleeping, relaxing. It’s fucking great. In app purchases are useful.

8Bitone+ – A wonderful little 8 bit keyboard

PBS – A fuckton of awesome shows are on there. Love it.

Yacht Free – Because Yahtzee is the best game ever.

Phrase Party! – Catchphrase. Great party game.

[–]Terex (_) 1 point 1 hour ago (1|0)

Not sure if this was ever in the top 25.


When I first saw it I thought it was some crummy game with barebones/lousy graphics. But reading some of the high praise from people on various forums i decided to try it. And after playing it for a couple of days, it is my favorite game ATM.

If you are min/max type of role player that also enjoys puzzle match games this is the game for you.

[–]gemcitytiffany (_) 1 point 1 hour ago (1|0)

DerManDar is an amazing app that allows you to make 360 degree panoramas with amazing attention to the seams. I also use “Pic stitch” and “two face” to make small photo side-by-sides or collages.

[–]psylichon (_) 1 point 1 hour ago (1|0)


Easily the fastest way to get a webpage/image/text from a computer to mobile safari/camera roll/clipboard without any host software on the computer.

[–]rofflewaffles (_) 2 points 1 hour ago (2|0)

If you like beer, I highly recommend BrewGene. It’s a great way to keep track of beers you’ve tried, with tasting notes and ratings. It also gives recommendations of new beers to try and how it thinks you might like beers you’ve yet to try.

[–]rakman86 (_) 1 point 55 minutes ago (1|0)

Thanks. This will def come in handy!


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