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October 31, 2011

reddit party water vodka fuuuuuuuuuuuu

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Hey Reddit. I wanted an overview page for my XBMC HTPC, so I created one to my exact requirements. It has lots of widgets and stuff.

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Hey Reddit. I wanted an overview page for my XBMC HTPC, so I created one to my exact requirements. It has lots of widgets and stuff.

What is HTPC Frontend?

I wanted a simple web interface to act as a nice overview/front page for my XBMC HTPC. I couldn’t find anything that suited my requirements so I created something myself.

Here are some of its features:

  • Customisable applications widget providing quick access to your web interfaces (e.g. SABnzb+, SickBeard, or whatever else you want to link to)
  • Recently added episodes widget – click an episode to play it in XBMC
  • Media library browser – browse your movies and TV shows, and click to play in XBMC
  • SABnzbd+ widget which appears when something is downloading and hides again when finished – shows you what is currently downloading, speed, time/MB remaining, and a progress bar
  • Currently playing bar with play/pause/stop controls
  • widget which shows you what people are saying about the episode or movie that you’re watching (requires a free account)
  • Full-screen background image changes to the fanart of what you’re currently watching (optional, can be turned off)
  • Customisable via a server-side settings file – choose which modules to display, in which column/order you would like them displayed, and how frequently each one should update
Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2

It is a work-in-progress – things are still being changed, and new features and modules are being added quite frequently.

Awesome. How do I use it?

HTPC Frontend is written in Python and uses the Flask framework, so you need to configure a suitable web server (such as Apache) to serve it.

If you want to use Apache and mod_wsgi on a Linux-based system then you could do the following:

  1. Install the following:
    • Apache
    • mod_wsgi
    • Python
    • python-setuptools, so that you can use easy_install for the following:
      • Flask (easy_install Flask)
      • jsonrpclib (easy_install jsonrpclib)
  2. Clone the htpc-frontend repository. You can find it on github:
  3. Create a settings file. Copy to – you will learn about customising it later.
  4. Serve using Apache and mod_wsgi.

    Here’s a helpful article:

    Don’t forget to add the htpc-frontend directory to your Python path. One way of doing this is in the mod_wsgi file:

    import sys sys.path.insert(0, "/var/www/htpc-frontend") from htpcfrontend import app as application

Neat. Now, how do I customise it?

Open up and start changing stuff!

MODULES controls the ordering of the modules. The default MODULES in the example file is set up to display all of the modules. The first array is the first column, the second one the second, and the third one the third.

Modules with a ‘poll’ value specified will be updated using AJAX, and modules with a ‘delay’ value will have a delayed loading time. In this example:

{ 'module': 'sabnzbd', 'poll': 10, 'delay': 5 },…the sabnzbd module will be refreshed every 10 seconds and won’t be loaded until 5 seconds after page load.

It’s worth noting that some modules do not take poll/delay values, and settings them will have no effect. These modules are ‘library’, ‘synopsis’ and ‘trakt’. In the example of the trakt module, if enabled then it updates whenever what you’re watching has changed – no need to poll.

SHOW_CURRENTLY_PLAYING shows the ‘currently playing’ bar if set to True. It will only appear if something is actually playing.

If FANART_BACKGROUNDS is set to True then the full-screen background image will change to the fanart of what you’re currently watching.

SERVER is quite important – this is where you enter the details of your XBMC installation. Without this the app cannot access the XBMC API and won’t be able to tell what’s playing, what has been recently added, etc.

SABNZBD_URL is only required if you are using the ‘sabnzbd’ module. It must point to the IP/URL of the machine running SABnzbd, on the correct port, and include your API key as shown in the example (you can get this through the SABnzbd interface).

TRAKT_API_KEY is needed if you want to use the ‘trakt’ module to display shouts (what people are saying) about what you’re currently watching.

NUM_RECENT_EPISODES controls how many episodes are displayed in the ‘recently_added’ module.

APPLICATIONS defines what links you want in the ‘applications’ module.

If you set AUTH to contain a username and password then HTTP basic auth will be used.

Something is broken! Can you fix it please?

I sure hope so! Let me know about it on GitHub and I’ll look into it as soon as I can.

October 24, 2011

Reddit, I recently lost my job, and decided I want to travel the world for the next 1-2 years. I have 230k, where should I go? (self.AskReddit)

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Reddit, I recently lost my job, and decided I want to travel the world for the next 1-2 years. I have 230k, where should I go? (self.AskReddit)

submitted 13 hours ago by Servalpur

Pretty self explanatory title. I lost my job about two months ago and have had no luck finding a new one. This morning I decided that I’m not ready to settle down and live in the nice little suburban house I’m currently renting. I have 230k in the bank that I’ve been loathe to touch (wanted it for retirement), but I’m getting tired of living my life like it’s already over. I’ve convinced my best friend and roommate to go with me, now it’s just a matter of deciding where (and when!) we should go.

The places I know we’ll visit:

  • Australia: I’ve always wanted to visit, why not now?
  • Major European areas: France, Germany, etc etc.
  • Africa (big fucking place, no idea where specifically)

So, what else should I add to the list, and what areas specifically should we visit?

Also, any tips or advice from others who have traveled like this long term? My lease expires this month on the house, so that’s not something to worry about. I need to get a passport obviously, but I’ve never really traveled on a long term basis. Any advice would be appreciated.

Edit: Probably should add that I’m in Michigan, USA at the moment.


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[–]The_Adventurist 433 points 12 hours ago

You could travel just about all of Europe, Asia, and Africa and not even spend a quarter of your money if you know what you’re doing. Make sure to be a cheap bastard and never turn down something being offered for free. You will save money and have more adventures that way.

My recommendations are:

Sinai, Egypt: Good for SCUBA diving, desert treks, camel expeditions, lots of worldly bohemians and rapscallions. Imagine Tortuga in the Pirates movies, except with lots of desert.

Rishikesh, India: Go in March or after summer, but before it cools down too much to avoid the Indian migration. This is the yoga capital of the world and where The Beatles went to study hinduism. This is maybe the most spiritual, new agey place I’ve ever seen and it doesn’t feel phony or disingenuous like it does in the west. It’s also very close to the source of the Ganges, so the river water is pretty pristine. You can bathe in the river daily instead of shower, it feels awesome and it’s free.

Kiev, Ukraine: Winter or Summer, both are awesome for different reasons. Winter: Everyone stays indoors and parties like crazy and it’s ridiculously fun. Summer: Hot as fuck Ukrainian girls in next-to-nothing bikinis on the banks of the river. It’s got all the Slavic culture and food of Russia without the weird aggression and hostility towards foreigners of Russia.

Shikoku, Japan: See the whole island. It’s easy to drive around it, it will probably take 3-4 days driving a few hours per day. The scenery is amazing. I’ve never felt a stronger binding between modern society, nature, and spirituality than I have here. Spring and summer are the best times to be here.

Palestine: As scary as it might sound, it’s really not. The Palestinians are generally very aware that their problems are political and are not your fault. In the West Bank I was constantly greeted politely by locals and given enough free tea to turn my blood sweet. Plus, getting to see where the headlines come form up close really helps put a perspective on everything. Also, you are surrounded by history and you really feel it.

Khumbu Valley, Nepal: This is the valley that leads to Mt. Everest. You can take a 1 hour flight from Kathmandu to Lukla and walk to Everest Base Camp. The trek isn’t that hard provided you’ve had some mountaineering experience and you’re reasonably fit. You could probably make it to base camp and back to the airport in less than 2 weeks if you are traveling slowly. If you’re totally inexperienced, you can hire a local sherpa at Lukla or Namche Bazaar for about $20 a day including food and housing. The sherpa are the nicest people I’ve ever met. If you want to see natural landscapes that will change your perspective about life, the universe, and everything then you gotta go to the Khumbu Valley. It’s also an amazing place for treasure hunting since artifacts and antiques are turning up all the time there.

Srinagar, Indian Occupied Kashmir: One of the most beautiful lakes in the world. You have to go here in the summer and sleep on a houseboat. Be warned, however, because Kashmiris are notoriously good salesmen and will sell everything to you. They are sales ninjas, you won’t even realize you’ve bought so much shit until you leave. Also, don’t stay on Lake Dal, the main lake, stay on Lake Nigeen. The houseboats there are much more quiet and isolated so you really get that old-world feeling.

Lake Como, Italy: Speaking of amazing lakes, this one takes the cake. It’s one of the top 5 most beautiful places I’ve ever been. However, since Clooney moved in, things have been changing and it’s becoming more and more a rich people’s escape, so prices are going up.

Tuscany, Italy: Spend a month or two in Tuscany on a moped driving from castle town to castle town. Eating some of the best food around, drinking the best wines, having good conversations outside in the balmy summer nights.

There are way more places I could recommend, but these are enough to really get you started. Just remember, always ask questions, do not pretend to know something you don’t, constantly observe others and what they are doing and you should be able to blend in anywhere and adapt to any situation.

If you want any tips on cheap travel, PM me and I’ll give you everything I know about haggling, cheap transportation, things you don’t actually need to pay for, and how to sleep almost anywhere for free.


[–]OneDegree 34 points 11 hours ago* 


Also, I suggest taking a look at:

  • the book Vagabonding, by Rolf Potts
  • the first season of Departures, on OLN
  • the “Where the Hell is Matt?” videos:


[–]ReneG8 7 points 7 hours ago

I met Matt in Berlin, He is doing a new video. we danced for him. It was an awesome day. 🙂


[–]tonehammer 4 points 4 hours ago

Same here, in Belgrade.


[–]ura1a 25 points 6 hours ago

If you want any tips on cheap travel, PM me and I’ll give you everything I know about haggling, cheap transportation, things you don’t actually need to pay for, and how to sleep almost anywhere for free.

could you disclose this info to everyone please?


[–]bloody_enema_fart 21 points 10 hours ago

You forgot Iceland.


[–]created4this 4 points 5 hours ago

Thats because he only has 230k 🙂

Seriously Iceland is bloody beautiful – but insanely expensive especially if you want to drink.

We spent last year but one traveling europe in a camper – cost us about £1k a month on fuel, entertainment and food. not including the camper.

You can read what we did here :

Having your own transport opens up loads of possibilities that you don’t get in a bus/train


[–]nerdsonarope 3 points 3 hours ago

Here is my two cents on iceland. The country has some incredible scenery, and has some of the most photogenic landscapes of anywhere I’ve been. That sad, the weather is pretty bad much of the time; it’s pretty expensive (even after their economy crashed…I can’t imagine what it was like beforehand). Also, there isn’t really much in the way of local culture, especially anywhere outside of Reykjavik — I don’t intend that to be insulting to icelandic people, but the country is only 300,000 people (e.g., less than Wichita, Kansas). Food, in particular, is pretty terrible, especially given that its easily as expensive as a mid-priced restaurant in New York or London. I think a lot of people go there because they have periodic flight deals, and because it sounds like a cool place to say that you’ve been. But I’d really recommend iceland only for two types of poeple: (1) people who are into camping out and hiking – there are tons are great campsites, and as mentioned, the scenery is incredible; or (2) people who happen to be flying across the atlantic, and wouldnt mind dropping ~200/night on a hotel room for a 2-3 day jaunt around Reykjavik (blue lagoon is pretty freaking cool, and right near the Reykjavik airport). If you’re looking for places to spend a couple weeks, I would recommend lots of other places first.


[–]FrankBurns 15 points 10 hours ago

Maybe while in Palestine you could also give Israel a visit ..


[–]MNuck 37 points 4 hours ago

In Palestine, Israel visits you.


[–]that_other_username 3 points 3 hours ago

or he could just go to palestine.


[–]afraidoftheirs 11 points 11 hours ago

aaaand saved. Haha, after reading this I scrolled up to check your username. A perfect fit.


[–]C0lMustard 5 points 11 hours ago

While I agree with doing it on the cheap if you have no money when you have money it is way better to stay in these same places only in better hotels and have a clean bed, nice meals, nice wine.


[–]patrickbat3man 16 points 8 hours ago

I’ve had money to burn and stayed in both on the same trip. Hostels are MUCH better, especially when traveling alone/with a few friends. You meet interesting people and find yourself in places outside of your comfort zone. Traveling is all about learning about everything…doing the same shit you could have done at the ritz in nyc in paris ain’t traveling.


[–]kreie 7 points 10 hours ago

Depends – if you’re interested in meeting new people, hostels are great for that.


[–]Rapeafromage 4 points 10 hours ago

How did you travel so much?


[–]yeliwofthecorn 1 point 6 hours ago

Might I add in a tour of the U.K.

It’s a good way to start your trip, as you won’t get horrible culture shock because everyone speaks English. Grab some soft serve ice cream in London and always check out pubs in the U.K. (their food is good and REALLY cheap)

Up in Scotland, it’s always just fun to drive around the countryside for a day, the place is covered in beautiful ruins and castles. If you can, make a trip to the isle of Iona. It’s right off the coast of the isle of Mull. Mull is nice, but Iona… man. It’s a small island, about a mile across and to this day one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. It’s got sort of a quintessential “untouched celtic land” feel to it and the church is just beautiful and fun to explore. It also has a long history of the combination of Celtic and Christian traditions, as seen by its use of celtic crosses. All in all a really great place.

Plus, my great great great (+ a few more greats) uncle was Abbot there, Fingon MacKinnon “The Green Abbot” who along with many unsightly excesses (he liked his women) helped with the merging of Christianity and Celtic practices. You can still find his effigy (it’s the one on the left). I know for me personally, just standing there and touching that weather worn face gave me a sense of identity I never had before.

On that note, do some research into family history. Famous or influential people that contributed their genes to make you who you are now. If you get the chance, visit places they impacted or lived. It’s a humbling feeling.

And always remember when traveling: Audentes Fortuna Juvat. Fortune Favors the Brave.


[–]NinjaDiscoJesus 277 points 13 hours ago

Man if I had that money.. I’d have so much money..


[–]Spike_Spiegel 124 points 12 hours ago

2 chicks at the same time, man.


[–]MartialFur 24 points 11 hours ago* 

A million dollars gets you 2 chicks at the same time. This is less than a quarter of that. So for $230k you’d get less than half of a woman; which I think would equate to a BJ.


[–]asdfman123 43 points 13 hours ago

If I had that amount of money, I would invest it, sit on it for years, and feel sensible and boring. 😛


[–]bbibber 6 points 11 hours ago

Or agonize because you lost 30% of your investment.


[–]asdfman123 13 points 11 hours ago

But then wait it out as the annual market return averages out over the years.


[–]Pete-Zaman 135 points 13 hours ago

One tip… Do not spend all of your money on this trip. You will most likely regret it later. Make a plan and think of the countries you want to visit, and think of how much you want to spend while you’re over there.

You could come a long way after spending 50k, there’s no need to spend your hard earned 230k on a trip like this.


[–]chaching37 8 points 8 hours ago* 

Exactly. And I think it would be a LOT more fun to try to travel without spending loads of cash (couchsurfing, cheap but reputable hostels, overnight trains, etc). I think one of the most critical portion of any sort of travel is the actual travel itself. It’s not getting to a place and staying at a resort that is identical to the one in your native city; it’s about the adventure that’s tagged a long with it!

Also and while you’re gone, might as well keep applying for jobs EVERYWHERE. Why not work outside of the States?

edit: wording =/


[–]heretohelpatraveller 124 points 11 hours ago

Rrrrrright, just signed up to an account so I can offer some advise. I pretty much live for travelling. I save for 8-12 months and then head off for as long as the money lasts (usually 6-8 months). First trip, round Europe, second round the world, India, South east asia, australia, New Zealand, fiji, and california. Third one, Mexico to Argentina, overland and am now in China for 3 months on my way to live in Oz for a year.

Im 24 so my travelling style and tastes may differ from yours, I don’t drink while im away and am the definition of a budget traveller, but even with your awesome budget I would advise travelling budget stylie (just with the freedom to have some extra comfort once in a while, or not to have to decide whether its go to the Galapagos or go home a month early). I love natural beauty, historical sights, hammocks and am always in search of what I call the indiana jones factor…the feeling that you’re the first one to discover this shit!

It’s pretty late here, so I’m going to resist the natural urge to gabble at you about everything under the sun…just some basics, and if you want any specific info let me know…also are you a natural beauty kind of guy, a party boy, a history nut or a chilled beach bum? Or a little of everything? Some places are better for certain things as you might expect, though every place you go will have something to love about it!

First, pack light, you can always buy anything you need on the road. Though a good rucksack, sleeping bag and Ipod/touch are worth their weight in gold. (Also a good but smallish camera is a good bet.)

Second, a big smile will be your best weapon. It’ll help you when you’re desperately trying to buy a bus ticket somewhere you can’t pronounce in a language you can’t speak, or just meeting locals and travellers alike.

Thirdly, do check visa info. As an american you are subject to some tough entry visas that other nationals just aren’t.

Fourthly, start slow. I wouldn’t recommend you jump right into India or China, because they’re tricky countries…do-able, and there is something to be said for jumping in the deep end but you could get in some difficult situations just due to naivety.

Fifth, take some medicine to stop diarrhea and constipation…this isn’t a problem I’ve had due to my following the “3 second rule” while cooking since childhood, but almost everyone will be hit by Montezuma’s revenge or Delhi belly at some point. ( Also on that note, eat where the locals eat…touristy places are usually shit and waaay to expensive, and if its empty there’s usually a reason.)

Sixth, and this is a biggy, resist the urge to stay in hotels. Most major destinations will have very comfortable hostels that are much nicer than you would think…with your money you don’t have to dorm it like me…soooo jealous as the Chinese SNORE like nothing I’ve ever heard…but hostels are the key to meeting other travellers…swapping stories…meeting that foxy swedish girl who looks like a super model…they are the best. Some small remote locations won’t have them, but then a decent guest house is all you need!

Okay, this not gabbling at you thing has failed miserably, but I’m just so darned excited for you…finally, countries you cannot miss…Mexico, Guatamala (so cheap, so cool), Colombia, Bolivia, Argentina (Brazil, i hear from everyone, but had to miss due to my budget constraints…is quite pricey.) England (We rock, but god come in the summer…if it happens that year…come to Glastonbury festival!!) Spain…Barcelona is the best city in Europe in my humble opinion.) and women! India, just an experience in ever sense. Cambodia, harrowing history but Angkor will blow your mind. Vietnam…was my fav country, but I hear its more touristy now…Halong bay IS one of the wonders of the world though. New Zealand…just offensively beautiful. Plus Cheap bungy jumping and skydiving!!

Okay, I’ve prattled on long enough, if you do have any questions let me know…I’m off to bed as i’m up early to see the world’s biggest Buddha tomorrow, but will be back in the afternoon and will look in.

I’ll leave you by saying, smile dude, you’re about to have the best 24 months of your life!!


[–]balathustrius 57 points 11 hours ago

New Zealand: “Offensively Beautiful.”

That’s perfect. Whatever agency handles their tourism marketing should adopt that as their slogan.


[–]occupytheearth 7 points 7 hours ago

I’ll second new \zealand…my bro just got back from six months there and he did the Woofing thing, where you work on local farms in exchange for food, housing, maybe even a little pocket cash….he’d usually work for a few days/weeks at one place, then travel for a few weeks, then work for a bit….if you do it like this, your only real expense will be plane tickets in and out….then after that, you can just shoot up through the Asias where your money will seem to stretch on forever…


[–]heretohelpatraveller 11 points 11 hours ago

shit, totally going to shut up in a minute, but forgot, try not to do tours (always a rip off) or sign up for volunteer programmes (the western companies that often set them up pocket sometimes take a decent amount of the money)…they can always been done better and more cheaply by finding them on route…plus any money you pay will go to the project.


[–]Servalpur[S] 11 points 11 hours ago

Thanks for the tips! This was definitely what I had been thinking of when I asked for tips or advice on things I hadn’t brought up. Judging from the advice here, I’m getting that it would be best to just take the budget route that many others seem to have mentioned. Would make the most sense as you stated, as we’d be able to meet other travelers going through the same areas we are.


[–]farbohydrate 4 points 10 hours ago

Adding to your medicine comment: I highly suggest getting a few inoculations and grabbing some malaria medicine as well. Some of the most beautiful places are also riddled with malaria, hepatitis, yellow fever, typhoid, polio, etc. It is important to be VERY cognizant of the health risks for all countries, especially since some countries require inoculations to visit.


[–]godzilla_breath 89 points 13 hours ago

If you’ve got $230k, you ought to at least set up a Roth IRA for retirement before doing anything else. If you set aside $100k and never put in another dime, it’d grow to about $1.9 million over 30 years (assuming a realistic 10% APY over the long-term). And you’d pay no taxes on the growth.

You could could do the retirement account and still have plenty of cash left over for one hell of a world tour.

My two cents…


[–]rlbond86 115 points 11 hours ago

assuming a realistic 10% APY over the long-term



[–]RatherDashing 16 points 7 hours ago

Wait, you’re not investing in GOLD!?!? Let me telling you about GOLD AND JESUS.



[–]ass_munch_reborn 10 points 7 hours ago

The world has existed beyond the last 10 years.


[–]TrustMe_ImAnEngineer 63 points 12 hours ago

He can only contribute 5k a year to an IRA. Would take him 20 years to fully invest the 100k in an IRA.


[–]78fivealive 59 points 11 hours ago

A realistic 10% APY over the long-term… no fucking way.


[–]throwaway665544 46 points 11 hours ago

Some people are still living in the 90’s.


[–]bbibber 18 points 11 hours ago

assuming a realistic 10% APY over the long-term

You are joking, right?


[–]awesomerobot 15 points 11 hours ago* 

My two cents is to enjoy every penny of being alive while you still can. Spend the two cents.

Would you rather spend $1.9 million on a visiting nurse and a comfy home to die in (it will be a much smaller number considering 10% is not even remotely realistic for a Roth IRA in our current and future economy – half of that would be good), or spend 250k on the best two years of your life while you’re young?

I’d rather work every day until my last breath rather than working away my youth to prepare to be comfortable when I’m old.

My great-grandfather died with over 1.5 million in the bank at 104 years old – he never made anything over an average salary, he just lived a small life of frugality (depression era style saving for nearly 100 years). The dude lived for 104 years and was something like twelve when the titanic sunk; aside from being at war he never left North America. He didn’t even believe in leaving it for his (middle-of-the-road middle class) family. I ended up with 10k for college and the rest went to charity. Hell, he could have traveled the world for the last 20 years of his life with that money and he just didn’t.

So spend whatever it takes for the trip to be awesome. If you’re smart about it you’ll have some money left over anyway, and if you don’t who the fuck cares – you just did something that most people spend their entire lives dreaming about but never take the risk to do. Go everywhere, a boring life of working and not doing shit will still be here when you get back.


[–]jamiediamond 9 points 8 hours ago

Your great-grandfather was a great guy and it sounds like he had a very noble goal in life. You’re implying as if all the other ways to spend the $1.5m was somehow a wasted opportunity but I’m sure it went for a great cause and giving it away made him happy. Spending it probably wouldn’t have. You don’t need to spend your money to be happy. People are different. I probably spend less than 5% of what I make. I don’t like traveling and luxury stuff. “A boring life of working” could be very enjoyable if you choose to do what you like. It’s kind of a bonus when you’re getting paid for what you enjoy doing. I think of it as having exchanged my best efforts for potential goods and services that people owe me that I don’t need right now but I could cash in at any time for my own benefit or the benefit of a cause I believe in.


[–]Jigsus 14 points 10 hours ago

(assuming a realistic 1% APY over the long-term)



[–]gouchman 14 points 12 hours ago

I agree. If you are smart about it, you can travel for really cheap and have a good time with your friends. If you are in Europe, either fly with budget airlines or just buy a eurail ticket. I would also stay at some hostels, since you can find some really nice one around for very little money and you get the opportunity to meet some cool people. Also in Europe you can do free tours around the major cities. Can’t remember what they are called, but you just tip the tour guides if you want too.

I know it seems like a random post, but I just thought what godzilla_breath is saying to be the best way to go about it. Having a great time without having to spend all your savings.


[–]BeepsNSqueaks 4 points 8 hours ago

Except IRA’s only allow you to deposit $5,000 per year.


[–]mynameishere 3 points 11 hours ago

Where the hell did you get 10 percent from? Pretty much since the beginning of modern finance, bondholders have gotten 1 percent after inflation and taxes. Put it in equities and you could get a nice -10 percent every year, as the Japanese have found out.


[–]peon47 42 points 9 hours ago

  1. Buy a house with your 230k
  2. Find tennants for the house, willing to pay a several hundred a month
  3. Go off and explore the world, living off the money they send you. You can get pretty far in Asia with that kind of cash.


[–]mrfairrunheight 14 points 5 hours ago

yeah, def never worry about them not paying you, taxes, or upkeep.


[–]peon47 11 points 4 hours ago

You can find services called “letting agencies” who will handle the day-to-day stuff like that, in exchange for 5-10% of the rent.


[–]rugger88 3 points 7 hours ago

i like where your heads at.


[–]swedishdelight 32 points 12 hours ago

Fly to Chernobyl and do Krokodil for all your money. (I think this suggestion wins ‘worst idea’)


[–]xensoldier 7 points 11 hours ago* 

Don’t forget to hunt some Bloodsuckers and visit the Wish Granter.


[–]shimmeringcircuits 29 points 13 hours ago

barcelona…see the sagrada ma familia

eat tapas

live life


[–]knotty66 7 points 11 hours ago

I can really empathise with Gaudi, I’ll probably die before finishing my main project too. </procrastination>


[–]gyakutai 16 points 13 hours ago

I would really suggest Himalayan India/Nepal, places like Darjeeling, Sikkim Varanasi, Kathmandu and Lucknow. I spent 5 weeks in the Himalayas and it was some of the best times of my life. It’s both naturally beautiful and the people are so friendly up there


[–]YoungAlumni 8 points 12 hours ago

This. Please, this. OP could live for 20 years on $100k, and live really, really well. I just got back from 7 weeks in the Indian Himalaya, and agreed, it was the best trip of my life. It’s like my new life goal to save up enough money to spend a decent amount of time in Dharamsala or Darjeeling, doing treks into the mountains and enjoying the beauty that is the mountains of India.


[–]Servalpur[S] 4 points 11 hours ago

Now those are several areas which I hadn’t thought of, that definitely deserve attention. Thanks for the ideas!


[–]big80smullet 16 points 13 hours ago

If you’re smart you can easily see a good chunk of our planet with that kind of cash. 5 grand saw me around europe and a bit of SE Asia. Just stick to cheap/free accomodation and do a bit of easy work as you go and you’ll barely touch your 230k


[–]ixos 10 points 12 hours ago

I met a kid once in Miami when I was traveling who had spent the past 18 months bouncing around the world. He figures it only cost him about $15k.

A few hints he gave me: buy a worldpass kind of flight setup in New Zealand. Their heavily regulated air-fares save you a ton of money. Also, get a work visa for Australia. Their money is nearly on par with ours, and minimum wage is like $13/hr.


[–]big80smullet 14 points 11 hours ago

Their money is nearly on par with ours, and minimum wage is like $13/hr.

If you mean worth more and minimum is around 20 then you’d be correct.


[–]Kaniget 11 points 5 hours ago

The minimum wage is $15.51/hr and the australian dollar is very near the same in value. He was pretty close.


[–]big80smullet 3 points 2 hours ago

It’s 15.51 an hour if you work full time. The casual minimum wage for a person over 20 (which im assuming OP is) is 21 percent more than that so almost 19 dollars. Weekend work gets more than that.

I’d just like to point out that even the full time minimum wage gets you almost 600 a week.


[–]Ottawa_R 16 points 10 hours ago

Here is the advice I would give you.

Scale back your expectations in terms of ‘first class all the way.’ Stay in hostels, in cheap travelers hotels where breakfast is included. You will meet very interesting people and will be able to gain information from their experiences. Also – think about joining this:

Be very open minded. Different cultures and people will do things differently. I once saw two fellows from Florida get into a fight in Amsterdam with an Irish fellow because they thought the way he rolled a joint wasn’t right. “It wasn’t the way we do it in America”. They lost the fight – on that note – never fight an Irishman.

Think ahead – if you are going to be in Europe, for example, for any length of time then think about buying a one or two month rail pass. Take night trains to avoid hotel costs.

Be ready to take off on a whim because you met some cool folks from country X and they want to show you around there home town.

If you are traveling with someone for any length of time, be prepared for disagreements and maybe be prepared to do things separately from time to time.

Read as much as you can about the various places you might be going. Go to the countries and cities subreddits and post questions.

Try and get english/language x phrase books and learn some of the basic phrases. If you are going to be anywhere for an extended period of time where you don’t know the language consider taking a couple of weeks of intensive language training in country. I spent 5 months in South America a number of years ago and the two weeks of Spanish immersion I took right at the beginning was invaluable afterwards in all the countries I traveled to.

Do not buy souveneirs for family and friends. You will only end up having to lug them around. Take pictures instead and post them to Google+ (or your favourite social media platform).

When I traveled around Europe for five months I spent a grand total of $2500- not counting my train pass and my flight to and from. The way I looked at it, if I wanted to stay at a Hilton hotel and have all the high end amenities then I might as well have stayed in Canada.

Have fun and keep us up to date.


[–]imasickcunt 15 points 13 hours ago* 

I’d recommend Croatia, specifically Dubrovnik. Beautiful place, despite the war, and if you’re doing the major European places then you’ll probably end up in Itlay at some point, and Croatia is a boat-ride from Bari, Italy.

I’m in London and love it, so will obviously recommend here. The UK also has many hidden treasures that may be worth seeking out (e.g. Peak District, Lake District, English Riviera, Yorkshire Dales, Bath, Stonehenge, etc.)

You mentioned Africa and aside from Egypt (Cairo & Alexandria are stunning cities) i’d recommend Tanzania. It’s just below the tourist favourite of Kenya.
I’d recommend you go to Arusha and book a safari excursion from there. A good 2-3 day trip around Tarangire, Lake Manyara & Ngorongoro Crater would ensure you see everything, including the big 5.
If you’re into mountains you can check out Mount Kilimanjaro & Mount Meru. If you’re into your stunning beaches, white sand type, then a boat ride (from Dar Es Salaam) to Zanzibar will not result in disappointment. Great place for diving too.


[–]ButterFluffers 2 points 12 hours ago

imasickcunt is also a sick travel agent. Go figure.


[–]squigs 13 points 12 hours ago

If you’re going to AustraIia, personally I loved Melbourne.

Eastern Europe is reportedly very nice. Visit Prague and Croatia


[–]HardwareLust 4 points 12 hours ago

Australia is full of lovely places. Melbourne, Perth, Tasmania, the Gold Coast (Surfer’s Paradise), and even Sydney was great.


[–]Servalpur[S] 4 points 11 hours ago

Yes, I’ve always wanted to visit Australia (particularly Melbourne because I have a few friends there). It’s definitely on my list!


[–]greath 14 points 13 hours ago

I wouldn’t pick a place and then go “that looks like somewhere I would want to go.” I would figure out what you wanted first (I wanna relax on the beach, I want to ski all year, etc) and then try to find a place to match that.


[–]HardwareLust 12 points 13 hours ago* 

Take a look at the calendar. You don’t really want to be in Australia in the middle of summer, and you don’t want to be in Europe in the middle of winter if you can help it.

I would also recommend visiting SE Asia. Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand are all amazing places.

And India is incredible.

Starting your journey in Australia is a good plan. If you’re not an experienced traveller, it’s a bit less of a shock to first visit somewhere where English is primarily spoken. There or the U.K.. EDIT: HK would be another good place to start. English is ubiquitous, and it’s ‘exotic’ enough that you feel like you’re traveling a bit. Would be the perfect jumping-off point for SE Asia.


[–]HobbesWorld 9 points 12 hours ago

Europe in the middle of winter: skiing, and very few tourists. Christmas in Paris is magical. The south is still lovely and warm. Everything’s cheaper. But yeah, avoid Australia in the summer.

Also consider: Bali, Vietnam, Turkey, India, and Chile.


[–]LtPeanuts 5 points 8 hours ago

Just thought I’d point out that because Australia and Europe are on different hemispheres Australian summer is the same time as European winter


[–]iaiacthulhufhtagn 5 points 11 hours ago

OP lives in Michigan… European winters are like spring break in Miami by comparison….


[–]Sideshowxela 12 points 13 hours ago

There’s a walking trail that spans the entirety of Northern Spain called El Camino De Santiago. It’s technically the path of a religious pilgrimage, but you should be able to appreciate it if you like little old towns, scenic countryside, and historical cathedrals/things like bridges built by the Romans. I want to say the route takes about a month to complete, but it’s been a while since I heard about it. Still, if I were to go explore the world, I think that’s where I’d want to go.


[–]McNuggz 10 points 12 hours ago

Looking for a 3rd? Like you, I decided a few years ago that settling down in a nice little suburban area is not for me. I sold my townhouse and most of my possessions a few years ago. My current lease ends in a couple months and I was planning on taking it on solo since no one else I know has the ability to do a world tour.


[–]buher 17 points 11 hours ago

Do it solo, thank me later


[–]Sarcasm_Llama 10 points 11 hours ago

Fuck Earth! Buy a ticket for civilian space travel!


[–]aluminumpark 8 points 13 hours ago

Costa. Rica. BABY!


[–]eCupcakes 4 points 13 hours ago



[–]quinnykins 7 points 12 hours ago

Come to Ireland – I’ll buy you a pint in the Franciscan Well here in Cork. You can go kiss the Blarney Stone and go up to Dublin to the Leprechaun museum. And if you need a sofa to sleep on if you’re visiting Cork County then give me a shout.


[–]Fnugget 6 points 10 hours ago

Spend a tiny bit of that money on vaccines before you go, it’s an easy way to minimize the chance of having to spend time in some fishy hospital. Tetanus/polio combo, typhoid fever, hep a/b and rabies are an absolute minimum. You’d might also want to throw in TBE (tick-born encephalitis) and yellow fever for good measure. Also, the oral vaccine against cholera (Dukoral) is believed to help against the bachteria that causes appr. 60% of the cases of tourist diarrhea. Some of these vaccines require several doses, so you should start at least 4 weeks before you plan to leave. Also, consider bringing some profylactic malaria tablets and a mosquito net treated with insect repellant with you. You’d seriously want to avoid catching that shit, and it’s fairly easy if you take precautions.

And get a good travel insurance, that has unlimited coverage of expenses in connection to medical repatriation. Which you hopefully won’t need, because you’ve taken your shots, right?

With this in the bag, you’re ready to go absolutely anywhere, and enjoy it all the way!


[–]Servalpur[S] 1 point 10 hours ago

Another piece of awesome advice that I’ve put on my list. Thanks!


[–]FruityRudy 7 points 10 hours ago

fuck all of those places you visited.

France is shit, the Eiffel Tower is shit, billions of people have seen it. Same with the pyramids and any other mainstream tourist destination.

Grab some gear, get on a plane and see where the adventure takes you.

Go to Montenegro, rent a 4×4 Lada Niva, skip all the major towns and don’t book any hotels. Drive around and see some of the worlds best landscapes. Driving in between the canyons of Montenegro will make you feel very small. Take stops often, sleep in the car and make friends with the locals, you’ll love it.

Skip Munich, Stuttgart and any other German city that you can name off the top of your head. Rent a BMW M3 and hit up the nurburgring. Then simply drive around and see the whole country. It won’t take long, just take the autobahn.

Head up to Austria and go camping in their state parks. No permit/fee needed. Make sure clean up after your self you dirty American.

Ever met anyone whose been to Moldova? No most people don’t go to Moldova. Because their boring and they go to museums like a flock of sheep.

Vietnam, Papa New Guinea, Ukraine, Siberia etc.

No one wants to see pictures you took while in London England or the grand canyon.

You’ve got money, so go explore the world and don’t be afraid to walk off the path. Unless you’re in Detroit.


[–]Created_To_Upboat 7 points 12 hours ago

Watch the show “Locked Up Abroad”. When you run out of money do not do what these people do.


[–]IAmPuertoRican 5 points 12 hours ago

SWEDEN, it is amazingly beautiful, go to one of the largest lakes and just hike or camp for awhile in the early to mid spring. The lakes are so clean you can drink the water from them. The girls aren’t too bad either….


[–]lamathatcantspell 6 points 12 hours ago

Go see Aurora Borealis (aka Northern Lights). I’ve seen it once in my life and it was absolute mesmerizing!



[–]pandamine 3 points 12 hours ago

Go to Iceland.


[–]patlajica 3 points 12 hours ago

Try Moldova , you’ll either meet good people and have a hell of a good time or you wont but at least you can get cheap vodka so why the fuck not .


[–]Thundaskank 3 points 12 hours ago

I’m from Medellin, Colombia. City of eternal spring, no regrets! Take me with you!!!


[–]moonlapse 6 points 11 hours ago* 

If you want to travel the world, do so in poverty. Don’t stay in big hotels and with nice things. Stay in hostels and tents, live like a college kid. I say this because A) it will cost less money 😀 and B) I think that you will genuinely get more enjoyment out of the experience if you need to work a little harder and put yourself out of your comfort zone.

Also, I hear the german/swedish backpacking and hostel-staying girls are great ;]

Edit: Ok, I have heard good things about all European girls. Don’t want to discriminate! But in all seriousness, I highly recommend you check out the highlands of scotland and the isle of skye. I recommend going on a kayak tour if you do go to skye. Also, the coasts of Whales are life-changing. London is an absolute REQUIREMENT (eat a pasty for me). I also recommend Barcelona if you are going to spain. It isn’t as big as Madrid, but the architecture is INCREDIBLE. There is a church in barcelona that will make your jaw hit the ground.


[–]Maragil 4 points 9 hours ago

WALES DAMMIT, WALES! skulks back to corner


[–]btlyger 6 points 11 hours ago

New Zealand. It’s the place lord of the rings was filmed. So many different environments on one island!


[–]timaaay 4 points 9 hours ago

Or infact, two islands…


[–]balathustrius 5 points 11 hours ago

Here’s another vote for New Zealand. I’ve visited the north island and as heretohelpatraveller said, it is “offensively beautiful.” Winter is coming in the Northern Hemisphere, which means you can enjoy a New Zealand summer of rafting, canoeing, fishing, bungee jumping, hang gliding, skydiving, and drinking on some beach. And if you want a change, there’s Australia, Southeast Asia, and the South Pacific Islands to occupy you.


[–]veni_vidi_defui 5 points 10 hours ago

From the start of your post it was obvious you were American, especially the Africa comment is brilliant in my opinion.

I think the most important thing is deciding what it is you want to get out of this trip.

Basically my best advice would be, to meet local people and have them show you what they think is worth showing.

You sound like you have enough budget to spare the funds and time to do the regular cultural tours properly(museums, historical sites etc.) so you can always do that.

Also as strange as it might sound I would advice finding hostels on the internet when travelling in Europe, there are many well rated hostels that are excellent to have as a place to crash in weekends and meet tons of fellow travellers who can give you new ideas and experiences.

Again you can always take a cab to the nearest 4 star hotel when you don’t like what you see.

Considering you have a small group something as couchsurfing might not be what you are looking for, then again if you want to have nice pictures on facebook it’s cheaper to invest in a course for photoshop and just add your face. 😉

And now for something decent, can only tell you about Europe though.

Prague(Czech Republic): beautiful city, cheap, plenty of places to party.

Barcelona(Spain): Art and culture trip, like this:

Venice(Italy): You should know and else spend some of that money to get to know it.

Dubrovnik(Croatia): Not a very large city, but Croatia hosts some of the prettiest beach and shorelines, with almost crystal clear water and dozens(hundreds) of islands.

Also the Balkan in general has a large and rich history and is worth getting to know, visiting Sarajevo would be very worth full in my opinion.

(Not only for the recent events, even though it was a first time for me to see hills covered with recently constructed bleached wooden crosses or finding out the hole in front of me was the exit hole of a round coming from the top of a large apartment building over on the next hill….)

Amsterdam(The Netherlands): Have a beer, walk the town, visit some stuff when it’s open(check the site of the national museum, they are redeveloping the site so…)

While staying in the Netherlands you can visit tons of places by train as most cities generally aren’t further than 60-90 minutes travelling from each other, especially if you move to Utrecht which is smack in the middle of it.

Also by highspeed train you can travel cheaply and within a few hours to other Major cities, like London, Paris, Cologne(Germany)(impressive Cathedral next to the station) and many others.

Provided you order these train tickets online a few weeks in advance in order to get the discount.

Well I’m going for a refill of my coffee and reread all what I just wrote, good luck with it and happy travels.


[–]Texasantifa 4 points 13 hours ago

I am assuming you are living in the US, so this should be relatively easy for you.

Fly to London, and hitch your way through europe, India, Asia, etc. and end up in Australia. you get to see the world, and for very cheap.


[–]TheOuts1der 4 points 9 hours ago

…helps if you’re white.


[–]mherick 4 points 13 hours ago

Travel far and wide brother (sister?) AND do it sensibly.

No need to spend all of your money – its much cheaper than you think. In fact, many many many people have done that before you on much smaller budgets.

The most expensive part is just getting there. What you could actually do is plan a trip to NYC and wait for a cheap flight over to Europe – you can literally get one for $200 ROUNDTRIP.

Keep in mind that some countries will require that you have visas for entry. Do lots of research. Check out your local big university – they often have tours abroad that people in the community can take part in and you’ll get valuable info from the people who run those tours. They frequently go to those places and can give you leads on places to stay and things to do.

My best friend and I took a trip across the US for a month on AMTRAK and had a blast for around $4k. from TX to LA to PA to NY to IL to NV to CA and back. Good times.

For $230K you could live in Europe for 10 yrs or even longer.

Have fun and keep us posted.


[–]canuckdrum 4 points 12 hours ago

As someone thats spent considerable time in Africa, I’d recommend a road trip from Cape Town along the SA coast and travel north from there into Namibia, Zambia, and then cut across central africa to Tanzania and then Kenya. Along this route, make sure you see the better parks, Kruger in SA if you can, Victoria Falls, THE Namib desert in general, and Amboseli/Ngorongoro park in Tanzania and Kenya. Cheers and enjoy; just dont write a book where Julia Roberts could replace you in it!


[–]kleinerDAX 4 points 12 hours ago

Berlin, Germany my good sir. One of the most amazing cities in the world. PM me if you want more info.


[–]scientastic 4 points 12 hours ago

At one point I traveled for 15 months. I was on 1/10th of your budget, btw. I think you’d be far better off staying in super-cheap backpackers lodgings instead of nicer hotels, despite the fact that you could afford a more comfortable trip. The main reason is that in nicer hotels you are much less to meet other travelers, whereas in backpacker places, you are almost never alone. Whatever you do, don’t miss the Galapagos Islands.


[–]ltcdata 4 points 12 hours ago

Go visit ARGENTINA here.. south america even.. My country is a beautiful country, it has 4 different climates, you will go from almost 50ºC in the north, to -10ºC in the south, with very different landscapes, a very interesting culture. I know you will like it.


[–]roveboat 5 points 12 hours ago

For transportation, I can’t recommend RTW tickets highly enough. I took a 4 month trip around the world earlier this year, and paid €5k for business class (aka. first class in the US) tickets around the world (16 flights in total). With that kind of money, you could easily get First class tickets (although, your flights would be way more limited) as well – and experience flying like you’ve never done (and probably never will) before..

If you want to get RTW tickets this cheap, you’ll have to start in Jordan, though, or go in person to Canada to buy the tickets. Message me if you need more info.

As for places, I really liked Mexico (Merida in the yucatan) and Jordan.


[–]roscos 4 points 11 hours ago

230k??? vegas.


[–]Raav 5 points 11 hours ago* 

  • Travel the Ring Road in Iceland.
  • Tibet and Nepal.
  • Russian Far East (take the Trans Siberian Railroad)
  • Andes Mountains (Atacama Desert and Salar de Uyuni )
  • Easter Island
  • Central and Eastern Europe (Gdańsk, Kraków, Prague, Budapest, Dubrovnik, Transylvania, St. Petersburg, Moscow)
  • Aokigahara Forest, Japan


[–]joncaprell 2 points 4 hours ago

This is the best list in the whole discussion. I wish it had been made sooner. Every single one of these places is breathtaking.


[–]cookiemonst3r 1 point 13 hours ago

Wow, so jealous of your plan!

Have you thought about travelling around the USA too?


[–]zxcvb94105 3 points 12 hours ago

Most of all – have fun. Places that haven’t been named yet –

Machu Pichu Peru Franz Joseph Glacier NZ Bergen Norway Denali Alaska Thailand (Pi Pi, Chang Mai) Israel Petra Jordan Egypt China Russia (Moscow, St Petersburg) Antarctica (cruise from NZ)


[–]Turicus 3 points 12 hours ago

Where are you from? What do you want to see? History, Culture, Fun, Party, Beach etc. This will help plan out something.

If you plan on going for two years, I propose the following:

Put 100k away where it gains interest.

Take 130k. Buy fully equipped minivan. Plan amazing route. Figure out places to visit. Get two or three credit/debit cards that in combination will work just about everywhere (Maestro, Master, Visa); get some cash in USD and EUR. Hit the road. Take your time. Make friends. Win.

I’ve done a lot of travelling (close to 40 countries) and met people on the way, so I can help you out more if you have some specific ideas or questions. In large parts of Africa and Asia you will need little money if you don’t require luxury which will allow you to keep going for a long time on that cash.


[–]Milieunairess 3 points 12 hours ago

Besides doing the financially prudent advice here, think about traveling through WWOOF. You’ll learn more about other cultures, feel less like a parasite because you’re actually contributing something while you visit/travel. And you’ll spend less of your $ on hotels and meals because WWOOF volunteers generally are lodged/boarded either at a sharp discount or for free.


[–]Mistelroth 4 points 12 hours ago

As far as Australia go’s make sure you hit up a few places

  • Wilpena Pound / Flinders ranges (South Australia)
  • Coober Pedy on the way to Uluru (South Australia/Northern Territory)
  • Great barrier reef/Atherton tablelands/ daintree/ Gold coast (Queensland)
  • 3 sisters /blue mountains (New South Wales)
  • The great ocean road (start in Victoria go to South Australia)

Hope this is of use, best time to come is probably about 5 months from now, Also pm me if you want a map / more details. I fucking love Australia.


[–]WilliamHTaft 1 point 12 hours ago

I agree with godzilla’s prudent investment advice. However, if you’re going to go anywhere I would recommend Dorf Tirol, Italy. I had the fortune of living there for several months and desperately want to go back. It’s gorgeous, filled with great food, world class skiing and great wine. I still dream about it even though it’s been years. If do you get a chance to go, be sure to visit Castle Brunnenburg. That’s where I lived.


[–]Jonny2k1 3 points 11 hours ago

Germany is already on your list, but I’d highly recommend it. Berlin is currently my favorite city in the world (not saying much since I haven’t been every where). There’s a very cool modern vs. historic feel there. I went to a few other cities, but not as many as I wanted to. I hope to go back next year and explore some more.

I’d also recommend the Philippines. I’d honestly never thought about going there until I actually did, and it was fantastic. The weather was great (although hot when we were there) the people were ridiculously nice, and the scenery was amazing. Money will go pretty far here.


[–]thatisnotafrog2 3 points 11 hours ago



[–]ConnorM 3 points 11 hours ago

Turkey, Istanbul. Very nice place and you can rent a room as well as leave cheaply there for a long time, especially with the exchange rate.

I would also go to India.


[–]HonorAmongSteves 1 point 11 hours ago

Las Vegas.


[–]shark615 3 points 11 hours ago

Do Australia first, it is easy to get a VISA and is a good place to meet other experienced travellers, learn all of the fun tricks of the trade and you will get a general feel for moving about a ‘foreign’ country and being a nomad. Furthermore it has a large margin of error, if something should go properly wrong it is easy for you to get everything sorted out. You can also hop a cross to New Zealand which is a fantastic place to travel around.

On top of all that the country is great, the people are great, the girls are fantastic, the beer is meh but cheap and plentiful and it is fun as fuck.

From there Europe is a good trip and easier once you have more confidence in yourself. You can spend a lot of time travelling around Europe, and a lot of money too so be careful.

Then I would go to India, it is more hectic and can be harder to travel around but it is still pretty safe and ‘easy’. It is also an amazing country. You can also visit all of the countries around it like Nepal, Pakistan etc. which are a must do.

Finally I would go to Africa and not just South Africa, although it should be your first stop. Believe it or not the interior countries are safer then you think but you need to know what is going on.

If you have the balls and a few buddies you can do one of these trips:

Tip Wise:

  • Get a good solid leather-man multi tool like their new super tool and always have a pack of baby wipes on you.
  • Buy neutral coloured good, lightweight, wrinkle resistant, quick dry clothes with lots of pockets, preferably zip ones. No jeans (hard to clean, heavy, bulky and take forever to dry),funky colourful patterns, silks or fancy stuff. The idea is to be a gray man, the more you stick out the more you will be a target. That being said it is good to have some nice kit for special events as well.
  • Buy quick dry, comfortable underwear with antimicrobial treatment. The same goes for socks and make sure you have a good temperature range available.
  • Learn to use your resources to their max. For example when you take a shower you should be washing your underwear and socks as well.
  • Never carry all of your cash in one place and don’t flash it around. Have multiple copies of ALL your VISAs and other documentation and store it separate from the originals. Get a good money belt that goes under your pants and never carry any external bags like a money pouch etc. A good, hardy backpack will work.

There is a lot more but work beckons


[–]JimmyDelicious 3 points 11 hours ago

Laos is inexpensive and beautiful. That’s what I recommend.


[–]ptanaka 3 points 11 hours ago

You want your money to go far. Below isn’t comprehensive, but will keep you in the black. (Japan / H.K. and China – I know. Missing…. Next time)

I agree with the poster below – put 100K away.

Now you have $130K to last 18 – 24 Months.

Brazil. Just cuz the girls are purdy and it’s not CRAZY expensive. Buenos Aires…. Santiago… Samoa. Not cheap to get to, but VERY cheap to live for a while. New Zealand (Both islands). Australia, (Both Coasts)… Bali… Singapore (just a day or two.. pricey) K.L. in Maylasia, Beaches in Thailand, cambodia, India, Jordan, Sinai Penin., Cape Town, Namibia, Morocco, Spain, Greece, Turkey.

Now for pricey shit… based on how much money you have left: Western Europe / Scandanavia.

Buy a one way / one direction round the world ticket with five stops. Suppliment on your own with Trains, planes and busses.

Back pack only. What ever you can fit in the pack.

Stay in hostels and/or coachsurf.

Bon Voyage!!!!


[–]lgiebelhaus 3 points 10 hours ago

Portugal! One of the best places I’ve ever visited … Northwest portion – Douro River Valley … check out Pousadas – beautiful places to stay at while traveling.



[–]onemantwohands 1 point 7 hours ago

Hong Kong!!!!!!!

and then from Hong Kong you can go to Macau.


[–]edgarvm 1 point 13 hours ago

try South America, but be aware Brazil is very expensive to stay


[–]dougiefreshXD 1 point 12 hours ago

Come to Maine! Gorgeous place, good people, and wonderful food.

Maybe for your final location on your journey, you might never want to leave…


[–]Ghostwoods 1 point 12 hours ago

You should definitely spend some time in Prague over the summer. It’s a wonderful city, really fun, really friendly. Barcelona is good, England and France are worth looking at, but Prague fucking rocks.


[–]LastOne314159 1 point 12 hours ago

There are cruises that go around the world, for a whole year. I think they are right in your price range, my parents were looking into it last year. Very luxurious, and you can come and go as you please (fly home for x-mas, rejoin boat etc.) if you just want to travel normal-style, I recommend Barcelona, Spain;Cape Town, S. Africa;Seoul, Korea;Rome; Egypt.


[–]MissFegg 2 points 12 hours ago

In Europe : France, Italy, Germany, Spain, London I would also recommend Kuala lumpur, India, Singapore, China, Japan In South America: Colombia, Brazil, Argentina.


[–]CervezaPorFavor 1 point 12 hours ago

I’d say visit a several parts of Asia. The cultural diversity is something that always fascinates me.


[–]mrcustard 2 points 12 hours ago

You can live in India for ~$700 per month, in relatively sublime luxury.


[–]Unfug4all 1 point 12 hours ago

Congratulations! Try to find something “special” to do, more of a voyage than going around as a tourist. You have so much time, that seeing individual locations is not as important as doing something special wherever you are. Also don’t spend all of the money; at least not on going to Australia/Europe, for that kind of cash you can go to Antarctica! Have fun…


[–]grotgrot 2 points 12 hours ago

You should be aware that the airline alliances have round the world fares so you can pretty much keep going wherever your fancy takes you. The fares are pretty cheap.


[–]edgarvm 2 points 12 hours ago

if you are still not sure try /r/earthporn


[–]MDKrouzer 1 point 12 hours ago

Can I just say “Dayum!” and well done for saving so much money.

Your money will stretch a long way in most Asian countries, so I would definitely recommend spending time in places like Vietnam, China, Malaysia etc.


[–]KogtKat 1 point 12 hours ago

Go to Nepal or India. I’ve been there two times. And it is amazing and so much different from other western countries. You’ll really get a cultural chock. But it is really exciting to see some very different countries from your own. And especially in Nepal people are very nice and helpfull.


[–]Claustrophobopolis 1 point 12 hours ago

When you do go travel please update Reddit with a Where the Hell is Servalpur? video.


[–]TodayIAmGruntled 1 point 12 hours ago

I don’t have much to suggest, except Hawaii and Denmark, but I came here to beg you to take plenty of pictures and make plenty of posts so that those of us locked into our lives can live vicariously through you.


[–]music4mic 3 points 12 hours ago

Thailand is comes highly recommended from lots of people I’ve talked with.


[–]MistySteele 1 point 12 hours ago

You can live like a king in India for under $30 to $40 per day and have no problem finding things you’d like to see two to three months. I recommend Jaisalmer, the Taj Mahal, the Ajanta and Elora caves, Kajuraho, the Hill stations in Ooti (take the narrow gauge mountain trains). Get up to Srinigar if you can find other travelers to go with you. Take the trains everywhere, they are a key part of the India tourism experience.


[–]m4nfr3d 1 point 12 hours ago

If you’ve never left the country much, start someplace “westernized”. If money is no object, start in Europe. Uk or The Netherlands would be best starting point.


[–]soontobecpa 1 point 12 hours ago

Go to Peru or anywhere in Southamerica! Visit the Incan ruins.


[–]nastytoast 1 point 11 hours ago

check out national geographic expeditions! they all look sweet


[–]falconsfan 1 point 11 hours ago

I would go to Nepal.


[–]Wiicycle 2 points 11 hours ago

Dude, sell your stuff and either teach English in Korea/Japan/etc OR travel Europe but WORK, stay in hostels, etc… You don’t need to burn your retirement — what you have is time. Use it.

I have friends that are presently doing this as I type. It’s great seeing facebook posts daily with new adventures.


[–]Insany92 1 point 11 hours ago

If I were you I would travel accordingly: Nepal, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and then Indonesia.

Your money will last for a really long time in these countries and you will experience so much beautiful nature, unique places and friendly people.

Good luck with your travelling, your opportunity is not something to take for grandet, make full use of it and have a nice trip! – Travel agency guy


[–]fivre 2 points 11 hours ago

(Motor)bike the length of the Americas, or the breadth of Eurasia. Visit many places! You’ve got plenty of money to bribe customs!


[–]GeronimoJones 1 point 11 hours ago

Just as any FYI, a friend of mine flew from the UK to China and travelled around from there to most of South East Asia for 10 months, including flights for £4,000.


[–]naarjt1e 1 point 11 hours ago

A cruise might be a good way to see the world in a more relaxed fashion, and allowing you a taste of different countries and cultures that you can then go back and hike around at your leisure.

The Queen Elizabeth has a 3 month world tour which calls in at New York, Sydney, Singapore, Dubai, South Africa, most of Europe.. many, many places. There are talks on board by astronomers, diplomats, writers and journalists as part of an ‘enrichment programme’ not to mention the on board theatre, library over 2 floors, game decks and so on.

Ther are similar cruises to see the northern lights that feature libraries on board and talks by explorers and navigators – I’ve always wanted to try one as I’d love to see the northern lights and I love the sea.


[–]heretohelpatraveller 4 points 11 hours ago

Sorry, but DON’t do this…each to their own and all, but the best thing about being away is having to share a bus with a lady with a chicken on her lap. Or sleeping in the gobi desert during a camel trek and suddenly there’s a meteor shower…cruises will be cool when you’re older and haven’t the stamina for roughing it a bit. But that’s just me…


[–]kohilas1 1 point 11 hours ago

Go to the island of ikaria in Greece.


[–]78fivealive 2 points 11 hours ago* 

South India, my friend. Number one reason: it’s awesome, the people are awesome. Number one-and-a-half reason: thanks to the British, you can get by on English everywhere. Number zero reason: 230k will last you two lifetimes there. Seriously, you can live in an expat house with some cool people in a beach town like Varkala and pay 15 bucks a day, food included. Not a bad standard of living at all. Probably hook up a ton, too.

If you go anywhere near Europe your savings are toast. 230k ain’t that much. It’s like 165k euros. Go to Eastern Europe instead, like Budapest or Bucharest.


[–]ashhole613 1 point 11 hours ago

Look into hostels when you are making your travel plan. You don’t want to blow your money on lodgings when you’re looking for experiences. Spend your money on getting out and doing things instead. If it were me, I’d visit all the countries that the different parts of my family came from. Maybe that’s a start. See where your ancestors lived. 🙂

Don’t blow all your money, though. That would be 100% foolish. I’d set aside no more than $40k for this adventure. I don’t know where your money is held, but be prepared to take a massive hit on taxes if it’s a retirement account.


[–]nounderscore 1 point 11 hours ago

how old are you, what did you want from the holiday and do you like the sun? should help answer most your questions


[–]Csusmatt 2 points 11 hours ago

If I had that kind of money, I would use around 5-10k to scout out places I like and then just buy an apartment somewhere. You can buy a flat for under 100k in some really nice places. The prices are pretty depressed right now too, it could be a nice investment.


[–]bluerasberry 1 point 11 hours ago

Varanasi in North India. It is one of the world’s oldest cities and has continually been mentioned in historical texts. It is the holiest city for Hindus, the place where the Buddha founded Buddhism, the birthplace of three of the Jain Tirthankaras, a place where the British built churches for Queen Victoria and holy to Muslims for having knocked down Hindu temples there and built mosques on them. The Theosophical Society, a sort of all-religion/no religion group, also has historical basis here. Young Jews after military service vacation here in the expat neighborhoods.

It is on the major east/west and north/south Indian highways, midway between Delhi and Calcutta and just south of Kathmandu.

The big attraction is the old city with piles of dead bodies. It is auspicious to be burned near the Ganges River, so people send bodies from everywhere to this city. You drink tea and watch bodies burn a few meters away.

There is a death cult here, the Aghors. They go nearly nude except for snakes, charms, and the ashes of the dead. It has a hopping transgender and gay community. A major university is here and some brilliant research happens here – I work in health research and their medical school does good work.

Because it is a pilgrimage city, people of all regional ethnicities have neighborhoods here. I cannot get enough of this place.

Actually, it is some people’s vision of hell and a lot of tourists I meet there absolutely hate it.


[–]peruytu 1 point 11 hours ago

Cusco, Peru to see the Machu Picchu ruins.


[–]dumpj 1 point 11 hours ago

I’d spend a couple months in Tahoe during the winter renting a cabin on the lake and do a whole bunch of nothing. Just reflecting on life and relaxing.


[–]ChrisAshtear 2 points 11 hours ago

Well…. Ive always been a history buff so my short-list of locations to visit are as follows:

Africa: ruins of Carthage & Egypt Europe:Rome,Crete(Greece),Athens,Sparta,ruins of Olympia,Oracle at Delphi ruins,Istanbul(Turkey) Middle-East:ruins of Tyre(Lebanon), ruins of Babylon(Iraq)

Islands: Maldives(beautiful place), New Zealand(filmed xena there, also a nice area)

South America: Belize(looks nice on Man v Wild if you like hiking)


[–]tuarinn 1 point 11 hours ago

OP – This website seems like exactly what you need.

I really suggest that you take the time to really consider everything that goes into your bag and get a phone that you can use everywhere .

I know other folks have suggested it, but don’t spend all of your money. When you come back (if you come back) you’ll want to be able to restart.

Otherwise, I wish I could join you. Have fun and experience life.


[–]Manofur 1 point 11 hours ago* 

If you’d go to Europe, I’d recommend France. It is a unique country that can offer a big variety of things to see and experience. However, without knowing French it could be really though and frustrating.

Note: I am not French.

Edit: 230k USD is still a lot in EU. Average salary before taxes is probably around 40k USD BEFORE taxes (=~30k Eur). And people live OK on it.


[–]mynameizandy -1 points 11 hours ago

i am the 1%


[–]MadJWhacker 1 point 11 hours ago

You should come to my house and pick me up. I will be your tour guide and official adventure seeker. Trust me, I am a pro at this…..


[–]asiaelle 1 point 11 hours ago

I would advise you to visit most of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


[–]Shorvok 1 point 11 hours ago

Havana, Cuba.

Seriously it is an amazing place.


[–]Izitable 1 point 11 hours ago

If you don’t want to spend many days in each country, and/or like to move a lot, you should do an interrail for the european part. It gets you the best countries in a cheap(ish) way.


[–]JUICEBOXs 1 point 11 hours ago

Get a backpack (like…a real backpacking back pack) hike around town with belongings until your passport comes so you’re used to lugging your stuff around.

Book some tickets to the most northern part of Europe you’d like to visit…then backpack your way down. Hostels, redditors, trains…hiking…just budget smartly as you wont want to carry a ton of stuff.

I wish I was you. or one of those friends. I could so use an escape right now.


[–]Paranatural 2 points 11 hours ago

Don’t forget your own Country.

New Orleans: Have a local show you around. Relax. Spend a week just relaxing, eating great food and listening to good music. Come during Mardi Gras if you really want to party like crazy.

Destin, Florida: Go in the Spring. Fantastic beaches, and a good atmosphere without being stupidly crowded or barren.

Vegas: C’mon. It’s Vegas. I hate gambling, personally, and I found plenty to do. Go see the Grand Canyon, and some Cirque Du Solei shows. Good strip clubs too, if you are into ’em.

New York City: Do you need to be told why? Go see some plays and just wander around. Have a good time.

Other than that, I really loved southern Germany, and Paris and London were both fantastic.


[–]coochiesmoocher 2 points 11 hours ago

If I had that kind of money, this is what I’d do.


[–]sonicoliver 2 points 11 hours ago

I’m Australian but I’m not home right now. My room mate is a riot, however, and is always keen for collecting stories so please visit my home land. Be sure and try the marijuana! Also, come visit us in Tokyo, Japan. I’ll be here between now and my death so will gladly show a fellow aimless wanderer around.

P.S. 230k will last longer than 1-2 years… if you want it to.


[–]adventureintheworld 2 points 11 hours ago

Just made this account just for this thread, long time lurker.

Anyway, I am located in Tokyo, Japan, an American citizen.

I would suggest that forget this nonsense of trying to save all of the 230K; spend some life is short. Because if you managed to earn that income, you can earn it again. Enjoy your life and see the world, who knows, you will probably come up with more ideas and better ways of living than you ever thought before.

I have lived throughout the world and usually invested in my next enterprise, all of them succeeding so far and when I connect the dots, it seems my experiences is all I have to thank. Basically earning much more money in every new investment.

Enjoy your life to your fullest and have no regrets!

That is all.


[–]JPS86 1 point 11 hours ago

Ayia Napa, Cyprus. That is all!


[–]namtab98 1 point 11 hours ago

Get you passport ASAP. I recommend you start in SE asia on a beach, chilling and unwinding. It is very affordable and you will meet travelers there who will give you tips that you wont find here.

I spent 4 months out of 2 years travel (plus 3 other short trips) on “Bottle Beach” in Thailand. Amazing place. It’s an isolated beach on a popular island so you can have peace and quiet and/or the party. Google it and you will find hundreds of people speaking of their love for this place (and there is a folk rock song on you tube, “bottle beach song” describing the importance of getting there).

Spend at least a few weeks there while in SE asia, you wont regret it.

Also, please don’t plan every day of your trip ahead of time – you have enough time and money to make the path as you go. You will meet people who you will want to follow or will give you advice as you go and if you have booked every flight and hotel ahead of time you wont be able to! good luck and have fun!

P.S. GREAT CHOICE! my 2 years on the road were some of the best of my life (and I only spent 30k, as I concentrated on affordable SE asia and S America)


[–]fallopianvoice 3 points 11 hours ago



[–]alfx 1 point 10 hours ago

can I come? i’m very good company. loads of fun.


[–]ghostprawn 2 points 10 hours ago

I met two brothers in Thailand that did just that. They started in Russia, I believe – bought a car and drove all through Eastern Europe & The Middle East. Sold the car in India I think. Then went to Australia. Then Indonesia. Then Viet Nam/Cambodia/Thailand. Then Central America. Then South America down through Argentina. Then All of Africa from the bottom up. They wrote a book about it.


[–]rEDWallaroo 1 point 10 hours ago


I would also go with your list:

  • Australia: I’ve always wanted to visit. Also check out NZ.
  • Major European areas: France, Germany, etc etc. (Fly to a major city in Europe and take the train from there. Go through as many towns as you possibly can stand)
  • Africa (hell yeah, South Africa. Must takes pics with a big fucking lion before I die)
  • South Argentina/Chile. (It is just so different and so fucking cold.)
  • China/Japan

And for your budget.. that should do it.

If you could manage to stop by Thailand that would be great too.

Hey, if you do this, please please take pictures and post upon your return.


[–]fluidkarma 1 point 10 hours ago

Get a sailboat and go to the Bahamas and all the other islands in the Caribbean, that’s what I did…


[–]bangsecks 1 point 10 hours ago

Okay, right now I’m just posting to save this post in my history, but have to go to school now. I will write a lengthy suggestion when I get home in a while. I spent about 5 years doing what you are about to do and I’ve been to about 30% of the world’s nations so I have some input here.


[–]aggieastronaut 2 points 10 hours ago

Get a US national parks pass, visit every single park. Camp. Hike every trail.

Tour through Europe, go hitchhiking and stay in hostels.


[–]americanwoe 2 points 10 hours ago

You should do the following: – Get all your immunization shots required for international travel (Changes based on destination)

  • If you have fixed assets here in the states, prepare a will.
  • Plan by creating an itinerary and sharing that itinerary with your family stateside. Start a blog or an email group and update them with consistency. If there is a communication blackout your family stateside should contact the embassy of wherever you are scheduled to be.
  • If you really want to experience these places and not be a resort whore, you should pack light as in all your stuff fits in a single bag, preferably not a suitcase to blend in better.
  • Keep your technology light and bring no Jewelry: Netbook, and basic phone should be all you need.

If I had a list of places I would visit, it would be:

The wonders of the world for starters:

  • Costa Rica during the migration season
  • Iceland during the northern lights season
  • Tibet if it is possible
  • Istanbul, Turkey
  • Japan
  • Spain
  • Morocco to name a few… It’s so hard to list since your destinations should be based on your interests. >.>

But whatever you decide, show america love and visit every state. Make it a road trip. My great aunt and uncle traveled the world plus all the states and felt that after all their journey’s their own backyard had a wealth of beauty that is comparable to anywhere in the world.


[–]sewage 2 points 10 hours ago


I grew up in Botswana (southern part of Africa), and I would suggest visiting if you get the chance. There are amazing game (wildlife) reserves, the okavango delta, etc.

Most central and northern parts of Africa are either war torn or in the process of revolution, so I would suggest staying south.

South Africa (the country, not the area) is also really beautiful with places like table mountain (highest bungee jump in the world), kruger national park, etc. Don’t let the safari vibe fool you though, it is a developed country with full on first world infrastructure.

Also, I would suggest visiting Australia. It’s pretty cool, but you gotta go to the right place for what you’re looking for. Sydney just felt like a big city with some tourist attractions. So make sure to look up which city has what you want to see. But I would highly recommend diving great barrier reef.

As for Europe, I’ve seen some of Denmark and Sweden, both which were awesome to party in. Paris is nice, but only the central area is what moat people envision as ‘che Paris’ with the old architecture etc.

Areas I haven’t seen but suggest are Amsterdam, Rome, Venice and Dublin. You can fly really cheap in Europe via Ryan air, and some other cheap airlines I can’t remember. Just Google cheap European airlines and you’ll find em.

Lastly, good luck and have a blast! If you have any questions feel free.


[–]resonance_frequency 2 points 10 hours ago

Iceland on your way over to Europe


[–]AKBWFC 1 point 10 hours ago

Start of at the top of Scotland and drive through England into France and to all across Europe….then decide Asia or Africa and then continue to drive and sight see. Visas will be a problem mind but IF you really have that much money then it wont be a problem.

play a game, try and shag a girl in every country you visit!

that is my dream, will probably never happen 😦


[–]essenn 1 point 10 hours ago

Take a look at “Where the hell is Matt?” for some inspiration and ideas;

Brilliant videos.


[–]TrollNumberOne 2 points 10 hours ago

To the bar around the corner… You’ll go to many unknown lands.


[–]LessLikeYou 1 point 10 hours ago

Buy boat… Learn to sail and work on boat… Live on boat and sail around the world for awhile on about 25k a year max.

Oh wait that is what I want to do…


[–]nasp30 1 point 10 hours ago

put all your money on a roulette table on the color red. Once it hits red, then you can visit all the places you want to.


[–]LyricalHolster 1 point 10 hours ago

Africa: Go to Mauritius. Beautiful place. Message me if you need more details


[–]Ryanair 1 point 10 hours ago

Duisburg, Germany. Come to my house, throw a 230 Crack Party and have the time of your life.


[–]randomhobo 2 points 10 hours ago

With that much time and money, you could go everywhere.


[–]I_Downvoted_Your_Mom 1 point 10 hours ago

You could visit my creditors and peel them off some of that loot…


[–]bydesignjuliet 0 points 10 hours ago

London is amazing if you like history. Take the Jack the Ripper tour, watch a musical, eat at a hole-in-the-wall pizza joint. London is most awesome when you just explore and talk to people. Personally, Paris is boring as hell. It’s dirty and people are annoying. The Swiss are amazing. The real Matterhorn was an interesting trip, but very cold. Bring a jacket. Austria was boring, I wouldn’t return. Venice was…different. Go on a tour, but don’t expect too much. Most things are expensive and tourist-oriented so you wouldn’t really be getting the whole “experience”.

If you’re starting in the States, check out Crater Lake. It’s so worth it. Grand Canyon too, maybe Niagara falls.


[–]ricanger 1 point 10 hours ago

I gotta say austria is pretty sweet. Andros island bahamas Is amazing! Central america and south america, peru and ecuador for sure…india and sri lanka..take me…please? 🙂


[–]PrinceAuryn 1 point 10 hours ago

If I had that kind of money I’d probably go to Japan. I think the East is a pretty sweet place. I’ve heard there’s a language barrier, but it isn’t TOO bad, considering.
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[–]ireland123 1 point 10 hours ago

If you’re under 30 stop off in Vang Vieng in Laos for the river tubing for a few days, one of the best things I’ve ever done.



[–]Hobbes_the_tiger_1 1 point 10 hours agoTake me with you!permalinkreportreply 


[–]woadowl 1 point 10 hours agoanasazi ruins, the pyramids from central to southern america. the amazon. the ancient ruins in scotland. iceland. the northern lights. moscow, warsaw -poland. the catacombs in italy. the land of churches. easter island. the sahara. west coast highway. trans canada highway. the appalachia trail. tiahuanaco, turkey’s buried city, yemen, the ancient stone temples in south asia, the great barrier reef. the angel oak. bristlecone pines, i can think of at least a hundred more permalinkreportreply
[–]mrMishler 1 point 10 hours agoCome visit Davidsville, PA – I promise we’ll do SOMETHING enjoyable to justify my getting a chunk of that 230k…we’ve got plenty to entertain us here! Cows, pot-holes, large fields of corn or wheat…tractors, 4 wheelers, crazy farmers, a very nice sports car, guns, fires, firetrucks…police…you name it. We’ll have a blast and you’ll absorb so much culture you’ll return a new man. permalinkreportreply[–]jles 1 point 10 hours agoYou should first go to the bank and deposit about 170k of that, and then travel to those places for 8 months to 1 year. I personally loved going to Interlaken Switzerland permalinkreportreply[–]artmetz 1 point 10 hours agoI am genuinely impressed with the fact that you have saved $230k. Please do an AMA and tell us how you managed to do this. permalinkreportreplyload more comments (1 reply)[–]CuddleCakesMcgee 1 point 10 hours agoEven if you do not smoke or do drugs, Amsterdam and Brussels, amazing cities. Beautiful architecture, history. Get out of the city as well to see the cheese farms and Oceanside. Also Bangkok. It is a giant fucking city, people are friendly and amazing palaces and temples to see. permalinkreportreply[–]skettios 2 points 10 hours agoThailand. You can do Thailand comfortably on 1k per month, if you’re willing to eat local food and stay in cheaper accommodation. Phuket and Koh Phangan have some of the most beautiful beaches you will ever see in your life. There is amazing snorkeling near Koh Phi Phi (where they filmed the movie, The Beach) and Koh Tao. Bangkok is so modern that there are places (Thong Lo) where you could forget you were in Asia. Chiang Mai is out and out beautiful and if you get tired of the world you could always trek up to Pai and experience the old culture (and some crazy golden triangle drug trade stuff). If you are interested, stop by the /r/thailand and we can get you started. I also really love Taiwan, it’s like China without the grinding poverty that you see in a lot of places. Super-modern with a cool old-Chinese feel. It’s also very cheap to stay and if you eat local, you can do it for under 2k per month. One of the best experiences of my life was taking a small 125cc scooter around the whole island and back over the central mountains. permalinkreportreply[–]VampireInBlack 1 point 10 hours agoFollow the F1 circuit for a full season. You will see so many great places! I think that it would be the best way to see much of the world. permalinkreportreplyload more comments (1 reply)[–]Scoops213 2 points 10 hours agoI was working in a bar in Hungary and I ran into an American couple who were doing the same. Although they were doing because it was cheaper than living in the states, they claimed. Long story short, they told me they bought “Around the world tickets,” which apparently many airlines do. You buy one ticket for 3-4k and you can fly around the world in one direction, as many flights as you want and you have to end up in the same location you left at. Mind you, you cannot double back in any way (with the flights at least). But, you can take another plane or bus and dick around that way. Not sure how true this is, as I don’t have the time or the money to do such a thing. So, I never looked to far into it. permalinkreportreply[–]RandianHero 2 points 10 hours agoI went to Europe and Africa for six months on six grand. Granted, I slept in hostels and street corners most of the time, but you could totally do it and still have a ton of money leftover when you get home. permalinkreportreply[–]805primetime 1 point 10 hours agoGo up to Harbor Springs and go skiing all winter. permalinkreportreply[–]helix19 1 point 10 hours agoGALAPAGOS! Giant tortoises, boobies, and you can swim with penguins! permalinkreportreply[–]davedachef 1 point 10 hours agoThe only place in Africa I’ve been is Uganda. But I can recommend it very highly – it’s safe, the food is amazing (it’s very fertile there) and people speak English. Europe, I’ve been all over. Come to London (lots of Redditors here), go to Paris, Florence and Rome. Berlin I haven’t been to, but it’s meant to be great. For somewhere a bit more exotic, go to India and Nepal. Seeing Everest is one of my life’s highlights and Nepal is without doubt the most magical country I have ever been to. Again, people speak English and the food is good (if you stick to curries – don’t eat any western food or you’re be in trouble). And it’s safe. There is so much to see in India as well, too much for a single post. permalinkreportreply[–]Beer_Is_Food 1 point 10 hours agoYou can stay at my house if you gimmie some dough permalinkreportreply[–]blue_moose 1 point 10 hours agoYou should definitely not forget to visit Eastern Europe. Everything is amazingly cheap, the Baltic and Slavic girls are extremely beautiful, everyone is really friendly and the historical architecture is quite a sight too. Truly a unique experience. Most of the youth also speak very good English there these days. permalinkreportreply[–]pifarm 2 points 10 hours agoIf I had that money, id go to pripyat Ukraine, bribe the government, and live there as a S.T.AL.K.E.R. for a year or so, although still going out to get food permalinkreportreply[–]superoprah 1 point 10 hours agoIF you go to Peru, everyone will say Machu Picchu (which is beautiful) BUT! If you want to be a hipster traveler, go to Choquequirao. The ruins are said to be even larger than Machu Picchu and not many people go there. permalinkreportreply[–]somalick 1 point 10 hours agoBUY A DUAL SPORT MOTORCYCLE AND A CAMPING HAMMOCK AND GO ANYWHERE THE HELL YOU WANT! permalinkreportreply[–]andrew9223 1 point 10 hours agoI lived comfortably in Nicaragua for 10k a year. That includes Internet. permalinkreportreply[–]CoolMAF 1 point 10 hours agoLake Como in Northern Italy. Bellagio. You will not regret it. permalinkreportreply[–]rasmus9311 1 point 9 hours agoI would go mountain biking in Canada. permalinkreportreply[–]dt3ft 1 point 9 hours agoSaving… permalinkreportreply[–]ohmganesha 1 point 9 hours agoIndia. Fly into Kolkata. Then go where the weather and vibes take you. permalinkreportreply[–]spacemanspiff30 1 point 9 hours agocome to my place, give me a cashiers check for $200,000 US and take the rest and travel like a poor indigent person throughout South America for the next year or two. best advice I can think of permalinkreportreply[–]percymate 1 point 9 hours agoBerlin, Berlin, Berlin. You could stay there for a month and have a great fucking time, guaranteed. Go during the summer of course, unless you love the cold. Also, Berlin is really cheap to live there. You could get by with 1500 euros/month and have a really good time. permalinkreportreply[–]Nocain 1 point 9 hours agoHate to do it, but I’m going to be that guy… Really you should keep this down to a 3-6 month adventure. Your money will vanish a lot faster then you think traveling. Afterward just remember to let your self out at least once a year for a good 2 week straight period to let loose and recharge. That being said, Hungary, Czech Republic, Romania, Lebanon, Brazil, Costa Rica, Peru, New Zealand all come to mind for places to see. permalinkreportreply[–]stonemetodeath 2 points 9 hours agoCan I have it? permalinkreportreply[–]Sturmgewehr 1 point 9 hours agoI highly recommend living in a hostel for at least part of your trip. Granted you’re sharing a room with strangers, but most are great, fun loving people. It allows you to meet those who value the same love of travel. I’ll admit, some are just whiney hipsters who graduated high school and decided that getting a job at Wendy’s wasn’t cool, so living in country XYZ doing manual labor was way more hip. The lesser conditions in the hostel compared to a hotel forces you to only use it for sleeping which is great, you shouldn’t be in your hotel/hostel for more than that anyway. It’s not all bad though, in Australia my friend and I were “stuck” with a hostel room with 10 other people, astoundingly they were all beautiful women-none of whom spoke English. Heaven. permalinkreportreply[–]Zicknex 1 point 9 hours agoLas Vegas! permalinkreportreply[–]farbohydrate 2 points 9 hours agoI’ve been fortunate enough to take 2-3 big trips a year for majority of my 20’s. Here are a few of my suggestions: Travel the US first! Most people in the US neglect to travel their own country. There is so much to see here, and it’s a great way to ease into your trip since its familiar and English-speaking. I highly suggest all of the major national parks: Yosemite, Yellowstone, Zion, Arches, Death Valley, etc. Then travel up the West Coast from California to Oregon to Washington. The coast of Oregon is incredible. Iceland: This is a must. Easily the most beautiful place I’ve ever been to. I only saw the southern half of the country, but you could easily spend a week or two hiking around for very cheap. Landmannalaugar has the most colorful landscapes I’ve personally witnessed, and incredible hiking. There is a 3-4 day hike from Landmannalaugar to Thorsmork that is extremely worthwhile. Belize: Very diverse and beautiful country. I’d suggest staying in the jungle for a few nights, and then heading to Caye Caulker. The jungle is beautiful and you can get a guide to bring you into the huge cave system. Caye Caulker is a tiny island off the coast, and is home to peaceful, friendly Rastafarians. The island is so small they don’t allow cars, you have to travel by walking or biking. Panama: Panama has a lot of great places, but the island of Coiba is something you’ll never forget. It used to be exclusively a prison which is no longer used, and the island has only been open to tourism for 10 years or so IIRC. It is virtually untouched with the exception of the ranger station. There were only about 10 other people on the island while I was there. You can hire a local fisherman in Santa Catalina to take you there by boat, or you can hire a guide for fairly cheap. Javier at Casa Kenia is one of the nicest people I’ve ever crossed paths with, and he knows so much about the area. He should be able to take you to Coiba for relatively cheap. Cinque Terre, Italy: Five small towns along the coast of the mediterranean in Italy, with a hiking path connecting all the towns. This area has great food, good people, and mind-blowing beauty. You could find real cheap and nice hostels. I actually slept under the boardwalk one night here and had no issues. An experience I’ll never forget. Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, Peru: I recommend everyone to do this once in their lives. It’s not the cheapest thing, but you could get a good tour company to do a 5 day hike for around $500-700. Once you finally get to Machu Picchu, it will be one of the most amazing moments of your life, but the entire trail is the best part. With the right guide you’ll learn so much about the culture, and feel connected to the people and the rich history of Peru and the Incas. In my opinion, that is what traveling is all about. permalinkreportreply[–]AskYourDoctor 1 point 9 hours agoI studied in Ghana for four and a half months last year, and I HIGHLY recommend it as an introduction/starting place in Africa, for a number of reasons. -Most people speak English, you can very easily get around with no language barrier. -As African countries go it is relatively safe- crime is not much of a problem, the political situation is very stable for an African country -The people are friendly, like CRAZY friendly. Strangers will talk to you all the time. People will probably help you if you need a hand finding something. The culture is one of openness and trust in complete strangers, and I loved every minute of it. I actually felt safer in Ghana than I would have alone in a big city in America- I felt like, if something had happened to me (mugged or attacked or something) more strangers would have come to my help in Ghana. No proof, but a strong feeling. -It’s a small country, but there’s still a lot to see. But it’s pretty easy to get around, in mini buses. -It’s CHEAP AS HELL. A meal is generally less than a dollar, to fill you up. A minibus ride of several hours will be like five bucks (compare to greyhound prices here). Beautiful handmade crafts, fabrics, etc can be acquired on the cheap. A hotel room for the night can quite easily be about $10. -It’s very easy to have adventures, in general. Plenty to explore, fewer laws to tie you down. -Perhaps best of all, there are very few tourists, so it still feels undiscovered and exotic. Of course, it’s still Africa, so it’s more dangerous than the US or western europe, there’s more disease to worry about, there’s plenty to know before traveling. But it’s completely doable and I had the time of my goddamn fucking life there. If you’re seriously interested in Ghana, please message me and I can give you a lot more information/tips. (Or if people seem interested I can post more info here.) permalinkreportreply[–]superkp 1 point 9 hours agoWherever you go, you should certainly coordinate with the local reddit meetup. permalinkreportreply[–]secondsflat 1 point 9 hours agoIf you ever cross through Cincinnati in your travels, hit me up. permalinkreportreply[–]Veening 1 point 9 hours agoSt. tropez, Monaco, and San Remo is pretty much what you want to see from europe. permalinkreportreply[–]AstroBridge 1 point 9 hours agoFirst of all, as a fello Michigander, sorry to hear about your job. I know it’s tough lately. Secondly, I have done a fair share of world traveling over the past 5 years so I will quickly give some suggestions, but it’s only based on my experience. First, I would definitely look into around the world tickets. You can buy them open ended so you can pick a certain amount of stops and stay in each place as long as you need and then move on to the next when you are ready. It will save you some money in the long run and it will let you be flexible. Definitely hit up the major European areas but also check out the less popular places. I personally love eastern europe and it is a little cheaper to travel around in too. I suggest Bosnia (Sarajevo) and Croatia (Anywhere along the coast is beautiful! When traveling around europe you might check into getting a rail pass. Basically the same flexibility as the air ticket but for trains. As for africa, the only place I have been there is Cape Town South Africa and it’s Beautiful! I highly recommend it. Don’t forget to hit up Asia. South East Asia is extremely inexpensive to travel around and also for food and lodging a lot of times. Thailand is great. I also love South Korea and Japan. Japan you can also get a rail pass as well. Asia will definitely give you a cultural experience like none other. It’s very different from Michigan and also very exciting. There are just a few suggestions I have but most of all try to learn something from the people in each place you visit. Traveling the world has been the biggest eye opening experience I have ever had and there is much to be learned out there. Take lots of photos, make lots of friends, and write down all the cool things you learn and see. Safe Travels permalinkreportreplyload more comments (1 reply)[–]reason78 1 point 9 hours agoICELAND. One of my favorite trips ever. Go in the Summer. permalinkreportreply[–]Teknocrat 1 point 9 hours agoIndia. Live there for a year or two. Find a nice Ashram do a pilgrimage. permalinkreportreply[–]Boofster 1 point 9 hours agoThe world sucks. You should give me a grand and stay home. You’ll thank me later. permalinkreportreply[–]Elmostan 1 point 9 hours agoI’m 24 and planning on doing a trip around the world w/ 25k in a couple of years. I’ve travelled before and personally I don’t like to do the large attractions (Think Statue of Liberty, Big Ben, Sydney Opera House, etc.) To me it feels like I’m going there because I’m being told to go there, not because I WANT to. They hype kills it for me. What I’m doing to plan for my vacation is on reddit there will be some post about something that I think is interesting somewhere in the world. I’ll write it down. I’ve got about 20 things that I want to see so far. When it comes time to go, I’ll plot them all on a map and then simply connect the dots. Be flexible, don’t be in a rush for anything. Watch the movie “A Map For Saturday” It’s a documentary about a guy who spends a year travelling. permalinkreportreply[–]dr_spacelad 1 point 9 hours agoGO TO ROME. That is all. permalinkreportreply[–]Teknocrat 1 point 9 hours agoBasically you should just do this Jules: Well, that’s what I’ve been sitting here contemplating. First, I’m going to deliver this case to Marcellus, then, basically, I’m just going to walk the Earth. Vincent: What’cha mean, “walk the earth”? Jules: You know, like Caine in Kung Fu: walk from place to place, meet people, get into adventures. Vincent: And how long do you intend to walk the earth? Jules: Until God puts me where he wants me to be. Vincent: And what if he don’t do that? Jules: If it takes forever, then I’ll walk forever. Vincent: So you decided to be a bum? permalinkreportreply[–]cyberphonic 1 point 9 hours agoI suggest you map out places that have a market for your skill set. Spend a few months (or until you decide you don’t like the place) at each location. Decide on your favorite place and seek employment there. permalinkreportreply[–]DominicFromTheSea 1 point 9 hours agoLas Vegas for starters I live hear and I know that the people who enjoy this city the most is tourist. You can drink, gamble, play at a super arcade called Game works that has modern and old games. The shows in Vegas are legendary. Strippers. And, you can buy some interesting trinkets. permalinkreportreply[–]MockingDead 1 point 9 hours agoMY house. It has everything you want in a tourist destination.. FAscinating locals who will entertain you with stories and life lessons. Fantastic food. Amazing local (suburban american) culture. Drama! Action! Adventure! My House! ($25k all-inclusive) permalinkreportreply[–]MsAnnThrope 2 points 9 hours agoIf you have any interest, you should definitely go to Japan. Tokyo was cool, but Osaka was amazing. Oh, the ramen. I have dreams about it sometimes. Spain and Italy are both wonderful. The people are really nice, the food is fucking delicious, and there are lots of cool things to see. Prague is one of my favorite cities ever. Just do it. Travel here in the US too. Austin, TX is pretty fun. Seattle is nice, if I do say so myself. Vegas is fun too. You might want to pick up this book, it’s a good read and you can decide what types of things you want to see. Have fun, I’m so jealous! permalinkreportreply[–]mayfly42 1 point 9 hours agoNew Zealand is fucking beautiful. Go there. Go sky diving in some of the most beautiful mountains ever. Go to Lake Ohau, and stay at Lake Ohau Lodge for a while. It’s a night reserve. No light pollution. It was just the most surreal experience because I was in a hot tub, and I looked up and around. I could see the Milky Way and mountains surrounding me, and I felt like the smallest thing ever. permalinkreportreply[–]Proeiliator 1 point 9 hours agoThe best part about traveling the world is the people. Talk to everyone you can, and learn as much as possible about the city or town or village you happen to be in from the people who live there and you will end up tying each place to a specific person you remember most from the city. permalinkreportreply[–]tonterias 1 point 9 hours agoConsidering that I spent over two months travelling around Europe with only 6k (1k was for air ticket to get to Europe from Uruguay, so you can easilly find a cheaper flight from Michigan) and that I didn’t missed a thing for money, you can go to whatever place you want if you are smart enough. From Europe, I totally recommend Prague, Amsterdam, Salzburg, Florence and Munich. Also include a trip between Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil. there are some really amazing beaches and places. A general advice, keep a lightweight luggage (or at least a safe place to keep it), walk a lot, don’t keep all your documents and money/credit cards in the same pocket/bag and stay alert to little details, sometimes just sitting in a square for an hour and observing the local people in their daily routines might be very interesting! permalinkreportreply[–]SomeRandomOtherGuy 1 point 9 hours agoIve been on two major trips in my life one two Europe and the other to central America, both trips were amazing personally i would recommend central America because its more of a trip you want to do while you are younger versus a Europe trip to see the history can be just as enjoyable when your older. for central america i went to Belize, Guatemala and Costa Rica all three were amazing. Somethings that were the highlights of my trip that i would suggest snorkeling, caving (spelunking), zip lining, lots of really cool hikes like Semuc Champey, and the Continental dived near Monteverde and visiting ancient Mayan ruins permalinkreportreply[–]TheAngelW 2 points 9 hours ago* Travelled 1 year around the world myself writing articles about a specific issue. Two advices I’d give (not places-related): consider adding personal goals to this travel. Maybe have some kind of guiding thread. You can learn photography, learn a langage, start a blog, make it a point to meet musicians in every country, only travel by bus etc. It will enrich your really like a place? Then don’t hesitate to stay there for some days, or some weeks. You’ll rest, you’ll start really meeting people, explore new things, you’ll pick up new habits, a wonderful experience. Related: resist the urge to see everything mentioned in your lonely planet. permalinkreportreply[–]NoNeedForAName 1 point 9 hours agoI know this isn’t what you’re looking for, but if I had $230k in the bank I’d do something completely different. I’d probably pay off my student loans and my mortgage, get an easy job with a pension or 401(k) plan and a health plan (working at Wal-Mart or something), and just chill. Outside of paying my debts, I can live well enough to keep me happy on something around minimum wage. If it makes any difference to you at all, I’m a lawyer. I’d be giving up that to cancel my debt and take an easy job. Otherwise, I love Puerto Rico. Stay out of San Juan, except to see the sights there. You could live pretty well in PR for a few years with that kind of money, although you’d probably see everything there is to see within a month or two. permalinkreportreply[–]Thementalrapist 1 point 9 hours agoIreland, shack up with a redhead. permalinkreportreply[–]7yler 1 point 9 hours agoThe world’s a big place so I’ll focus on my favorite continent Africa. Start in Cape Town, head north to Namibia, turn right and head to Botswana, continue onto Zambia and while your in the area stop off in Malawi. At that point head north through Tanzania and head to Rwanda to track the High Mountain Gorillas. Next stop Ethiopia, while your there take a day to visit South Sudan, the newest nation on earth. From there I’d head to Egypt, Cairo’s a shit whole so go see the Pyramids, check out the Sphinx and get out. The only other places I’d consider are Ghana and Nigeria. Hope that helps. permalinkreportreply[–]BigDogSpeaks 1 point 9 hours agoDude i would just like you know man, you know permalinkreportreply[–]cdnbroker 1 point 9 hours agoThis is strangely similar to my own situation (‘cept that I quit my job)… Anyway, a few interesting ideas. Climb mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa. You need a bunch of needles before you go, and you should be relatively fit – but it was pretty awesome. -Visit Zanzibar island in Africa. It’s beautiful – ’nuff said.Climb mt. Blanc in France. Also fairly easy to do – and works nicely if/when you do some European travel.Take the trans-siberian express. Tickets can be expensive for the ‘tourist’ class, or very cheap if you go on the more ‘civilian’ services. NB- the lower the train # the LESS luxurious. (e.g. train #1 is sweet, #41 – considerably less so). Now – if you really want to go balls out, consider going some places that are HARD to get to… Ascension island. Research it.French PolynesiaThe Yukon/Alaska Lastly, when you are away – listen to what your mind is telling you. When I was away, I realized that I wanted to travel more in my life – so I moved to another continent as a result. To maximize this investment in yourself – listen to yourself. HAVE FUN permalinkreportreplyload more comments (1 reply)[–]Forsa 1 point 9 hours agoOf the places I have been I would visit again: peru (machu picchu, cusco, huanchaco/trijillo)Australia (east coast, spend at least a month going from cairns to melbourne)Poland/Ukraine (cheap, fun and lotsa of history/culture)Spain (Especially Barcelona) I don’t like big industrial cities like London, Paris, New York, Lima etc. Will update with more details if you want. permalinkreportreply[–]s1am 1 point 9 hours ago* Go classy. See the world on a motorbike. Camp along the way. Carry more than on a bicycle but be highly approachable, fuel efficient and relatively low impact. Here are some good examples of folks who have (I’m sure there are many others as well): ‘Ultimate Journey’ motorcycle travelogue from aRound The World coupleHorizons Unlimited forum for RTW motorcyclistsArticle about pioneering female motorcycle travelerEnglish dude who rode through Asia and Africa from Europe Also, for additional points read Ten Years on Two Wheels, One Man Caravan and Jupiter’s Travels for inspiration. permalinkreportreply[–]rheaume 1 point 9 hours agoSpend 30k and travel, buy a house with the rest. Sorry thats just the intelligence speaking. permalinkreportreply[–]ragnaROCKER 1 point 9 hours agogo to philly, pick me up (every indy needs a short round!) then on to rapa nui! permalinkreportreply[–]wheredallthesyrupgo 1 point 9 hours agoPlease go to Ibiza. Party your ass off. permalinkreportreply[–]sticky_stuntman 1 point 9 hours ago50k makes one hell of a trip through Europe if you skip the hotels. permalinkreportreply[–]gskellig 1 point 9 hours agoI had just as much fun (and more of a life changing experience) in Mexico on $500 a month than I did with my gf and her parents in Italy (on probably a lot more than $500 a month). My gf and I spent 3 months in Mexico, stayed in hostels and cheap hotels, and even volunteered a bit for room and board. We had a plane ticket into Mexico City and out of Guatemala city and no major plans in between when we arrived. If I were to do it again, I would probably do it exactly like this. Just pick up the guide book and see what you want to do, then take a bus there and do it. If you like a place, stay for a few weeks until it gets boring or you find somewhere more exciting to go. Getting to know the locals and learn some of the language can be the difference between a “vacation” and an “adventure”. permalinkreportreply[–]happybadger 1 point 9 hours agoI need to get a passport obviously, but I’ve never really traveled on a long term basis. Any advice would be appreciated. Put in your application, be told it’s going to take two months. Call the state department after a week and tell them that your Aunt in Prague died and you’ll be attending her funeral rather than her hospital room, so you’ll be needing your passport expedited. It costs $100 or so, but two months becomes two days. Major European areas: France, Germany, etc etc. Hit Eastern Europe next year, sometime around May-June. Specifically, Romania and Ukraine. Buy an old Dacia or Trabant and spend a few months driving around. The rest of Europe won’t even begin to compare. Africa (big fucking place, no idea where specifically) Northern Africa, Western Asia. Lebanon is beautiful, Iran has some of the friendliest people on Earth, Egypt is dirty as hell and there is a pizza hut next to the pyramids. I’ve always wanted to do Jordan but haven’t been yet. So, what else should I add to the list, and what areas specifically should we visit? In no particular order: Argentina. It’s a mix of Europe, Israel, and South America. Tango.Czech Republic. Prague is beautiful. Like, ruins-every-other-place-on-earth beautiful. Brno, Budweis, Znojmo- the entire country is amazing.Bosnia. Bosnia is /r/earthporn incarnate.Romania. Mix this with this with the Paris of Eastern Europe, put it within a few hours of the black sea, and make it so cheap that your $230k could last your entire life in much of the country.Greece. Thira is one of the nicest places you’ll ever go. The other islands may as well be countries of their own. Flip off the world and visit Cyprus as well.Toscana, specifically Grosseto. My mother’s family is originally from there. It’s tranquil. permalinkreportreply[–]Suzpooz 1 point 9 hours agoFreiburg, Germany – beautiful green city with bikes, night life, the black forest…so good permalinkreportreply[–]DerpMatt 0 points 9 hours agoSpread the wealth! fuckign 1%er 😛 permalinkreportreply[–]chiablo 1 point 9 hours agoIf I were you, I’d travel directly to an investment agency. permalinkreportreply[–]BAN1977 2 points 9 hours agoEaster island permalinkreportreplyload more comments (1 reply)[–]MexicanRailroad 1 point 9 hours agoI took a two week trip to Europe this summer. I would definitely try to go to Lucerne, Switzerland and Nice, France. Though, you will spend a lot of money in both of those places. permalinkreportreply[–]davideo71 1 point 8 hours agoYet another bunch of advice, from someone who’s been to 45 countries so far. Firstly; Figure out what motivates you. You don’t have to do this right away, and you can even do it while you’re traveling but it really helps to know. Are you crazy about a food, pretty scenery, architecture, cheap booze, flowers, technology, art, girls or whatever else? Figure out what tops your list and pic your destinations on that basis. Going an a journey by all the world’s best restaurants, strangest festivals or tallest buildings (or whatever) will add depth to your travel experience, and turns you into an expert in the process. 230K is way too much money, set yourself a ‘low’ budget for a while, people on the cheaper trail tend to be at least as communicative and interesting as those in the ‘nice’ hotels that shelter you from the sometimes somewhat uncomfortable strangeness, and that can be a real shame. Pop me a note if you ever stop by Amsterdam. permalinkreportreply[–]kazi_kami 2 points 8 hours agogo to a bank. invest. best travel ever. permalinkreportreply[–]EntSwag 1 point 8 hours agoFor the European places, you could do what me and my friends did this summer after graduation. We basically just got a Inter rail ticket, which allows you (depending which one you buy) a certain amount of days in which you can travel by train to almost any country in Europe, costs about 250 dollars for 5 days of travel within a 10 day period. Not only is it cheap, but the trains are the most fun i have ever had anywhere, meeting random people from all over the world, sharing drinks, telling stories and partying. Also if you go to Australia head up to New Zealand and then to Japan too, you won’t regret it. permalinkreportreply[–]Downchuck 1 point 8 hours agoReal estate market is shot: grab two rental properties, get the tenants handled, re-fi and then travel. The government subsidizes mortgages: you can get most of your cash back from the gov, tenants pay the mortgage, and in four years the value of the houses will have increased substantially. Buy them in a nice area, where property values appreciate. Michigan has some options, though they are limited. permalinkreportreplyload more comments (2 replies)[–]Runner_one 1 point 8 hours ago230k will let you travel the world for a couple of years. That would be very cool and something to remember for a long time. but in 2-3 years it would be gone and then what. I am currently RVing across the country. Perhaps you should consider that. Buy a good RV spend about 50k and then 180 K would last for many years living in a RV while tooling around the USA. There is much to see here. And the experience could last much longer. permalinkreportreply[–]kniteli 1 point 8 hours agoThere are some cool tours through India you can take on a motorcycle. Loop through India and the Himalayas, I’ve always wanted to do that, thought it sounded like a grand adventure. permalinkreportreply[–]afailsafeoption 1 point 8 hours agoFiance traveled the world for three years (well, every summer for three years). He’s a beach boy, grew up in San Diego and Orlando before forcibly being moved to Minnesota in middle school. He doesn’t like to party, but went to bars with friends while there. He developed a liking for Foster’s, the real stuff they have in Oz, not the watery shit we (apparently) have in the US. He is also an art history major, and has been to basically every art and natural science museum in Europe and Australia. His input: Australia and New Zealand. What he’s currently rambling about: “It’s so beautiful there. The beaches there are a million times nicer than anywhere I’ve ever been in the US. They also have amazing food. Their sports and hobbies are things I’d never seen before either- like zorbing. Definitely one of the coolest things I’ve ever done. And surfing there was absolutely amazing. Their winter there is not really winter, either. The coldest it got in their winter when I was there was like 55. And New Zealand is crazy, too. It’s no-man’s land, but only 3 hours away from you. And it’s like $40 to get from Australia to New Zealand. It’s so beautiful in New Zealand. And everyone there is attractive.” permalinkreportreply[–]momzill 1 point 8 hours agoBohemia. We’re pretty cool here. 🙂 permalinkreportreply[–]DreadedSeriousDog 1 point 8 hours agoIf you are interested in Germany, these are spots to see Obviously Berlin, crazy metropolitan city with so much history and present clashing togetherIf your are interested in history and seeing the old germany in his medieval style you should visit cities like Dresden, Bamberg, Regensburg, Rothenburg o.d.T.,Definetly the Alps! Must-seen. Germany isn’t that big and you can get from north to south with a plane within an hour for 40 Euros. Another possibilty is via train, you can buy a interrail ticket for france, GB, Germany for about 140Euros and can travel 15 times within a month. permalinkreportreply[–]LtPeanuts 1 point 8 hours agoAustralian here, If you’re going to Australia then North Queensland, the Darling Downs and Tasmania are your best bets. North Queensland for some of the best beaches in the world and access to the Great Barrier Reef (I recommend the Whitsundays). The Darling Downs for the the traditional Country feel and Tasmania because in my list of most beautiful places on Earth it comes second between Ha Long Bay (Vietnam) and Delphi (Greece). permalinkreportreply[–]Limiate 2 points 8 hours agoIn three years I went to 53 countries. Here are my highlights, if you want any advice about packing/travelling or other stuff, just PM me. Tokyo, JapanGo to Tokyo. It is by far one of the most amazing places to visit. Japanese culture is amazing. You can literally stand and just oogle the city – do it. Vientiane, Laos Don’t go in the summer, the heat is unbearable. Go for something near the end of the rainy season. Sit along the river, eat a cheese baguette and drink some beer Lao. Make sure to visit the Buddhist shrines and Buddha park. Petra ,Jordan Wow. I felt like Indiana Jones. I was just in awe. I spent 10 hours walking around and didn’t see enough. It’s one of those places where you can feel the old world around you. Leave a day for this. Wear SUNSCREEN. Reykjavik, Iceland Don’t just see Reykjavik, drive around the country. I did 10 days, the start of a weekend, a week driving around and then another weekend and it was amazing. Go in the summer and June-ish so you have 20 hours of sunlight. There is little in life to compare to climbing up the side of a waterfall at 1:30am. Make sure you get the famous pylsurs (hot dogs) downtown, they’re amazing. permalinkreportreply[–]DeepChess 2 points 8 hours agofirstworldproblems Some of us lose our jobs, and our lives are fucked up. This guy loses his job and decides to blow his savings living it up. Sigh permalinkreportreplyload more comments (1 reply)[–]timm0113 1 point 8 hours agoNew Zealand, Thailand, Cambodia, Venezuela, Chile, Brazil, Costa Rica, SE Asia in general is super super cheap and gorgeous permalinkreportreply[–]E-Bum 1 point 8 hours ago* I really hope this can get somewhere near the top where you’ll see it. Look into wwoof and helpx . I highly recommend both of them for numerous reasons. With all that money, it is easy to get caught up in the trap of eating out, getting nice hotels, doing all the expensive touristy stuff. Trust me, you will get burnt out very quickly doing that. At least I would… maybe you have a different mentality. I suggest a mixture of voluntourism/work stays and conventional tourism. Pick a continent and start there… Start looking at a region that interests you, then get in contact with a host through one of the websites. You make all the arrangements by email… it is the most straightforward process you can imagine. Tip: check out reviews for the hosts so you’ll figure out what kind of stuff you’ll be doing, past experiences, etc. You’ll typically work/help out with whatever for 3,4 or 5 hours per day, and not have to spend a dime. You put in that little amount of work and, in exchange, you will find hosts that are willing to show you around, who are excited about getting you to visit their country. You’ll learn about local history, you’ll get waaaaay off the beaten toursit track, you’ll live like the locals. There is no ‘program’ or infrastructure looking out for you. It’s just you organizing these interactions. It is the most visceral feeling I’ve ever experienced to go from host to host, indulge in their trade, their cultures, their foods and languages. It can be very rewarding in many ways. When you’re sick and tired of working for other people and need some time to yourself, take 2-3 weeks off and go do all the touristy things and put yourself up in a nice hotel. Recharge your batteries then do it all over again. I guarantee you will meet some of the most honest, caring, fucked up and interesting people doing this. Lots of hosts and locals and tons of other travelers, young and old. You get past all the facade bullshit, you’ll see that some people live in dismal shitholes and some people live in expansive villas perched atop hillsides with views of the Great Barrier Reef (yes… this was one of my stays). People are great, people are selfish, people are generous and people are honest. People are every emotion you have and everything you think and people are overwhelmingly hospitable. I don’t think you can learn about and travel the world more tangibly than this. You’re probably reading this with a sense of excitement, apprehension and ‘wtf.’ All appropriate emotions. Throw your expectations out the window and just go. goddamnit, now I want out again. permalinkreportreply[–]iresh 1 point 8 hours agoWatch below video to find whether Sri Lanka is suitable for you. More information: permalinkreportreply[–]sicnasty 0 points 8 hours agoAnd for some reason you are the 99 percent permalinkreportreply[–]atrich 1 point 8 hours agoI would strongly consider booking an RTW (round-the-world) fare. Info here: They’re available for different airline alliances depending on your plans/needs. You could also look into grinding out mileage and then using miles to book the RTW fare. (Might be cheaper in the long run, and mileage grinding can result in seeing cool places as well.) permalinkreportreply[–]dementedpony 1 point 8 hours agoI decided during the summer to move to Australia on a whim, from Canada. I had about 9K saved, and I have to say that I haven’t regretted the decision for a second. permalinkreportreply[–]kobescoresagain 1 point 8 hours agoTrip? Why no just move somewhere else and live the rest of your life retired. Move to Belize. Cheap, Beautiful, pretty safe. Taxes on a $500,000 a year house are like $100. permalinkreportreply[–]femaiden 1 point 8 hours agoIt’s not about the destination… it’s all about the Journey. Who gives a shit if you’ve seen 4 of the Wonder’s of the World. Some shitty little creek you decide to spend the night sleeping next to on a roadtrip could be way more meaningful than some fucking pyramids or something. Roadtrip the US or whatever country you choose. Have fun on the way. permalinkreportreply[–]Grullok 1 point 8 hours agoYou should definitely visit Scandinavia, while my view of it may be biased because I live there, I still find it’s winters to be one of the most beautiful things in the world. permalinkreportreply[–]cluster4 1 point 8 hours agoI would take the Trans-Siberian Railway. It takes you from Moscow all the way to Vladivostok in about 2 weeks. You can chill the fuck out in your cabinet and see the endless landscapes of Russia. Then, you can take the ship to Japan, this takes about 2 days. Generally, I would not take the plane too often and would rather make small steps permalinkreportreply[–]WorldLoiterer 1 point 8 hours ago2012 London Olympics permalinkreportreply[–]Ridel 2 points 8 hours agoI spent 3 months in Ireland after I graduated from college. Probably some of the best times i’ve ever had were over there. Kissed the blarney stone like all tourists haha. One of the best parts about my trip (and I know its not technically Ireland since its part of Europe) was going to see the Giants Causeway, its an amazing landmark and def worth seeing. If you were gonna stay there for a long time I would recommend seeing Ireland at your own pace, but if you only wanna stay there for a bit and see lots still there is a tour called Shamrocker Tours. From what I remember they have 2 tours one for 3 days and one for 7 days. Basically what happens in you get on a bus with a bunch of other tourists go to various cities around Ireland, party in the pubs and bars and go see the sights throughout the day. We did the 3 day tour because the 7 day was full and by the end of the 3 days we were all really good friends and we got to see lots of sights and partied hard (maybe a little to hard haha). Thats the only place I have travelled so far but I am also planning to do Australia as well cause I hear its awesome, and also has the video game bar “Mana Bar” which would be kinda epic. If I recommend one more place, my sister went to New Zealand and she loved it over there. permalinkreportreplyload more comments (1 reply)[–]Rizak 1 point 8 hours agoI’ve always noticed that on endeavors like this I will end up blowing most of the money and then being very frugal with the last bit. Kind of like the shampoo bottle pic on here. Just a heads up, be frugal! permalinkreportreply[–]DukeMcbadass 1 point 8 hours agoI recommend thailand, you can live it up in a 5 star suite for cheap as hell, the beaches are amazing and there is so much cool/ exotic stuff you can see. From riding an elephant to watching a drunken monkey knife fight( if that’s your thing). I didn’t spend much money while I was there and had a bad ass suite and a hell of a time in phuket, ill be going to Bangkok here in a couple months and can’t wait. Also, don’t pay the dudes asking price when your buying something, its not like the USA, haggle till he says he can’t go any lower and start walking away, they’ll cave every time. I had a blast in Australia, got to eat kangaroo/ crocodile, and bought a lighter that is a kangaroos nutsuck that stands on its own. Look into boat rides where you actually get to see the crocs jumping out of the water, was insane. They have great beer as well, cascade was my favorite. One of the funniest things that happened was when we were all out bar hopping I asked this older gentleman what kind of alcohol or drink was like a signature or really popular in Australia he looked at mey like I had a Dick on my forehead and said” we drink beer and we drink it cold here” they also don’t tip here, asked a bartender about it and he replied ” no, we get paid REALLY well” I wouldn’t recommend the Philippines, it was basically Mexico lol. Dubai was awesome, worlds largest mall, it has an indoor ski park. Was epic. You can go to areas where you’d think you were walking down a fancy street then you realize that every block or so is one house, a fucking palace with armed guards at the walls. It’s kinda funny how westernized it is, getting a Kebab with fries and a coke. The part of Africa I went to sucked, it was hot and there was nothing. At all. I also don’t recommend Kuwait, Iraq or Afghanistan Side note, drink the local beers wherever you go, don’t get the shit you get here, Chang, singha, cascade, to many to name. Always a hell of a lot cheaper and a great experience I also realize that theres redditors living in all of these places, this is just from some random Americans point of view permalinkreportreply[–]heroonebob 1 point 8 hours agoyou should come to austin tx and give me like 30k. I’d be happy with 30k. permalinkreportreply[–]Gimmemormuny 1 point 8 hours agoGo here This is my life’s dream to go there, simply stunning in rainy season. Wiki: permalinkreportreply[–]inazuma 1 point 8 hours agoGo to Japan. Especially Shibuya! It’s fun. 🙂 Also, Great Wall of China? That’s a fun place. permalinkreportreply[–]alphawolf29 1 point 8 hours agoIf I had money, New zealand-> Australia->Japan->Hong-Kong-India->egypt->italy->romania->Ukraine->Russia->Germany->Austria->Czech R.->Switzerland->spain->home. permalinkreportreply[–]paxio 1 point 8 hours agoIf you’re going to Australia swing past Micronesia, it’s(obviously) a pretty small place, but the diving opportunities are amazing! permalinkreportreply[–]me1505 1 point 8 hours agoCome to Ireland, (not Dublin, shit costs a fortune a lot of the time). Get a bottle of frosty jacks and sit up on the Derry walls, have a long chat with an old guy in a pub (great stories to be had, or rambling, it’s hit and miss). Or Scotland, have a Tennent’s in the Tennent’s bar or skinny dipping in Loch Lomond. Everywhere will have something to do, as long as you ask around. Don’t be afraid to avoid all the typical tourist spots, yeah, maybe you didn’t see some fancy architecture in Berlin, but you ended up at a rave in a basement at 5am. Be open to random adventures, it’ll all work out usually. permalinkreportreply[–]the_composer 1 point 8 hours agoGo to r/EarthPorn, pick a few of your favorite images, and find out where they are. permalinkreportreply[–]buttking 2 points 8 hours agoI also recently lost my job but I don’t have 230k. maybe you should come down to west virginia and hook me up with some of that 230k? permalinkreportreply[–]djembeplayer 1 point 8 hours agoYou could email a friend of mine who left college and is living his dream. See his site for places he’s been and I’d suspect he’d tell you how it did it on the cheap. permalinkreportreply[–]gainswor 1 point 8 hours agoROAD TRIP ICELAND I did the southern half and my god is it stunning and strange permalinkreportreply[–]i_fap_faps 1 point 8 hours agoBefore Australia, please visit New Zealand (you may just decide there is nowhere else you’d rather go.) Great place to start, optimum tourist time (summer) is january thru march. (Spend time in south island! bypass Auckland and Christchurch and you wont go wrong!) permalinkreportreply[–]turkeypants 1 point 8 hours agoYes Australia. All of it. It’s so fun, and what fun people. If you have to skip part of it, skip Western Territory. But why not go as long as you’re there? And everybody I’ve spoken to about New Zealand says it beats even Australia, which is awesome. You don’t say how old you are, but if you’re younger and not averse to imperfect conditions, I totally recommend doing the hostel thing. Everybody’s doing the same thing as you and you have instant fun new friends everywhere. When I made the switch to B&Bs and hotels and the comforts and securities and conveniences that come with them, it was distinctly less fun. If it were me, I’d want to go to some of the less usual places than western Europe, but those are great too. I’d love to go to each country in Southeast Asia, Iceland, Madagascar, Mongolia, Russia, Patagonia, a ‘stan or two (because what the hell are those places anyway?). I think all of Scandinavia would be great. I think your travel wouldn’t be as valuable if you didn’t go to a couple of supposedly rougher places, just to see how it’s different, to challenge yourself a bit. Try somewhere in Central America. Nicaragua, El Salvador, etc. Take your pick in Africa. Pick some places just because the name is exotic. Zanzibar. Seychelles. And also I’d recommend road tripping around the USA. Most of us never do that and it’s right here in our back yard. Take roads other than interstates. Go to places you’d never otherwise go. Do a regional specialty food tour. Take in some state parks. I thought Yellowstone was going to be so lame when I went. I only went to spend time with my family and it was fantastic. I hear the same about the Grand Canyon and Yosemite and California parks. permalinkreportreply[–]verdegrrl 2 points 8 hours agoThe Rockies of Canada. Grab a train (VIA on the cheap, Mountaineer for lux) from Vancouver after cruising the inland passages of the west coast via ferry. Winter is obviously great for skiing (the powder is fantastic), and summer for hiking (June thru Sept). Folks may seem a little reserved on the surface, but are really friendly once you break the ice. The Rockies tend to get travelers from around the world, so you’ll meet people from everywhere and anywhere, some visiting, some on temp work visas. Hosteling is quite normal. People have offered some fantastic advice, but it might be nice to know what is available in your own back yard. permalinkreportreply[–]karmindersk 1 point 8 hours agohow did you earn 230k also how old are you? permalinkreportreply[–]cymuohio 1 point 8 hours ago* Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland So awesome. I went skydiving there two years ago. Its pretty close to Interlaken. Its surrounded by 3 or 4 waterfalls. You can see one in this photo permalinkreportreply[–]travdood 1 point 8 hours agoI’ve been living in Asia for 2 years now and I would say see two places. Beijing for The Great Wall, The Lama Temple and The Forbidden City. ALSO go to Cambodia for Angkor Wat! The Great Wall and Angkor Wat are the two most amazing things I have ever seen! No image does them justice. While you’re in Asia, Korea and Japan are great too (I live in Japan). Great places and there is plenty to see and do out here as well. However, as far as man made wonders go, nothing compares to the two spots mentioned above. Hope it goes well for you! permalinkreportreply[–]cdrvoltaire 1 point 8 hours agoSouth Korea is usually a fun place to go as well! permalinkreportreply[–]anduin1 1 point 8 hours agoEurope is an obvious place, you dont need $230k. Hell I did 3 months for about 4 grand US and that was going through the western European countries which tend to be more expensive. Don’t just spend 1 or 2 days in cities, try to stay for at least 5 in any one you go to. permalinkreportreply[–]jamin_brook 1 point 8 hours agoI hear Arkansas is nice this time of year. permalinkreportreply[–]dtlss22 1 point 8 hours agoNot a suggestion on where to go, but something that might make your travel a little cheaper. If you can get on as a seasonal hire with an airline (such as Delta at Christmas) you will have to work for a few weeks with them but as long as you say you are coming back for the next seasonal holiday then you get free standby flights anywhere in the US and internationally you only pay taxes. In the end you could fly roundtrip to Europe for less than $300 for very little work to put in. Just a suggestion permalinkreportreply[–]vegisbest 2 points 8 hours ago$5k — Travel to East Africa. $225k — Build and support schools. Congratulations, you’ve now changed thousands of lives. permalinkreportreply[–]Odal- 1 point 8 hours agoI live in michigan too! I’ll suck your dick for $1,000. Serious. permalinkreportreply[–]justwannabemean 1 point 8 hours agoTravel to Lithuania. Landscape and heritage is amazing considering all the oppressive Russian rule. Make it a point to go to Siauliai and see the hill of the crosses. I would love to go, but I don’t have 230k… permalinkreportreply[–]TheAmazingWeasleMan 1 point 8 hours agoMiddle Earth, Narnia, Alagasia, aaaaand . . . maybe Namek. permalinkreportreply[–]BeepsNSqueaks 1 point 8 hours agoThailand & Croatia. Gotta love the exchange rate. permalinkreportreply[–]apalebluedot 1 point 8 hours agoI demand an AMA after your return home, sir! permalinkreportreply[–]JeanJacquesRoussbro 1 point 8 hours agoMOROCCO Changed my life. Go to the Sahara Desert. Sit on a dune. You will never be the same. permalinkreportreply[–]deadcoil 1 point 8 hours agoI can recommend much of Central/South America, if you really want to get adventurous. Much of Mexico, especially far from the US border, is gorgeous. Great places: Cozumel, Puerto Vallarta Go a little farther down, and you hit Belize, which is one of my favorite countries in the world. You can inexpensively go cave exploring, jungle hiking, even ziplining through rainforest canopy. The cuisine is damned good, the locals VERY friendly. It is a poor nation, so you will have to prepare appropriately, but crime against tourists is rare. Brazil is also fucking awesome, provided you stick to the touristy spots. If you’re really fucking hardcore, explore out into the suburbs and mountains, although do keep in mind you could end up dead. Fuck Chile, tho. Also, if you’re looking for one last place to chill for a week when you’re reaching the end of your journeys, and you still have enough money left over, Hawaii is the closest thing to heaven on earth that I’ve ever found. Relaxing on a hammock on Oahu or the Big Island is the closest thing to paradise I’ve had. Also, the women ain’t half bad. Luck, godspeed! Countless other songwriters and authors have pointed it out, but it bears repeating: The road goes ever on and on, and the point of a journey is not to arrive. Get out there and make memories. Have adventure. Life’s too fucking short to live it boringly. permalinkreportreply[–]HellaBitchin 1 point 8 hours agoI’m 18 and I have certain destinations that I must visit. I recommend doing some experience based travel alongside the urban exploration. Visit Dubai and Tokyo for sure. Urban metropolises that are dripping with a culture different from ours. Try visiting a rainforest. Hire local native tour guides. Climb a mountain. Visit that chinese tea house up a mountain. permalinkreportreply[–]TamaraSchmidt 1 point 7 hours agoRent an apartment in Berlin in Prenzlauer Berg and live cheaply while living the high life. Then go to Prague and Vienna (Bratislava) and go East. permalinkreportreply[–]mastodan 1 point 7 hours agoHoly fuck you have like 100x more money than me permalinkreportreply[–]meatwad1987 1 point 7 hours agoAustralia Brazil Egypt and all major European areas If you are black go to Germany. (white chicks love us there) permalinkreportreply[–]shartmobile 1 point 7 hours ago230k what? Yen? Euros? NZ$? Baht? OK, US$. For 230k, you could comfortably backpack for about 10 years. Where can’t you go in that timeframe? I wouldn’t advise particular places because, you know what, the most of the world is fucking amazing. Make your own path. Go to it 🙂 permalinkreportreply[–]bengalfan 1 point 7 hours agoKoh Samui, Thailand. Go there before the weekend of the Full Moon Party. Epic. You take a boat to Koh Phangan. Both islands are amazingly beautiful beach. I was there in the late 90’s and it cost about $20 USD to stay in a place on the beach. Hong Kong, just to see the incredible city. Macau, the new Vegas. Vietnam before it changes too much. All of these places (except for Hong Kong) are fairly reasonable for cost of travelling. The highest cost is the plane ticket. Something I had trouble with then was the art of bartering. I’d read up on which places are best for that and don’t be shy about doing it. permalinkreportreply[–]MirrorLake 1 point 7 hours ago* I figured I’d whip out some real data here, if you wanted a Wikipedia jumpoff point: ‘Nicest cities’: list of cities by quality of livingCountries by ‘Human Development Index’English speaking countries, if you’d like to go without language barriers (sort by percent) Best of luck to you! Remember, going to certain places in the world will require you to get immunizations for different diseases. Also, here is a list of 100 scenic places, if you aren’t already overwhelmed. permalinkreportreply[–]brjohnson789 1 point 7 hours agoGo to Ireland, west side of the country. See the Aran Islands, the Burn, cliffs of Moehr etc. I’m totally misspelling all these places by the way. permalinkreportreply[–]nowaysir 1 point 7 hours agoSee a Fjord in Norway. permalinkreportreply[–]ok123ok123ok123 1 point 7 hours agoNeed a partner? permalinkreportreply[–]jeanalexander 1 point 7 hours agoCan I please have $500? It’s my 19th birthday. permalinkreportreply[–]BreeMPLS 1 point 7 hours agoBudapest. Visit the bar Szimpliket. It’s awesome! #1 fun place in the world. Dubrovnik … jewel of the Adriatic sea. This is a must see. Words cannot adequately describe the beautiful location and wonderful spirit … Anywhere else on the Mediterranean. I have seen the south of France and adjacent itealy (nice, cannes, monaco) … all stellar. I have also checked out crete (iraklion) and santorini. Go to the temple of ankgor wat in cambodia (take a side trip there while in vietnam). AW should be a world-wonder thingy. permalinkreportreply[–]maxedout 1 point 7 hours agoSchwab Bank offers a checking account that has no foreign transaction fees on ATM withdrawals. I have used this is many countries I have visited and gotten amazing exchange rates (the bank exchange rate), been able to keep my money safe, and it’s super convenient! permalinkreportreply[–]chicarrones 1 point 7 hours agookay, i’m going to be that person. go backpacking on the cheap, donate the rest to a charitable cause. you are very lucky to have that kind of cash, do something good with it. permalinkreportreply[–]Marqued 1 point 7 hours agoIf you hit Australia, don’t forget to visit NZ. 🙂 permalinkreportreply[–]jdog667jkt 1 point 7 hours agoIndonesia. All the way permalinkreportreply[–]psway 1 point 7 hours agoYeah, don’t bother with Australia and Western Europe – they’re expensive and, while nice, they won’t blow your mind. permalinkreportreply[–]MITstudent 1 point 7 hours agoKorea permalinkreportreply[–]itchyscratchyears 1 point 7 hours ago* you could live like a king on that amount of money in the rest of the world… but don’t. If you live like the locals where ever you go, i’d say you could be gone from the US for years on that permalinkreportreply[–]SenatorStuartSmalley 1 point 7 hours agoGo to Hotel de la Senatorstuartsmalley. We have a nice room. and entertainment (2 kids and an Xbox!). Rate is only 150k/night. It’s a bargain! really, though, I have no idea. I’ve never been outside of tourist areas or my home state. permalinkreportreply[–]So_It_Goes_ 1 point 7 hours agoWhere I have been that I recommend: Barcelona I studied abroad here for 4 months. It has everything: incredible nightlife, fantastic art and museums, great beaches near by, and Salvador Dalí’s museum in Figueres Tokyo It’s a pretty incredible city, and some of the areas surrounding it are beautiful (definitely see the Buddha in Kamakura). I loved the culture and the food is incredible. If you are feeling adventurous, try Fugu if you do get poisoned, the toxin doesn’t kill you directly, it just paralyzes you (and your diaphragm) but as long as you get on a respirator, you’ll be fine. Costa Rica I was there this summer for a month and did a lot of traveling. PM me if you have any questions, I would be happy to tell you what I know! I would recommend it as a stop on a Latin America tour, and if you don’t know Spanish, this would be a great opportunity to learn it! Where I haven’t been, but will someday go: Tengboche the monastery there is very famous. I think it would be a great place to go near the end to reflect on your adventures and meditate about what you want to do when you go back to the states. From the monastery you can see the Himalayas and a great view of Everest. permalinkreportreply[–]JoshSN 0 points 7 hours agoIt all depends on what you like. I mean, my father has been to over 150 countries, and he recommended one to me, but that’s because he knew me. By the way, I went to Lake Como, it was overcast, and it was nothing special. I’ve seen the Sahara, Himalayas, Galapagos and the Grand Canyon and, since I have great eyesight, the Grand Canyon was the most impressive. All depends on who you are, or who you want to be. permalinkreportreply[–]Dirt_Bike_Zero 2 points 7 hours agoI say get an “adventure motorcycle” and travel the good ole USA, and maybe Canada. permalinkreportreply[–]Chief91 1 point 7 hours agoAs traveller in Asia i’ve spend aroud 5k for 6 months there and i was drinking as a king and sleeping in quite fancy places. With 230k the world is yours man, a friend of mine is traveling for 2 years with just a 100K and he’s holding up easy. Like my friend said; “all travelers must cross the red sea once” (being broke), but that is one destination you won’t see in 2 years. Have a good one! permalinkreportreply[–]pimpernel666 1 point 7 hours agoMy house. However, I should warn you that I will kill you and take your money. permalinkreportreply[–]ExtraordinaryGirl 1 point 7 hours agoDo you need a lovely, French-fluent ladyfriend to join you? Sigh. permalinkreportreplyload more comments (2 replies)[–]HoboViking 1 point 7 hours agoI am totally down with you travelling, but save as much as that money as possible. Travel as cheap as you can, and when you come back either buy a house or invest. Spending that money will just hurt you when you REALLY need it… and I’m sure you love your roommate, but make him pay his own way, at least partially, it will make the trip more enjoyable for both of you. My favorite place to travel is South America. Fucking awesome place. permalinkreportreply[–]heveabrasilien 1 point 7 hours agoAlps hiking in Switzerland in summer. permalinkreportreply[–]pojodojo 2 points 7 hours agoBuy a sailboat. Learn to sail. Sell all your shit. Live the rest of your live on said boat anywhere in the world. permalinkreportreply[–]lindberghbaby 1 point 7 hours agoTypical 1% asking the 99% for help. permalinkreportreply[–]Slutmaster83 1 point 7 hours agoWith 230k you could travel the world for 2 years and return home a rich man… permalinkreportreply[–]jshurwitz 1 point 7 hours agoThere is a foreclosed house you can buy for 60k. I can live in it and fix it up for you, and you can then sell it for more money. Let me know. permalinkreportreply[–]hazleapricot 1 point 7 hours agoBasque Country. Its in between France and Spain. permalinkreportreply[–]Ikouze 1 point 7 hours agoTokyo Japan permalinkreportreply[–]ImZeke 1 point 7 hours agoLEO permalinkreportreply[–]occupytheearth 1 point 7 hours agoI spent 3 months in the US virgin islands last year…it was pretty awesome. I spent all my time on St. Johns, and made little trips to the surrounding Islands. you’ll fly into St. Thomas and ferry to St. Johns. you can rent apts for long term, but they are faily expensive. My bro and I did it on the cheap and rented an 8*10 shack…litterally a baby barn with a loft bed and a sink and fridge. We had an outdoor shower and toilet, it was freaking awesome. The people are super friendly, everyone hitchikes (you just point forward cause that’s where you’re going, and on St Johns there’s just one road that loops the island) so everyone picks you up in their island beater cars/jeeps. the cops are just for show, or serious incidences….everyone drinks and drives, weed, and other stuff too, is prevalent if you’re into that sort of thing…you’ll meet lots of fun people who like to party and if you like the beach and snorkeling, surfing, hiking, drugs, then you’ll have stuff to do. I remember once, me and my bro were heading into town to get some supplies, ended up getting picked up by eddie, a long term resident (you might meet him if you go, it’s a small place) and he was like ‘hey man, I’m looking for a crew to sail to Jost van dyke’ my bro was in the box in the back and I was like, ‘we’ll be your crew (neither of us ever sailed ever)’ so we picked up some beers and vodka and hopped on the boat, eddie taught us everything on the fly… and spent the night on the British VI’s partying ’til dawn…I spent the ride back puking up my painkillers (pinapple/rum….drink)….anyway, you should go, and it’s a great place to go with a few friends, but you’d only need a week or two there if you meet a local to show you all the sites. permalinkreportreply[–]JesusBuddy1 1 point 7 hours agoPlan ahead, take many pictures, and use this website to book all your flights: Oneworld! permalinkreportreply[–]Figgots 2 points 7 hours agoThat’s just enough to go on the commercial space flight. permalinkreportreply[–]masterthenight 1 point 7 hours agoUganda permalinkreportreply[–]hailtheface 1 point 7 hours agoTowards the end of your travels, when you’re down to about 100k left you should end your journey in Oakland, CA and come start a bakery with me 🙂 permalinkreportreply[–]robgoose 1 point 7 hours agoGo to New Zealand AND Australia. Winter is coming. This means summer is coming in their part of the world. In New Zealand, rent a car and hit the south island. Do as many of the great hikes as you can: Abel Tasman, Routeburn & for goodness sakes, DEFINITELY go to the Milford Sound and perhaps to the Milford Track. Make sure you spend some time in Queenstown: beautiful lakeside town, lots of fun adventure sports to participate in and good quality nightlife. permalinkreportreply[–]fazzah 1 point 7 hours agoCome here, to Poland. You’ll be robbed, drugged, and stripped naked. Then, find a way to return to civilization. Top this, Bear Grylls. permalinkreportreply[–]Sarstan 1 point 7 hours agoDo yourself a favor and ask this in /r/frugal. While it sounds fun, consider that many people make that much in about 10 years, so it’s best not to just squander it all. permalinkreportreply[–]LastSLC 1 point 7 hours agoGo fuck yourself. I’m sick of fake posts like this rubbing Great Depression II in everyone’s face. permalinkreportreply[–]DyingBreed 1 point 7 hours agoThe Upper Peninsula of Michigan is nice! permalinkreportreply[–]dreadnought_885 2 points 7 hours agoI cannot recommend China enough. Especially if you have that kind of money. Travel is cheap, especially by bus or train, but flights are relatively cheap too ( The country itself is gorgeous, and the people extremely friendly to foreigners (especially if your white or black). It is a huge country with cray geological diversity, from forests to deserts, to crazy limestone hills to huge mountains. The cities are insane, especially Shanghai (where I lived for 4 months). I think it’s the largest city in the world right now with some 20 million and growing. It’s cheap with all kinds of stuff to do and AMAZING food to eat. And of anything you must see Huangshan, easily the most beautiful place I’ve ever visited. permalinkreportreply[–]Andre7723 1 point 7 hours agoIf you go to Australia hit up French Polynesia. Specifically Mo’orea. I had a blast when I went there and am planning to go back a few more times. It can be pretty pricey even for a short stay but it’s WELL worth it. The Island The “hut” I stayed in–was the second from last out into the Pacific Edit: If you look to the right of the huts, all of that is coral reef. When I say coral reef, I mean, Black-tip reef sharks, Manta Rays, hard coral (Acropora), Tangs, you name it. permalinkreportreply[–]idontknowit 1 point 7 hours agoI want to go. Lend me some of that money and I will totally go. permalinkreportreply[–]Andy51 1 point 7 hours agoBe sure to backpack italy, it’s amazing also try south America, I’ve been to Peru and Costa Rica and both are amazing permalinkreportreply[–]adaminc 1 point 7 hours agoTofino, BC, Canada, it’s on Vancouver Island. permalinkreportreply[–]inffable 1 point 7 hours agoEverywhere! permalinkreportreply[–]VanEck 1 point 7 hours agoTAKE ME WITH YOU. permalinkreportreply[–]Amorose885 1 point 6 hours agoWhatever you do, spend new years in Edinburgh, Scotland for their Hogmanay Festival. It’s brilliant. permalinkreportreply[–]TrollingSince1998 1 point 6 hours agoUh, fucking EVERYWHERE? You could easily do an around the world trip with that much. The most expensive leg of the journey will be Europe and Australia, but South East Asia and South America you can get by on less than $30 a day. Depending on how many miles you plan to do, and the kind of travelling you want, will ultimately depend on the expense of your RTW ticket. Most low expense RTW tickets usually require you to leave from a different port from what you entered in, and that port must be further west than the entry port, so it can end up being a complete pain in the arse in terms of organising entry and exit. Personally if it were me, i’d figure out a rough route and book flights based on where i’d want to start and finish before moving onto the next continent. Then everything inbetween i’d backpack around taking buses, or book domestic flights when you’re there. permalinkreportreplyload more comments (1 reply)[–]Anonymous_Bosch 1 point 6 hours agoYou can live in Asia for a year comfortably on $20,000. India, Nepal, China, all of South East Asia. permalinkreportreply[–]AppendixP 1 point 6 hours agoSt. Barthelemy, French West Indies (south of the bahamas a good bit). If you want paradise, that’s your place. It does get a tad on the warm side in the summer though, so this time is actually perfect (tourist season is winter). If either of you know how to sail and would like a sailing adventure, travel the Carib by chartered sailing yacht. You won’t regret it. permalinkreportreply[–]lavin80r 1 point 6 hours agoGo swim in the lakes in Austria during the summer…gorgeous valleys and gorgeous weather. Then in the evenings go out and get drunk with some Austrians! permalinkreportreplyload more comments (1 reply)[–]deejay_1 1 point 6 hours agohowd you make 230k? just wondering what kind of job you have? permalinkreportreply[–]pauliesfreakin 1 point 6 hours agoCuba before the embargo is over with and Vietnam in the spring. permalinkreportreply[–]kava 1 point 6 hours agoGo where your heart tells you, I’d say — but you can live a long time, even a lifetime on 230K in some countries. I spent 8 months travelling the world about 5 years ago and I highly recommend as a good resource to learn about where to go, travel/airfare deals. The forums there are GREAT! Get a belly pack for your valuables! Have a wonderful time. permalinkreportreply[–]GnusmasAikon 1 point 6 hours agoCork, Ireland. It’s lovely (in the countryside) here. permalinkreportreply[–]HitTheTwit 1 point 6 hours agoEven though you have a ton of money, save it and spend sparingly. Couch surf wherever you are for a more local, and cost-effective, experience. permalinkreportreply[–]Scollin11 0 points 6 hours agoI’d visit eharmony you need a girl permalinkreportreply[–]njchessboy 1 point 6 hours agoBrugges, Belgium. I’ve been to 7 countries, and brugges is by far my favorite place in the world. It is the most picturesque place that you can imagine, and it’s not too far from Brussels (a great city for food, not so much for sightseeing). permalinkreportreply[–]zantosh 1 point 6 hours agoJust go to India for 6 months. Seriously if you have money but no income, then you want that money to burn as slowly as possible while having the best time for it. India is your surest bet – things are cheap, people are nice, food and medical facilities are great. Best bet – start with a flight into Bombay. Stay there for 15 days. Get comfortable with it and force yourself to not do things you’d normally do if your income was coming on it. It will be a seriously shocking adjustment, but you’ll live. Then, get to to traveling around. Go to Pune to wine country and then go to Goa for a week. Smoke a bunch of Charras. Anyway, you’ll make friends by this point and they can tell you what to do. Beware that you may not want to leave India because it does that to people. I do not work for their tourism department. permalinkreportreply[–]gloomdoom 0 points 6 hours agoIt sounds like you should spend more time making real friends than asking a bunch of strangers how to spend your life’s savings. Is that brutal? Or just honest. I don’t have the kind of money you do, but I know that I have lifelong trustworthy friends that I would approach with an issue like this, maybe take a few of them along. Just smacks of desperation in a big, disturbing way. Like, ‘Yeah, the guy has money but he has absolutely no one in his life to share it with or talk to.’ Enjoy it while it lasts. permalinkreportreplyload more comments (1 reply)[–]Shannegans 1 point 6 hours agoSeriously. With that much money, you could put half of it back in the bank (you’re going to want to retire at some point, and that’s ok), take the other half and be gone for 3-4years. No joke. I highly recommend taking a “slow travel” approach. Rather than a week in a location, pinging around like a BB in a tin can; give yourself a month (or more) in a country. Find a place to use as your landing pad and take short trips to other cities in the country. The beauty of the rest of the world is it isn’t like the US… meaning the countries get A LOT SMALLER and easier to navigate. I happen (because I am a travel nerd) to know a lot of people who have done RTW trips… including someone who is on an indefinite RTW trip right now. PM me and I will send you some links of great websites and can try and put you in contact w/people who have done what you want to do. Not so you can copy them,of course… but at least learn from their mistakes (so you can make all new ones!). 🙂 Also, you’re a lucky bastard and I am very jealous. permalinkreportreply[–]Norent 1 point 6 hours agoIf I have to suggest anything, it would be to travel around the northern parts of Norway. My grand parents live around these parts of Norway, and you really get to see some amazing nature, without a bunch of other tourist’s. You could take the “Hurtigruta”, but it’s quite expensive, so I recommend renting a car and drive, you get to see some amazing stuff on the roads as well. If I have to name one place, it would be Leka. It’s this small island in “Nord-Trøndelag”. I recommend driving around, and staying in a stone cabin. Website in English. permalinkreportreply[–]TheGear 1 point 6 hours agoI wish this was myself posting this. Have fun with it, but definitely put some aside for retiring. Hi-Five from another Michigander. permalinkreportreply[–]quoththeraven929 1 point 6 hours agoGotta say, Japan is one of the most beautiful places to visit. The culture combines in such a fascinating way with modern life! The countryside is beautiful, and Tokyo i absolutely stunning. If you do visit, be sure to climb Mt. Fuji, at least part way 🙂 permalinkreportreply[–]420falilv 1 point 6 hours agoTo the moon, my dear man. permalinkreportreply[–]bermuddy 1 point 6 hours agoPrague. srsly. permalinkreportreply[–]Bernie_SUCKA 1 point 6 hours agocome to my house and give me your money baby!!!! yeah baby!!!! permalinkreportreply[–]stinkybread 1 point 6 hours agoYou could stay rich and life comfortably in India, waited on hand and feet for the rest of your life only on the interest this money generates for you. permalinkreportreply[–]desert_fox 1 point 6 hours agoSouth Africa is the best place I’ve ever been, it probably helps that this was during the world cup so I would say go to England for the Olympics. You don’t even have to buy tickets to events, just the atmosphere will be amazing. But also, definitely go to South Africa and see the big 5 animals at game reserves. permalinkreportreply[–]BrowncoatShadow 1 point 6 hours agoIn Africa, go to Nairobi. You should be able to find a good safari on the Savanna too. Also, go to the beaches in south Africa, absolutely breathtaking. permalinkreportreply[–]thyyoungclub 1 point 6 hours agoIf you’re looking for Africa, go to Kenya; my dad goes there all the time for work, and he loves going there and visiting around because there’s so much natural wonder around to see. permalinkreportreply[–]thorndike 1 point 6 hours agoAntarctica. If I had that kind of money, I would take one of the Nat Geo, or other ‘science’ type cruises to Antarctica. I know one year Bill Bryson hosted a cruise there full of experts who gave talks about the continent and what one would see there. I so wanted to go. permalinkreportreply[–]tscott84 1 point 6 hours agoAsia! Depending on the country, your money can go far. Keep currency rates in mind as well! permalinkreportreply[–]AZJ0SH 1 point 6 hours agoMALDIVES! Beautiful chain of islands, with very few tourists if you go to the right places. I stayed at the W Maldives for my honeymoon (was a W employee, $79/night rates) and it was amazing, each room is a little villa out over the reef, and they have a huge catamaran for the hotel use. permalinkreportreply[–]tweedpress 1 point 6 hours agoHell. permalinkreportreply[–]ROK247 1 point 6 hours agobuy a sailboat. learn to sail. travel the world! when you are done, you will most likely be able to sell the boat for close to what you paid, assuming proper upkeep. i hope your roomate is hot. permalinkreportreply[–]toastwithjam 1 point 6 hours agoVisit Machu Picchu before it closes to the open public. permalinkreportreply[–]tscott84 1 point 6 hours agoAsia! Depending on the country, your money can go far. Keep currency rates in mind as well! permalinkreportreply[–]rhymingisfun 1 point 6 hours agoI’m in Michigan, too! First place you should go is Ann Arbor to grab a beer with me. permalinkreportreply[–]MrE2Me 1 point 6 hours agoDon’t forget to buy a DSLR camera and take pics. permalinkreportreply[–]Deep-Thought 1 point 6 hours agoDo you like steak and wine? go to argentina. permalinkreportreply[–]Wooomp 1 point 6 hours agoIndonesia – Bali! permalinkreportreply[–]sufaq 1 point 6 hours agoI have traveled for over a decade now. I prefer travel by sea in a sail boat. You can get a nice 42+ foot boat for around $60,000. Budget really doesn’t matter. I just met a Russian traveling with family who started with only $15,000. We are at least half way around the world from Russia. Some budgets are less than $600/month. Many are retired on pensions so that really is their maximum budget. Others of us spend $150K+ on their boat and then have a budget of $2,000 or so per month. In any case, you can travel the world for decades with that amount of money in a sailboat. The name of the community is “Cruisers” so look for magazines and books that mention world sailing or “cruising.” Cruisers come in all shapes, sizes and financial conditions (but not many colors for some reason). Welcome if you decide our route to the world. permalinkreportreply[–]vinfx 1 point 6 hours agoI think you should include a few US and Canadian locales in the mix before you jet over to Europe. Buy some camping gear (cuts down on expensive motels) and hop in your car and take to the highway. permalinkreportreply[–]banderwocky 1 point 6 hours agoEver watch the Canadian show Departures? Do that for 1 year sans camera crew. permalinkreportreply[–]Torisen 1 point 6 hours agoIf I had Your chance I’d travel by boat, try to hire on for something on a working ship that travels, cargo, cruise, fishing. There’s all kinds of odd jobs to be had to room and board, and doing the work short term can be a lot of fun. Bus/train travel overland is also interesting if you have the time. You can also draw out your “vacation” a long ways if you pick up odd jobs in the places you visit too, you’ll also meet different people and learn things you never would otherwise. Places I’d add: Belize IS very nice, been a few times with the wife. Be sure to visit San Ignacio, Caye Calker, and the ATM cave (if you like caving/archaeology). Martha’s guest house in San Ignacio has great cheap (~$30 US/night) rooms that are immaculate and a great restaurant attached. There’s lots of Mayan ruins to explore, too (if you’re into that, be sure to hit Tikal over the border into Guatemala). Cuzco, Peru is big fun too. All sorts of stuff to do, be sure to try Jack’s cafe and make a couple day trip up to Aguas Calientes to visit Machu Picchu and sit in the hot springs. I’d also make a point of visiting Thailand/Cambodia, beautiful country. Again I’d recommend seeing the Ankgor Wat (We love ruins, my wife wants to be Lara Croft, and I grew up thinking Indy was THE man, can you tell?) The_Adventurist is totally right too, $100k can last upwards of 5yrs per person if you’re not doing “touristy” things, buy food at markets not restaurants, rent rooms from locals not hotels, etc. $50/day (which goes a LONG way in most countries still) will last 5.5 years for $100k. See ALL OF THE THINGS! P.S. Bring a camera and start a thread here where you post stories and pictures. Easy (and well deserved) karma and you’ll be a Reddit HERO! permalinkreportreply[–]ehode 1 point 6 hours agoMy sister in law drove from China to South Africa. They have some decent field guide videos and experiences. They had a blast. permalinkreportreply[–]sufaq 1 point 6 hours agoA sail boat for world travel costs only $10,000-$150,000 depending on what you want. Then you can go everywhere. I know fellow cruisers who are retired with a $600/month budget. My own budget (with a family of four) is only about $1,500 per month. You can basically last the rest of your life and see the entire world for $200K. permalinkreportreply[–]MonsterAddict 1 point 6 hours agoOh my god. Australlia, Europe and Africa? I’m jealous. What parts of Australlia and Africa were you thinking? I’d always thought the Great Barrier Reef and the Savannah would be great places to travel to. The Great Barrier Reef is like an underwater jungle and the savannah is soooo beautiful. Wherever you decide to go, you should make a blog about it and post it to reddit, that’d be interesting to read. permalinkreportreply[–]Narissis 1 point 6 hours agoIf, by chance, your travels should ever take you to Atlantic Canada, let me know. I will force you to try our awesome lobster. permalinkreportreply[–]parallelogram_soup 1 point 6 hours agoWhere ever you decide to go, I just want to say good for you! I started saving up a lot later than I should have and I regret it. permalinkreportreply[–]derpderpin 1 point 6 hours agobuy a motorcycle and ride it around the planet, you can do it for less than a quarter of your 230k. permalinkreportreply[–]PEWPEWCHEWCHEW 1 point 6 hours agoIf you really want to explore Africa go into some kind of aid corps. It’s a real eye opener but its definitely not for everyone. permalinkreportreply[–]bobaconstrictor 1 point 6 hours agoYou can come crash at my pad. Bring some cash. permalinkreportreply[–]mvslice 1 point 5 hours agoGo to Vietnam permalinkreportreply[–]anakins89 1 point 5 hours agoCali, Colombia!!! permalinkreportreply[–]jcangany 1 point 5 hours agodude, add Vietnam to your list. the dollar to Vietnamese Dong ratio is excellent, and the country is insanely beautiful. I spent a few weeks there and had a blast — traveled from south to north and stayed in the mountains, on beaches, and in cities — and had an incredible (and affordable!) experience. permalinkreportreply[–]ojolejano 1 point 5 hours agoI would say come to Ecuador, that kind a money will last you a decade around here if you play it well. and women here love gringos permalinkreportreply[–]eyelemseebe 1 point 5 hours agoI highly suggest Ireland. The people were very friendly and the booze was aplenty. I just visited Dublin but the coast looks great too. Also Barcelona. It’s a little friendlier economically and there’s no lack of great restaurants and hot night life. permalinkreportreply[–]crowquilled 1 point 5 hours agoBuenos Aires (Argentina) if you like parties, night clubs, and all. All nights, all night you have many places to go. permalinkreportreply[–]crashblossom 2 points 5 hours agoAll these international destinations sound incredible, but don’t forget to take some time to see the beauty of your own country! Buy a 12-segment Amtrak pass and travel coast to coast. I’ve done Chicago->NYC->Boston->Chicago->L.A.->SanFran->Chicago. You’ll see desert and mountains and plains and forests while meeting fantastic people who are travellers themselves or visiting the USA for the first time and wanted to see the country. You’ll have dinner overlooking the evergreen forests in NorCal, breakfast (railroad french toast, yum!) traveling along the Colorado River, sipping your favorite beverage the whole time whether that’s coffee or bloody mary (you’re technically not supposed to bring alcohol on board since they sell it at the bar, but they turn a major blind eye as long as you don’t have the bottle sitting on the table). Oh, and out and back to california there’s a 30min stopover in Albaquerque and Denver – had an awesome time chatting a cute girl into going for a walk and grabbing a thai lunch in downtown Albuquerque before running back to our train (I think we were running ahead of schedule so the train sat at the station something like 50minutes). With the rail pass you can get off in whatever town suites your fancy and hang around for however long you like and just make a reservation for the next train that comes through town. It’s a great way to stroke your adventurous side before boarding a plane to the other side of the world. permalinkreportreply[–]itgoestheotherwaytoo 1 point 5 hours agocan I come too? permalinkreportreply[–]zebrake2010 1 point 5 hours agoWith that much money, you can visit all the places. For years. Enjoy. permalinkreportreply[–]mfarooqa 1 point 5 hours agoplease take me with you! permalinkreportreply[–]reaperthesky 1 point 5 hours agoAustralia: There are the regular things everyone does (Sydney CBD, Harbour Bridge, Opera House, Gold Coast, Great Barrier Reaf). But there is a lot more to see. It’s a big country after all. Just depends on what interests you. Also, I would suggest buying guides on every country you want to go to, then roughly planning how long in each CITY you want to stay, to see everything. You don’t have to plan day to day, just planning time to see everything. I was in The Philippines (amazing place, check our Borocay & Palawan), and I didn’t buy domestic flights or hotel bookings until the day I was going to that place. I travelled as a Chance passenger each time, and it made it more spontaneous and adventurous to me. If you’re paying for yourself, you definitely only have to spend maybe 50,000-80,000 of your money. I say this low, because I would find local jobs (bartending, waiting etc) as they not only allow you to stay longer on your trip for less, but you’ll usually meet people who are travelling and they’ll either give you good idea, or they’ll go with you, making friends along the way. Because of that, I have friends in Asia, America, Spain and Cyprus, guaranteed a bed if I travel there again. permalinkreportreply[–]TimVicious 1 point 5 hours agoI hear going to the kitchen would be a great place to meet women… permalinkreportreply[–]selenographer 2 points 5 hours agoIf you are from the US, don’t forget places here worth traveling to. Appalachia in the fall is wonderful. So is New Orleans during Mardi Gras. Tailgate an Ole Miss/Alabama game. Smoke some of the finest weed in the world up in Humboldt County. Go to Burning Man. Sail the Hudson River. Explore the abandoned waterways under Manhattan. Not that I’m not reasonably well traveled or saying not to travel the world, but there are a ton of awesome things to do here as well. permalinkreportreply[–]Kind_Of_A_Dick 1 point 5 hours agoSweden. I don’t know anything specific, but I’m sure you’ll find lots of nice places there. permalinkreportreply[–]liberalwhackjob 1 point 5 hours agoTuva permalinkreportreply[–]maybelline1 1 point 5 hours agoIceland: Gullfoss, Geysir, Blue Lagoon, Þingvellir, Jökulsárlón, Reykjavik city, Northern Lights during wintertime Protip: If you visit, don’t buy water, everyone drinks tap water here. Nobody buys from the store except tourists 🙂 permalinkreportreply[–]philipito 1 point 5 hours agoBuy plantation in Columbia. Become drug lord. permalinkreportreply[–]dinimer 1 point 5 hours agoThailand, very good food, mostly nice people, very cheap and beatiful. Even if you want to do Scuba Diving. Btw, if you like to dive, I would definitely do the divemaster or even instructor. So you may work afterwards, have fun and still continue your travel. permalinkreportreply[–]karlbirkir 1 point 5 hours agoWest-Europe is expensive, and if you ask me it’s not so interesting either, compared to, well, the rest of the world. So value-for-money wise, I advise you not to stay there for too long, and try to couchsurf and hitch-hike as possible to keep costs down. Start easy, you’ll have to get used to living in a backpack. There’s a lot of stuff you’ll mostly learn from experience. Check out Georgia, the country. It’s amazing and most of the people are wonderful. permalinkreportreply[–]Lilday 1 point 5 hours agoI wanna come with you. :[ permalinkreportreply[–]16horsepowered 1 point 5 hours agoIf you’re swinging through eastern Europe, Croatia, You’ll have a house to stay in for free, PM if this would match your masterplan whenever you’re putting it on the paper (also, some of the nicest girls, cool lakes, castles, excellent vine, even better food, fucked up country, happy people ;)) Sretan put! permalinkreportreply[–]JazzleSAURUS 1 point 5 hours agoFirst, new Zealand. Second, wall street. permalinkreportreply[–]Scroot 1 point 5 hours agoI think you should consider the option of working in Australia. Depending on your particular skills, they have a very good worker visa program. It could be like a long break in the middle of your trip (where you work for a year or whatever). permalinkreportreply[–]phantom_hax0r 1 point 5 hours agoI’ve been to Japan, that was pretty fantastic. Also you might want to look into Couchsurfing, could save a small fortune if you crash at houses for next to nothing permalinkreportreply[–]brucetown 1 point 5 hours agoLong time lurker here that registered just so I could comment on this post! I highly encourage your travels! I was in a similar position this past year (I’m also from the Mitten) and took a albeit much smaller journey this January-February to Panama, which I highly recommend. From my encounters with others along the way, I’d also recommend much of Central and South America. Here are some general recommendations: My #1 recommendation overall, wherever you travel, is to stay in hostels at least part of the time. Not only is it wicked cheap, especially in areas outside Europe and the US, but you will also easily meet other backpackers from around the world. No one knows the best/cheapest stuff to do and what to avoid other than backpackers. They like to talk and exchange information. You can always mix it up with some hotels as well if you get sick of the lifestyle. I used a Lonely Planet guidebook, which I found extremely useful and have no complaints. They publish guides on countries/regions all over the world. With that amount of money and time, be flexible. There were some areas I stayed longer that I liked better, where some towns I just didn’t like and left. You can purchase items that will make this easier – a Europass comes to mind should you head to Europe, where you can ride the trains over a set period of time on a flexible schedule. Here are some Panamanian-specific recommendations: As for my trip to Panama, I definitely recommend it. I blogged my tip and it has a lot of the cities I visited and places I stayed. In talking with backpackers coming south from Mexico or north from Argentina/Brazil, I heard a lot of amazing stories. The most surprising for me was everyone is really talking up Colombia. It is much safer than the past, still very cheap to travel, and very gorgeous (Caribbean beaches to mountains). I was this close to taking a sailboat from Panama City to Cartagena, Colombia, where you also stop at the San Blas Islands. It sounded incredible. The only country that I heard consistently negative things was Honduras. A number of people said it was very unsafe; lots of violence. I wasn’t there, so I can’t say for certain, but it definitely made an impression. Also, make sure you check out Machu Pitcchu in Peru if you head that way. I’ve never heard a bad thing about it; most people say that it “changed their worldview”, etc. because it was so amazing. Hope this helps! Have fun; you’re going to have a blast! Definitely do it! permalinkreportreply[–]silent_p 1 point 5 hours agoSpace. permalinkreportreply[–]wh3873 1 point 5 hours agoStraight to hell. / Jealousy. permalinkreportreply[–]SaveFerrisBueller 2 points 5 hours agoTake this 20 year old Canadian with you and we can make a documentary. permalinkreportreply[–]Alpaca_Master 0 points 5 hours agoSave your money or invest it. permalinkreportreply[–]BigBeardedMan 0 points 5 hours agoAmsterdam – bang some hoes Thialand – bang some hoes Vegas – bang some hoes Where ever you go – bang some hoes! permalinkreportreply[–]Philososaurus-Rex 1 point 5 hours agoCome to New Zealand, I hate to be that guy but I have lived here my whole life and I love it. It is beautiful (once you get out of the cities) and the people are fantastic. permalinkreportreply[–]sitsquietly 1 point 5 hours agoIf you are a water person consider doing a scuba divemaster intensive course in south east asia. I would recommend the Andaman sea, Ko Lanta or Krabi. There are programs that will take you right from beginner certifications to instructor. It is relatively cheap ( a few thousand dollars), plus you’ll get to meet travellers and get a sense of what’s out there. permalinkreportreply[–]samwaytla 1 point 5 hours agoI would recommend Chine, once you’ve got air-fairs the cost of everything over there is absolutely minimal, you could live the life of luxury for under $10 a day. permalinkreportreply[–]LadyA052 1 point 5 hours agoDo you need a companion? lol permalinkreportreply[–]seaofmirth 1 point 5 hours agoThanks for the post. It’s a great topic to ponder and remember such travels in my own youth. Here are some random thoughts: Anticipate that your roommate would not stick with it or you would split during the trip. And that would probably be a good thing. Traveling the world alone is wonderful and the best way to do it, I have found. That way, you would meet more wonderful and beautiful people, than if you had a partner. Although, a partner can be good, too, with the right partner, and the right chemistry between you. If you’re not experienced with developing countries, then take them slow, at first. In my first trip to India, I spent my first week in a cheap hotel in Mumbai, leaving my room for just 1-2 hours per day. It totally freaked me out and I wanted to leave India right away. In that sheltered environment, I was able to gradually get accustomed to it and travel all over India for 3+ months after that initial “breaking-in” period. permalinkreportreply[–]chillum1987 1 point 5 hours agoFucking Space with that amount of scrilla, jesus. Or you could move to vietnam or thailand and never work a day again in your life. permalinkreportreply[–]LloydRays 1 point 5 hours agoif your in America, should visit the Redwoods and all the other beautiful landscapes we have first, then go for the cultural trips to euro, south america, africa, etc permalinkreportreply[–]Gortos 1 point 5 hours agoJust a short advice: If you’re going to Germany, check out Berlin, but not just “Brandenburg Gate, the TV tower, Berlin Wall Memorial, done”. You need time for this city – it really is something special. There’s green everywhere, the next park or forrest is never far away; it’s a really salad bowl of mixed cultures while most people are extremely friendly and chilled (unlike Paris, London, Munich, etc.). Btw, if you visit Munich, PM me and I’ll show you around^ permalinkreportreply[–]scotthowardADTR 1 point 5 hours agoSCOTLAND! not the hottest of countries, but a beautiful scenery in the summer; Up north of Scotland. permalinkreportreply[–]Chester_Copperpot_ 1 point 5 hours agoGet a motorcycle and ride all of central/south America. All the way down to the tip of Argentina! This is one of my dream trips. permalinkreportreply[–]soaringrooster 1 point 5 hours agoMy house. Bring bucks. permalinkreportreply[–]jceez 1 point 5 hours agoEverywhere dude! Some airlines offer unlimited travel within a certain area, over a certain time. Get one of those and GO NUTS. Here’s one for Asia (Cathay Pacific is a great airline too). Also, Angkor Wat is not to be missed! permalinkreportreply[–]bleachpedro3 1 point 5 hours agoAfter your almost done with your trip,go to Guatemala or somewhere like that and do some missionary work 😉 permalinkreportreply[–]Chastain86 1 point 5 hours agoAfter having reviewed the contents of my OWN bank account versus yours, I believe the jesting answer here is, “Straight to hell, buddy.” Good for you having saved that much. Remember, there’s nothing more expensive in this world than regret, so enjoy your life and have an adventure. I will sit here and remain jelly. permalinkreportreply[–]hrgilbert 1 point 5 hours agoI would really recommend Croatia, it’s a lot cheaper than other European countries like France and Germany, but it is amazing. Beautiful weather, beautiful girls, amazing food, amazing drinks and like I said, it is extremely reasonable. permalinkreportreply[–]ihateyoursister 1 point 5 hours agoVietnam, Vietnam, Vietnam. I could see myself moving there. You can avoid Saigon (HCMC) if you want, and stick to areas central and northern. Hoi An, Ha Noi, Ha Long Bay, Sa Pa, etc. Brazil and Argentina. (Compare and contrast!) Oaxaca, the Yucatan and swing by San Cristobal de las Casas in Chiapas while you’re in the neighborhood. Turkey, Turkey, Turkey. permalinkreportreply[–]itstimeforpie 1 point 5 hours agoI don’t know about you, but Newfoundland is nice, some good sights and friendly people to be found. If you like to scuba dive, there are some good wrecks around, especially close to St. John’s if your in to that sort of thing. And attempting the George street pub crawl is always fun. I don’t know anybody whose actually succeeded in getting to every bar/club. If you were to head to Newfoundland though. Summer would probably be the best time to do it, the weather is fickle all year round, but its generally more pleasant in the summer. permalinkreportreply[–]sryguys 1 point 5 hours agoDon’t spend it all on some fancy record player. permalinkreportreply[–]TheScreamerRide 1 point 5 hours agoThe most beautiful place in the world (ok there is room for debate) is Yanghou, Gaungxi, China. permalinkreportreply[–]wookiesandwich 1 point 5 hours agoI would go someplace exotic where that 230k will last you a long time…you might find you never come back 😉 Seriously dude, I spent 2 weeks in Bali and Lombok recently and its a fucking paradise. The people are so nice and friendly (though sadly always trying to sell you shit you don’t want…completely understandable, just tiring), but its dirt cheap to live like a king and its stunningly beautiful, especially if you stay away from the bigger cities. If I was in your shoes I’d move there, buy or build a little B&B on the ocean, maybe a little restaurant, hire a couple families of locals to run it for me and enjoy the finer things in life permalinkreportreply[–]expat_sally 1 point 5 hours agoStart small and slow. It sounds like you’ve never travelled internationally before, so you might not be prepared for the inevitable culture shock that comes from being in a new place and far away from everything you take for granted. When I first came to the UK in 2000, my plan was to travel for 2 months, then start my university course. After a month I was so homesick and burnt-out that I used my travel money to buy a round-trip ticket home so I wouldn’t be miserable for the month before my course started. By the end of the year, I was much more comfortable travelling on my own and adjusting to new places, but even now it’s tiring. You’ll be travelling with a friend so it won’t be so bad, but consider planning a smaller trip, 1-2 months, say to Europe, to see how you two work together as travelling partners, how you ‘take’ to travelling, etc. Best case scenario, it’s awesome and you can’t wait to leave on your next adventure. Worst case, it’s a disaster but at least you haven’t bought tickets for a year of travelling together. If it works out, then spend a few weeks or months at home (or visiting friends around the US) decompressing and digesting the experience, then you can try going away for maybe 3-4 months and see how it goes. Also consider settling down in a place for a few months at a time, maybe study something you’ve always wanted to learn, maybe do some volunteering, maybe just hang out on the beach and read a stack of novels. This is a huge luxury and you’ll learn more about a place than if you’re just ‘passing through.’ This is the way I fell in love with Scotland, and the way my partner fell in love with India. Go for quality rather than quantity. TLDR: Don’t be afraid to take it slow, spend time in places, go home between adventures. Go on your own rhythm and you’ll enjoy it a lot more than if you did a “ten countries in seven days!” bus trip. Good luck! permalinkreportreply[–]khepra 1 point 4 hours agoI’ve been to two out of the three. Give Australia a miss right now unless you decide to camp deep in the outback. The civilized areas are basically exactly the same as the US. Africa, on the other hand, is amazing. My mom’s been to the interior and I’ve been to Morocco. Definitely hit up Morocco — Fez and Chefchaouen are absolute musts for every human being. permalinkreportreply[–]theupdown 1 point 4 hours agoIt’s just my preference, but I’d spend more time in south asia/islands/africa than europe just because it’s so different. That being said, I feel like Indonesia would be an amazing place if you love nature. Don’t know too much about Africa, sorry, but you could check out Lake Victoria. If you want to go back to western civilization but retain a special culture and natural beauty, Thailand or Singapore would be cool. Anyway, I really came to suggest India, at least for a bit. It depends on how adventurous/outdoorsy you are. Yes, the heat will be intense. Don’t know much about mainland/north but i can say that the South is beautiful, I went there for a summer to volunteer. The south is laidback. You have your very busy cities but then you have serene beaches and backwaters on which you can take a houseboat on and cruise. The palm trees alone are amazing, and if you like spicy food there’s just no other place better. Even if you are just a foodie it’s worth the effort to go. I’m already hungry thinking about it. If you have a weak stomach/constitution, then I’d stay out of there. permalinkreportreply[–]GansoRojo 1 point 4 hours agoif you decide to go to Europe look up the company bus about, You can purchase stops in major cities along a route and book stays for as long as you want at the stops. There is not set time limit so if you get to a particular city and decide you like it you can skip the bus to the next stop because another one will be coming through town in 2 days. All the buses travel during the day so you can stay out all night, catch the 8am bus the next day and then wake up in a new place. Its a lot of fun, and they have stops in every major city, check out the site; permalinkreportreply[–]omplatt 1 point 4 hours agocome to my house, bring your money permalinkreportreply[–]dogs_cant_look_up 1 point 4 hours ago* Departures is an amazing travel show I suggest you check out. Three guys (one is the camera man) travel the world and they go to a lot of off-the-beaten-track places. It’s also beautifully shot. EDIT: Season one features Canada, Jordan, India, Ascension Islands, Japan, Cook Islands, New Zealand, Thailand, Cambodia. Season two features Morocco, Libya, Brazil, Cuba, Mongolia, Iceland, Zambia, Madagascar, Chile, Antarctica. Season three features: Russia, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Papua New Guinea, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Greenland, North Korea, Indonesia, Australia. Also, you might want to look into getting a Round the World flight. I have always wanted to do this, and it might save you some money. permalinkreportreply[–]nevergreen 1 point 4 hours agotake me with you permalinkreportreply[–]bobbycash 1 point 4 hours agoIf anything, could you please go to Argentina, and take a picture of the stars and post it on here. I have heard they have the least light polluted skies around. Would be nice, plus Argentina. permalinkreportreply[–]blankfist 1 point 4 hours agoSave yourself a trip and just deposit that money into my account. permalinkreportreply[–]kneedeepatatp 1 point 4 hours agoGO TO DELAWARE! permalinkreportreply[–]FatFromSpeed 1 point 4 hours agoGO TO ALL THE PLACES!!!!!!!!!!!! permalinkreportreply[–]wheatfields 1 point 4 hours agoSouth East Asia, is cheap as fuck, and a shortish flight from Australia. I lived in Thailand (in the city of Bangkok) working as a teacher making about $900 a month. (2700 Baht) My rent was 5000 baht, an average meal was 30-60 baht. Leaving me with a huge amount of “do whatever I want with” cash. There are a lot of cheap third world regions to go to, but Thailand has by far some of the best beaches in the WORLD. That, and many of them also have some REALLY nice but also really cheap fancy hotels on them. You can climb into the interior jungle and visit forest temples. Really there is no reason not to go, CONSIDER IT! permalinkreportreply[–]RevoltOfTheBeavers 1 point 4 hours agoTwo words. Silk. Road. permalinkreportreply[–]PunkRockBilly 1 point 4 hours agoMy house. Bring cash. permalinkreportreply[–]lonesharkx 1 point 4 hours agoMaldives man… freaking B-E-A-utifull permalinkreportreply[–]johnashcroft 1 point 4 hours is amazing… I would highly recommend signing up and at the very least meeting some locals for drinks or dinner. permalinkreportreply[–]meeooww 1 point 4 hours agoHong Kong. Amazing food, interesting culture. Have a drink at the Intercontinental overlooking the harbor. permalinkreportreply[–]milikania 1 point 4 hours agoItaly!!!! Tell me how to achieve this goal. You are living my dream. Create a blog and document your trip, I will visit every day and live vicariously through you. Have you thought about visiting the Amazon? permalinkreportreply[–]gedsnh 1 point 4 hours agoMotorcycle + South America (for starters) = Che Guevara But seriously. . .there was another post on reddit recently about a guy going around the world on a motorcycle, and it looks like just about the most bad ass way to see the world. permalinkreportreply[–]TheRealJonnyV 1 point 4 hours agoI can’t believe nobody suggested reading The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferris. Great book that will give you lots of good info on what youre looking for, places to go, what to do, how to do it for cheap, etc. permalinkreportreply[–]cor315 1 point 4 hours agoDude with that kind of money you could go everywhere. I spent about 10k and traveled for a year. permalinkreportreply[–]froughty 1 point 4 hours agoFreaking 1% permalinkreportreply[–]Afterburned 1 point 4 hours agoI can recommend Jerusalem as one of the most amazing cities I’ve been to, even if you aren’t religious. The terrain is beautiful, you can’t spit without hitting history, and the people are very friendly and welcoming. You also have a mix of religion, history, and solemnity in the Old City, and partying in the New City. permalinkreportreply[–]Procrasturbashun 1 point 4 hours agoIndonesia. Bali especially. permalinkreportreply[–]quickclay 1 point 4 hours agoJapan is an amazing experience. I’d suggest at least a week checking out each of the distinct districts of Tokyo, followed by a week exploring the more Old World feel of Kyoto. permalinkreportreply[–]annie_linc 1 point 4 hours agoI studied abroad in Australia in 2007 and studied at the University of Melbourne. I fell in love with it. I also ventured to Syndney and the Gold Coast. Do yourself a favor and go! Had to take a loan out for the plane tickets and other expenses. Completely worth it. permalinkreportreply[–]isleepinahammock 1 point 4 hours agoWith that kind of money, you could just retire now and travel indefinitely if you choose your destinations wisely. You have $230k in the bank. Invested conservatively at say, 5% a year, this gives you $11.5k per year. Now compare this to the per-capita incomes of countries around the world: First, redefine your idea of retirement. This super-early retirement doesn’t mean you’ll never work again. It does mean that you’ll never HAVE to work again. So, travel the world, use the interest as your guaranteed subsistence income, and pick up odd jobs wherever you can. Find work you can do online. Write a book, etc. The key is to really just keep your expenses down. Become really frugal and focus on low-cost destinations. Hell, you could even subsist in many places in the US off $11.5k per year. If you play your cards right and are really serious about travel, you really don’t need to ever work a salary job again. For inspiration, start here: permalinkreportreply[–]DrEnter 1 point 4 hours agoReally, too many to say here, but a few nice additions… Urumqi, Xinjiang Province, China (fairly inexpensive) Reykjavik, Iceland (very expensive) Hong Kong (very expensive) Namibia (not too expensive, several cool parks and nature preserves) Udaipur, India (not too expensive, unless you stay at the Lake Palace) Hai Phong, Vietnam (inexpensive) Cuenca, Equador (inexpensive) Machu Pichu, Peru (inexpensive) Buenos Aires, Argentina (average expense) I could go on… permalinkreportreplyload more comments (161 replies)

Reddit top 250 top movies

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  1. 1 +1

    Pulp Fiction


  2. 2 -1

    Fight Club


  3. 3 +1

    The Shawshank Redemption


  4. 4 new



  5. 5 +1

    The Matrix


  6. 6 +7

    The Big Lebowski


  7. 7 +1



  8. 8 -3

    The Dark Knight


  9. 9 +1

    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind


  10. 10 +29

    Groundhog Day


  11. 11 -2

    Children of Men


  12. 12 -5

    Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back


  13. 13 new

    Inglourious Basterds


  14. 14 +6

    Monty Python and the Holy Grail


  15. 15 +55

    Shaun of the Dead


  16. 16 +2

    No Country for Old Men


  17. 17 +17

    Back to the Future


  18. 18 -2

    Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop…


  19. 19 +6

    Forrest Gump


  20. 20 +1

    Reservoir Dogs


  21. 21 -18

    A Clockwork Orange


  22. 22 +1

    Office Space


  23. 23 -6



  24. 24

    District 9


  25. 25 +58

    Toy Story


  26. 26 +2

    The Usual Suspects


  27. 27 +19

    Full Metal Jacket


  28. 28 +23


    1994 — a.k.a. The Professional

  29. 29 -18

    American Beauty


  30. 30 +18

    Saving Private Ryan


  31. 31 new



  32. 32 -20

    The Godfather


  33. 33 +3



  34. 34 -10

    El laberinto del fauno

    2006 — a.k.a. Pan’s Labyrinth

  35. 35 +22

    The Prestige


  36. 36 -21

    The Princess Bride


  37. 37 +10

    Cidade de Deus

    2002 — a.k.a. City of God

  38. 38 +73

    Good Will Hunting


  39. 39 +17

    The Departed


  40. 40 +18

    The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King


  41. 41 +1

    There Will Be Blood


  42. 42 -28

    American History X


  43. 43 -24

    V for Vendetta


  44. 44 +1



  45. 45 +43

    Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi

    2001 — a.k.a. Spirited Away

  46. 46 -16

    Star Wars


  47. 47 +20

    The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring


  48. 48 new



  49. 49 new



  50. 50 +42

    Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo.

    1966 — a.k.a. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

  51. 51 +13

    Raiders of the Lost Ark


  52. 52 -26

    2001: A Space Odyssey


  53. 53 -26

    The Fifth Element


  54. 54 -25

    Blade Runner


  55. 55 -5

    The Silence of the Lambs


  56. 56 -21

    Requiem for a Dream


  57. 57 +48

    Kill Bill: Vol. 1


  58. 58 -36

    Donnie Darko


  59. 59 +53

    American Psycho


  60. 60 +59

    28 Days Later…


  61. 61 -20

    Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain

    2001 — a.k.a. Amélie

  62. 62 new

    O Brother, Where Art Thou?


  63. 63 new

    Ferris Bueller’s Day Off


  64. 64 -31

    Apocalypse Now


  65. 65 +15

    Schindler’s List


  66. 66 +78

    One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest


  67. 67 -23



  68. 68 -37

    The Shining


  69. 69 -4

    Terminator 2: Judgment Day


  70. 70 -27

    The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers


  71. 71 +20

    The Godfather: Part II


  72. 72 +48

    Hot Fuzz


  73. 73 +120

    12 Angry Men


  74. 74 +169

    Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy


  75. 75 -37



  76. 76 -27



  77. 77 -37

    Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas


  78. 78 -16

    The Incredibles


  79. 79 +23

    Ghost Busters

    1984 — a.k.a. Ghostbusters

  80. 80 -48

    Twelve Monkeys


  81. 81 -18

    Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels


  82. 82 -9

    Taxi Driver


  83. 83 -31

    Sin City


  84. 84 +24

    Being John Malkovich


  85. 85 -10



  86. 86 +164

    In Bruges


  87. 87 -50

    Jurassic Park


  88. 88 -28



  89. 89 -18



  90. 90 -12



  91. 91 -5

    The Truman Show


  92. 92 new

    The Bourne Identity


  93. 93 -25

    Die Hard


  94. 94 +15



  95. 95 new

    Toy Story 3


  96. 96 -30

    Shichinin no samurai

    1954 — a.k.a. The Seven Samurai

  97. 97 -44



  98. 98 new

    The Hangover


  99. 99 +117

    Låt den rätte komma in

    2008 — a.k.a. Let the Right One In

  100. 100 -11

    Batman Begins


  101. 101 -4

    The Lion King


  102. 102 -41

    Life of Brian


  103. 103 -19

    Kiss Kiss Bang Bang


  104. 104 +23

    The Royal Tenenbaums


  105. 105 +73

    Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade


  106. 106 -32



  107. 107 -30

    This Is Spinal Tap


  108. 108 -54



  109. 109 +19

    Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi


  110. 110 +26

    Lost in Translation


  111. 111 -13



  112. 112 +94

    Ocean’s Eleven


  113. 113 -31



  114. 114 +76


    1997 — a.k.a. Princess Mononoke

  115. 115 +18



  116. 116 -1

    Thank You for Smoking


  117. 117 new

    The Bourne Ultimatum


  118. 118 -18



  119. 119 -2

    Kill Bill: Vol. 2


  120. 120 new



  121. 121 -42

    Rear Window


  122. 122 +49

    The Breakfast Club


  123. 123 +99

    The Blues Brothers


  124. 124 -11

    Finding Nemo


  125. 125 -49



  126. 126 new

    Tonari no Totoro

    1988 — a.k.a. My Neighbor Totoro

  127. 127 -72

    The Boondock Saints


  128. 128 -33

    The Iron Giant


  129. 129 new



  130. 130 new

    (500) Days of Summer


  131. 131 new

    Catch Me If You Can


  132. 132 +17

    The Graduate


  133. 133 -2

    Slumdog Millionaire


  134. 134 -33

    L.A. Confidential


  135. 135 new

    Super Troopers


  136. 136 -67



  137. 137 +3

    North by Northwest


  138. 138 +8

    Blazing Saddles


  139. 139 +12

    Casino Royale


  140. 140 new

    Dead Poets Society


  141. 141 new

    Shutter Island


  142. 142 +32

    Mulholland Dr.

    2001 — a.k.a. Mulholland Drive

  143. 143 -29



  144. 144 new

    Fantastic Mr. Fox


  145. 145 new



  146. 146 new



  147. 147 -9



  148. 148 new

    Kung fu


  149. 149 -17

    It’s a Wonderful Life


  150. 150 +55

    A Beautiful Mind


  151. 151 -17

    The Wizard of Oz


  152. 152 -42



  153. 153 -72

    The Wrestler


  154. 154

    To Kill a Mockingbird


  155. 155 new

    Annie Hall


  156. 156 +6

    Blue Velvet


  157. 157 new

    Edward Scissorhands


  158. 158 -23



  159. 159 -20



  160. 160 new

    Stand by Me


  161. 161 new

    Toy Story 2


  162. 162 -36

    Citizen Kane


  163. 163 new

    Raising Arizona


  164. 164 -39

    The Sting


  165. 165 -18



  166. 166 -13

    Wo hu cang long

    2000 — a.k.a. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

  167. 167 -38

    Dark City


  168. 168 -83

    Starship Troopers


  169. 169 -82

    Cool Hand Luke


  170. 170 new

    A Christmas Story


  171. 171 new

    Das Leben der Anderen

    2006 — a.k.a. The Lives of Others

  172. 172 new



  173. 173 -13

    Lola rennt

    1998 — a.k.a. Run Lola Run

  174. 174 -52

    Monsters, Inc.


  175. 175 -7

    Synecdoche, New York


  176. 176 -72



  177. 177 new



  178. 178 -119

    The Terminator


  179. 179 -86

    High Fidelity


  180. 180 new

    Stranger Than Fiction


  181. 181 -31



  182. 182 -10

    Big Fish


  183. 183 +13

    Into the Wild


  184. 184 -21



  185. 185 new

    The Third Man


  186. 186 -80

    Lawrence of Arabia


  187. 187 +23

    La vita è bella

    1997 — a.k.a. Life Is Beautiful

  188. 188 new



  189. 189 +22

    Star Trek


  190. 190 -87

    Army of Darkness


  191. 191 new

    Gangs of New York


  192. 192 +57


    1950 — a.k.a. In the Woods

  193. 193 new

    Apollo 13


  194. 194 -33

    Little Miss Sunshine


  195. 195 new

    The Bourne Supremacy


  196. 196 -2

    The Fountain


  197. 197 -16

    The Hudsucker Proxy


  198. 198 new



  199. 199 new

    Barton Fink


  200. 200 new

    Kôkaku kidôtai

    1995 — a.k.a. Ghost in the Shell

  201. 201 new



  202. 202 new

    Some Like It Hot


  203. 203 new

    Animal House


  204. 204 +23

    La cité des enfants perdus

    1995 — a.k.a. The City of Lost Children

  205. 205 +28



  206. 206 new



  207. 207 +38

    Galaxy Quest


  208. 208 -43

    The Maltese Falcon


  209. 209 -7

    Young Frankenstein


  210. 210 new

    Best in Show


  211. 211 -104



  212. 212 new

    Mean Girls


  213. 213 new



  214. 214 new

    The Gods Must Be Crazy


  215. 215 -60

    The Goonies


  216. 216 new

    La dolce vita


  217. 217 new

    Ladri di biciclette

    1948 — a.k.a. The Bicycle Thief

  218. 218 new

    Artificial Intelligence: AI


  219. 219 new

    Dumb & Dumber

    1994 — a.k.a. Dumb Happens

  220. 220 -102

    Batoru rowaiaru

    2000 — a.k.a. Battle Royale

  221. 221 -21

    Raging Bull


  222. 222 new

    A Serious Man


  223. 223 -38

    Singin’ in the Rain


  224. 224 new



  225. 225 new



  226. 226 new

    Almost Famous


  227. 227 -79



  228. 228 -16

    The Bridge on the River Kwai


  229. 229 -53



  230. 230 -78

    The Thing


  231. 231 new

    The Pianist


  232. 232 -95



  233. 233 new

    C’era una volta il West

    1968 — a.k.a. Once Upon a Time in the West

  234. 234 new

    1963 — a.k.a. Federico Fellini’s 8 1/2

  235. 235 new



  236. 236 new

    E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial


  237. 237 -107

    Who Framed Roger Rabbit


  238. 238 -50



  239. 239 new

    Black Dynamite


  240. 240 new

    Mr. Smith Goes to Washington


  241. 241 -147

    Iron Man


  242. 242 -1

    Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure


  243. 243 new

    Do the Right Thing


  244. 244 new

    Easy Rider


  245. 245 new



  246. 246 new

    Det sjunde inseglet

    1957 — a.k.a. The Seventh Seal

  247. 247 new

    Moulin Rouge!


  248. 248 -91

    Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan


  249. 249 new

    Minority Report


  250. 250 new

    Punch-Drunk Love




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Knowledge is power

France is bacon

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2 weeks 3 days ago NuclearPlanet said:

This is the easiest list to complete. Also the most entertaining.

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3 weeks 6 days ago mi-16evil said:

I hate when people say a film shouldn’t be on list just because they don’t want to see it. I absolutely didn’t want to see Salo, but I did because it was on so many lists. The only way to become a well-rounded film viewer is if you are willing to take risks on films and see things you may have never tried on your own. In fact that’s kind of the idea of this site, helping you expand your viewing library by exposing you to films you would never have watched if you weren’t trying to finish a list.

Plus you never know what your reaction will be. I really didn’t want to watch The Celebration but I ended up loving it! Never short change yourself on a possible new favorite film.

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Herp derp

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Ottawa restaurants pubs cafes – Reddit

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all 38 comments

[–]c0urtn33 8 points 1 day ago

On dalhousie theres a mexican place called Ahora. Cheep and delicious. Probably not where youd want to bring a diva girl though.

[–]artofwelding 3 points 1 day ago

They serve Margaritas! I don’t know if they’re good!

[–]c0urtn33 1 point 23 hours ago

Happy cake day!

[–]treesnbiochem 3 points 1 day ago

Love this place. A girl took me out there once and it is now one of my favs for second/third dates.

[–]dancehallsailor 2 points 1 day ago

Seconded – best Mexican food ever, you can get a pitcher of Sangria and dinner for both of you for like, thirty dollars.

[–]moist_towelette 0 points 1 day ago

A diva girl? wait wut?

[–]c0urtn33 3 points 1 day ago

the style of the restaurant being cafeteria like, not getting served by waiters, but getting the food yourself. If the girl is too prissy she may not like that.

[–]moist_towelette 2 points 23 hours ago

Uh oh. I bet the divo guys wouldn’t like that either. But the informal nature of it makes for such a fun date!

[–]matty323 -1 points 22 hours ago

Cheap? $15 for 3 tacos is not cheap.

[–]Canadave 4 points 20 hours ago

Three tacos is like $13, and comes with two sides. And considering the quality of their food, the prices are amazing.

[–]sokz 2 points 9 hours ago

No, I agree with this guy, I LOVE Ahora and sing its praises regularly but it’s not “cheap.” You tell someone a place has good cheap tacos and they think street food cheap. 2 tacos and a handful of chips at Ahora is what, 11-12 dollars? It’s not cheap but it is damn good.

[–]AlexTheGreat 1 point 7 hours ago

It used to be much cheaper before it got popular, so its reputation for being inexpensive is still sticking even though it’s not true anymore.

[–]sokz 1 point 4 hours ago

So I have noticed the price creeping up over the last 4 years or so.. I don’t go there NEARLY as often as I used to because it’s not quite satisfying my ideal cost:portion ratio.

[–]Canadave 1 point 3 hours ago

I guess I’m thinking by the standards of going out for a meal it’s pretty cheap. Unless you’re getting actual fast food there’s not much that’s going to be cheaper, and you can’t have a drink at a fast food place.

[–]matty323 1 point 5 hours ago

Yes, it does come with two sides. But salad, rice and beans are about as cheap as cheap comes. I still maintain that while its good, its too expensive to be called cheap.

[–]catherinecg 7 points 1 day ago

Museums (Art, Civilization, War) are free on Thursday nights.

[–]shawnpeps 6 points 1 day ago

Chez Lucien or The Manx would be my suggestions. They carry good beers, the atmosphere is nice in both places and they’re not ultra expensive.

[–]hereyagoes 4 points 1 day ago

Raw Sugar Cafe

[–]FreezerB 2 points 23 hours ago

Sushi 88 beside it is a great date place but not as cheap.

[–]bty2047 1 point 23 hours ago

just go to kettleman’s

[–]artofwelding 1 point 1 day ago

My brain can only think of expensive things and pubs. Call me when you want suggestions for those.

[–]zouave1[S] 1 point 1 day ago

Pubs can definitely be included.

[–]artofwelding 3 points 1 day ago

In terms of pubs, there’s the Brig, which has a really wonderful courtyard in the nicer seasons. They’re not particularly cheap, but reasonable. There’s also Chez Lucien, which has reasonably-priced drinks and fantastic burgers. The Manx on Elgin is very popular and has a decent ambiance when they don’t have someone playing live music. The food is great, and they also have a late-night food menu.

Slightly less publike: The Corner Bar/grill on Bank is not bad, more restaurant-y than publike but totally good for a drink, and not too insane pricewise. They do pretty decent food too.

The Preston has reeally cheap drink deals every night ($5 doubles etc) and although I have only been outside, the inside looks decent.

More expensive but date-y: the Moon Room on Preston.

[–]skeetar 2 points 10 hours ago

This person knows what they’re talking about. Each suggestion is win.

[–]Santera 2 points 1 day ago

The Old Dirty Dom, it will make or break any first date.

[–]Zblewski 3 points 1 day ago

Never been there, but I’ve heard a lot of discouraging remarks about that place. Why on earth is it a good date spot?

[–]Santera 3 points 1 day ago

If she’s shallow she will hate it. If she’s cool, she won’t be judgmental.

[–]Saline_Drip[!] 2 points 12 hours ago

So basically, if you’re expecting something halway decent, you’re shallow?

Allow me this fit of laughter.

[–]Santera 2 points 10 hours ago

No no no, this is just my personal taste for informal dates. If you want to wow a girl don’t bring her there. If you are searching for a down to earth girl, she will pass this test.

[–]Saline_Drip[!] 1 point 8 hours ago

Ah k, good to know 😉

[–]skootles 1 point 1 day ago

Eh, you either love the dom or hate it I guess. I wouldn’t call it a good date spot though, more of a place to go drink and maybe play pool.

[–]tsahandjob 1 point 11 hours ago

it’s a dive bar, if she’s that kind of girl it will work if not she will hate it

[–]sirspate 0 points 23 hours ago

Lunch downtown? Grab a burger and beer at the Lieutenant’s Pump. (Sorry, that’s all I got; I don’t get out much..)

[–]seamusfish 2 points 19 hours ago

The Prescott on Preston has cheap drink and food, the restaurant side (on the left, if you are facing the front of the building) is appropriate, the other side is a sports bar. If you’re looking for something cheap to do, the Mayfair Theatre shows great cult movies and has a cool atmosphere.

[–]Glossy_Paper 1 point 13 hours ago


[–]skeetar 1 point 10 hours ago

Howdy fellow Vanmigrant.

If you’re both anglophones, going to some franco places in Gatineau can be fun if you have basic workable French. Scrabble and a show at Raw Sugar is great (added bonus, coffee and beer) Anything posts is generally legit has listings of local events

Lots of restaurants: Everything already suggested Quinn’s (pub, old ottawa south) Jak’s Kitchen (preston, breakfast/lunch) Green Door (veg buffet) Govindas (Hari Krisha student dive) Los Tacos de Mauro (new place, down street from Ahora, is in a nightclub but man does Mauro know what he’s doing)

Exploring historic sites is fun too. Like sneaking into places you probably shouldn’t be in the Chateau Laurier.

[–]mrAsshole 1 point 6 hours ago

Garlic Corner at the corner of Dalhousie and York. 2 Canadians for 5 bucks and they have hookahs.

[–]sroske1 -1 points 1 day ago

yoga kirtans, like sing-a-longs. they are often by donation. just give a few of the studios a call, like Rama Lotus, Santosha, or Pranashanti.

edit. drink alcohol after the kirtan, not before.

all 38 comments

[–]c0urtn33 8 points 1 day ago

On dalhousie theres a mexican place called Ahora. Cheep and delicious. Probably not where youd want to bring a diva girl though.

[–]artofwelding 3 points 1 day ago

They serve Margaritas! I don’t know if they’re good!

[–]c0urtn33 1 point 23 hours ago

Happy cake day!

[–]treesnbiochem 3 points 1 day ago

Love this place. A girl took me out there once and it is now one of my favs for second/third dates.

[–]dancehallsailor 2 points 1 day ago

Seconded – best Mexican food ever, you can get a pitcher of Sangria and dinner for both of you for like, thirty dollars.

[–]moist_towelette 0 points 1 day ago

A diva girl? wait wut?

[–]c0urtn33 3 points 1 day ago

the style of the restaurant being cafeteria like, not getting served by waiters, but getting the food yourself. If the girl is too prissy she may not like that.

[–]moist_towelette 2 points 23 hours ago

Uh oh. I bet the divo guys wouldn’t like that either. But the informal nature of it makes for such a fun date!

[–]matty323 -1 points 22 hours ago

Cheap? $15 for 3 tacos is not cheap.

[–]Canadave 4 points 20 hours ago

Three tacos is like $13, and comes with two sides. And considering the quality of their food, the prices are amazing.

[–]sokz 2 points 9 hours ago

No, I agree with this guy, I LOVE Ahora and sing its praises regularly but it’s not “cheap.” You tell someone a place has good cheap tacos and they think street food cheap. 2 tacos and a handful of chips at Ahora is what, 11-12 dollars? It’s not cheap but it is damn good.

[–]AlexTheGreat 1 point 7 hours ago

It used to be much cheaper before it got popular, so its reputation for being inexpensive is still sticking even though it’s not true anymore.

[–]sokz 1 point 4 hours ago

So I have noticed the price creeping up over the last 4 years or so.. I don’t go there NEARLY as often as I used to because it’s not quite satisfying my ideal cost:portion ratio.

[–]Canadave 1 point 3 hours ago

I guess I’m thinking by the standards of going out for a meal it’s pretty cheap. Unless you’re getting actual fast food there’s not much that’s going to be cheaper, and you can’t have a drink at a fast food place.

[–]matty323 1 point 5 hours ago

Yes, it does come with two sides. But salad, rice and beans are about as cheap as cheap comes. I still maintain that while its good, its too expensive to be called cheap.

[–]catherinecg 7 points 1 day ago

Museums (Art, Civilization, War) are free on Thursday nights.

[–]shawnpeps 6 points 1 day ago

Chez Lucien or The Manx would be my suggestions. They carry good beers, the atmosphere is nice in both places and they’re not ultra expensive.

[–]hereyagoes 4 points 1 day ago

Raw Sugar Cafe

[–]FreezerB 2 points 23 hours ago

Sushi 88 beside it is a great date place but not as cheap.

[–]bty2047 1 point 23 hours ago

just go to kettleman’s

[–]artofwelding 1 point 1 day ago

My brain can only think of expensive things and pubs. Call me when you want suggestions for those.

[–]zouave1[S] 1 point 1 day ago

Pubs can definitely be included.

[–]artofwelding 3 points 1 day ago

In terms of pubs, there’s the Brig, which has a really wonderful courtyard in the nicer seasons. They’re not particularly cheap, but reasonable. There’s also Chez Lucien, which has reasonably-priced drinks and fantastic burgers. The Manx on Elgin is very popular and has a decent ambiance when they don’t have someone playing live music. The food is great, and they also have a late-night food menu.

Slightly less publike: The Corner Bar/grill on Bank is not bad, more restaurant-y than publike but totally good for a drink, and not too insane pricewise. They do pretty decent food too.

The Preston has reeally cheap drink deals every night ($5 doubles etc) and although I have only been outside, the inside looks decent.

More expensive but date-y: the Moon Room on Preston.

[–]skeetar 2 points 10 hours ago

This person knows what they’re talking about. Each suggestion is win.

[–]Santera 2 points 1 day ago

The Old Dirty Dom, it will make or break any first date.

[–]Zblewski 3 points 1 day ago

Never been there, but I’ve heard a lot of discouraging remarks about that place. Why on earth is it a good date spot?

[–]Santera 3 points 1 day ago

If she’s shallow she will hate it. If she’s cool, she won’t be judgmental.

[–]Saline_Drip[!] 2 points 12 hours ago

So basically, if you’re expecting something halway decent, you’re shallow?

Allow me this fit of laughter.

[–]Santera 2 points 10 hours ago

No no no, this is just my personal taste for informal dates. If you want to wow a girl don’t bring her there. If you are searching for a down to earth girl, she will pass this test.

[–]Saline_Drip[!] 1 point 8 hours ago

Ah k, good to know 😉

[–]skootles 1 point 1 day ago

Eh, you either love the dom or hate it I guess. I wouldn’t call it a good date spot though, more of a place to go drink and maybe play pool.

[–]tsahandjob 1 point 11 hours ago

it’s a dive bar, if she’s that kind of girl it will work if not she will hate it

[–]sirspate 0 points 23 hours ago

Lunch downtown? Grab a burger and beer at the Lieutenant’s Pump. (Sorry, that’s all I got; I don’t get out much..)

[–]seamusfish 2 points 19 hours ago

The Prescott on Preston has cheap drink and food, the restaurant side (on the left, if you are facing the front of the building) is appropriate, the other side is a sports bar. If you’re looking for something cheap to do, the Mayfair Theatre shows great cult movies and has a cool atmosphere.

[–]Glossy_Paper 1 point 13 hours ago


[–]skeetar 1 point 10 hours ago

Howdy fellow Vanmigrant.

If you’re both anglophones, going to some franco places in Gatineau can be fun if you have basic workable French. Scrabble and a show at Raw Sugar is great (added bonus, coffee and beer) Anything posts is generally legit has listings of local events

Lots of restaurants: Everything already suggested Quinn’s (pub, old ottawa south) Jak’s Kitchen (preston, breakfast/lunch) Green Door (veg buffet) Govindas (Hari Krisha student dive) Los Tacos de Mauro (new place, down street from Ahora, is in a nightclub but man does Mauro know what he’s doing)

Exploring historic sites is fun too. Like sneaking into places you probably shouldn’t be in the Chateau Laurier.

[–]mrAsshole 1 point 6 hours ago

Garlic Corner at the corner of Dalhousie and York. 2 Canadians for 5 bucks and they have hookahs.

[–]sroske1 -1 points 1 day ago

yoga kirtans, like sing-a-longs. they are often by donation. just give a few of the studios a call, like Rama Lotus, Santosha, or Pranashanti.

edit. drink alcohol after the kirtan, not before.

I Will Miss You, Steve

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The death of Steve Jobs has been affecting me much more than I anticipated. Just like every one else, I knew Steve’s days were counted. Yet, I didn’t really prepare myself.

Instead, I did what I sometimes do to unconsciously protect myself. I put my feelings aside and kept ignoring emotions as though they didn’t exist.

When the news broke, I was terribly shocked, but not surprised. At the time, I was very sad but I think I didn’t process the information right away. Again, I think my brain blocked my feelings to protect me.

As I watched Apple’s celebration of Steve Jobs’ in Cupertino yesterday, I couldn’t help but feel immensely sad, my eyes filling with tears, a few of them would eventually fall on my face.

How did I get there? How can I be so affected by the death of a man whom I had never met? A man that, mind you, I had very much disliked for many years.

Yes, for the longest time, I wasn’t a big fan of Steve Jobs’. While I respected the work he had been doing, I really disliked the human being. Steve Jobs was a real asshole. A dictator. A selfish, and egocentric man, with little regard for the feelings of others.

I remember reading about Steve Jobs’ return at Apple several years ago. The article told the story of how cutting the company’s philanthropic program was one of the first thing he did upon his return, in 1997. As an avid Windows user at the time, and someone with great respect for Bill Gates’ charity involvement, I thought Steve Jobs was just what I always thought he was: a big asshole…

And an asshole he was. Just like he proved to be when he denied paternity of his first daughter, born out of wedlock. But this is not the point of this post.

When Steve Jobs first unveiled the iPhone in 2007, I knew this was the device I had been waiting for all my life. I fell in love with it right away, just like I had fallen in love with my first iPod a few years before that.

Then I created this blog in 2008, a year after the original iPhone launched. iDB was just a hobby, not generating any revenue for a period of time, but it was fine because I wasn’t really trying to make money out of it, I just wanted to share with the world my passion for hacking the iPhone and going around Apple’s insane restrictions.

If you’re a long time iDB reader, you know that I’ve been a harsh critic of Apple and Steve Jobs for a long time. I simply couldn’t agree to the company’s philosophy that the user should not be in control, and that Apple knows better than me what is best for me. Nonsense! I’m a rebel, I don’t need people to tell me what I can and cannot do with my device!

Then along the years, I got wiser and I guess I lost some of my rebel temper. I started to see the vision of the man, I started to understand. Most importantly, I started to adhere to it. Oh my god, what have I become?

To this day, I still don’t agree 100% with Apple but I totally understand and respect their choices. I do not think Apple is evil for creating what might be the biggest digital walled garden. I think they just have a different way of looking at things, and I do believe this is for our best. I also believe this is the best strategy for Apple, and one that has certainly paid off.

So Apple got me. I’m a believer. Not a fanboy! Unlike others, I just don’t agree with everything they do and I can be very critical of their actions. I’m not just following them blindly.

This is all Steve’s fault. He made me what I am today.

I still don’t think the man is a saint, but now I can look passed his assholeness because this is not what matters. What matters to me is how he impacted my life, not how he behaved towards other people. What matters to me and what should matter to you is how he has changed our lives forever, and for the best.

When I look back at the last three years of my life, I am incredibly grateful to what Steve Jobs has done for me. Besides providing me with the best phone or the best computer, he helped me get to where I am today.

In 2009, I quit my comfortable and well-paid job as a marketing executive. The blog wasn’t doing great at the time but my wife Tina – girlfriend at the time – told me “go ahead honey, do it, if you can’t make it at least you will have tried, and no matter what, I’ll be supporting you.”

So I did it. iDB became more and more popular and I was starting to make a decent living out of it. The nature of this business even allowed me and Tina to take 8 months off and go travel the world. Armed with a laptop, we visited 8 countries, while still being able to work to finance this trip.

That was the life!

Along our travels we met many people who would inevitably ask us what we do for a living and how we could afford this trip, since we lived large. “I’m a blogger. I blog about the iPhone, and that’s how we can pay for this trip.” While other travelers were saving every dollar they could from their tight budget, we were living like kings and queens – which is really not that hard to do in South East Asia. People remarked how lucky I was to have such a job, and I obviously agreed with them.

Now iDB is a well-oiled machine. We certainly don’t make millions – we’re very very far from it – but we make enough to support me, 2 full-time writers, and 2-3 other writers.

Who should I thank for that? Steve Jobs of course.

I never met the guy, and I probably wouldn’t have liked him anyway, but I feel like I owe him a lot. I owe him because I was able to create a sustainable business solely based on products that he created, but I also owe him for the inspiration he has been providing me.

By inspiration I mean that he has mentally stimulated me to feel for and love beautifully designed and engineered products. He has influenced forever my relationship with electronics, what I expect from them, how I use them, and how they affect my life.

This inspiration is what makes me stand behind Apple’s core values. This inspiration is what makes me get up in the morning and walk to my computer with a huge smile on my face, because I love what I do, and I believe in what I do.

With his passing away, I feel like I lost a family member. I know Steve has been looking out for me. He enabled me. He’s allowed me to be where I am today, and for this, I will be forever grateful to him.

As I am typing this on my iMac, I can’t help but think how much better my life is today, and that’s all thanks to Steve.

In the upcoming years, I feel confident that Steve Jobs will remain a great influence and inspiration not only for me, but also for the world, which he helped make a better place in his own ways.

I will miss you, Steve. I will miss you.

Upgrade Jailbroken iPhone / iPad / iPod – Instructions How-to

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I recently upgraded my 4.3.1 jailbreak to 4.3.2 using sn0wbreeze. Several people have asked for a rundown of the process, and it should be applicable to upgrading any version of JB iOS to any other version (including the same version number):

Personally I use PkgBackup (a paid app in Cydia) to ensure I can backup and restore my JB configuration when doing minor OS upgrades. There are other free solutions which may work for you. I also use DropBox for backup storage as it is free and convenient.

The premise of this approach is that you want your Jailbroken iPad to be exactly the same at the end of the restore as it was at the beginning, except with an upgraded IOS.

The following twelve step procedure was used to achieve the upgrade:

1. Perform PkgBackup backup onto DropBox for all JB apps, settings & repos – This is as simple as pressing the “Backup” button in PkgBackup (once you have provided your details and configured your backup options – use the “cog” button in PkgBackup to set these).
2. Perform full iTunes Synchronisation to backup all iTunes apps, settings, & media sync settings.
3. Create and install a sn0wbreeze custom firmware – The full tutorial is available here. Using sn0wbreeze is the easiest approach for an upgrade in my opinion, however…

…you could also put your device into DFU Mode (DFU Mode for Dummies) and restore the iOS version you are moving to using iTunes. Then follow either our redsn0w tutorial (TUTORIAL – Jailbreak iPad1 with redsn0w for Windows) or visit if you device and version of IOS is suitable for this method – The end result just needs to be the same. Once you have finished you should have a clean iPad freshly jailbroken with Cydia on it!

4. Once freshly jailbroken, disconnect the iPad and connect to your wifi network (if applicable).
5. Open Cydia and install PkgBackup as the first package (also installs several dependant packages).
6. Reboot iPad.
7. Open PkgBackup and configure to connect to DropBox and switch to the “View Restore” tab.
8. Perform full restore from backup made in step 1 using PkgBackup. Sometimes, for particularly complex setups, you may need to reboot and run the exact same restore operation again to get all packages restored. This is due to a limitation in the way some package dependencies resolve in complex setups.
9. Reboot iPad and connect to iTunes.
10. Select &ldquo;Restore iPad from previous backup of&rdquo; option when prompted and ensure the backup you made in step 2 is selected.
11. Allow the restore to complete and your iPad to reboot &ndash; do not disconnect from iTunes.
12. Once rebooted and reconnected to iTunes, press the &ldquo;Sync&rdquo; button to synchronise all your Apps and Media back to the iPad.

At the end of this process you should have a jailbroken iPad with precisely the same configuration as you started with, but on the new operating system.

All in all this process took around 2.5 hours, however the vast majority of this (2 hours) was step 12 which is re-syncing 50GB+ of media to my iPad. If you plan the process well the iPad can be left unattended at this stage and you can go off and do something more interesting until it completes!

Hope this helps others understand the process I went through.

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October 20, 2011

iPhone games – App store – Apple – Free & Non-free

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Trainyard. I found out about this from a topic here on Reddit. It’s one of the best examples of indie successes I’ve seen.

Kairosoft certainly qualify as one of my favorite developers. Despite the lack of retina and creating games probably better suited to a flip phone than an iPhone or Android, they are a lot of fun. And they have resisted adding IAP despite the attraction of greater profit. Where most people would have produced their games in order to implement bottlenecks and grinding with pricetags attached to every feature and shortcut. Kairosoft seems to only care about making the best games they can.

Defender Chronicles. It was simultaneously the first iOS game I really enjoyed, and my first disappointment in discovering what IAP is and what it can do to ruin a game.

Mirror’s Edge. I don’t think it’s among the top running games or even top EA games, but it was one of the first I couldn’t put down until it was over. It’s a very fun and probably underappreciated game.

Bug Heroes. I’ve seen Foursaken get a lot of undeserved criticism, such as when Bug Heroes Quest went free shortly after launch. But all they do is make worthwhile games, and are gracious and attentive to customers. This shows in the way they’ve structured their IAP model in as much of a non-exploitative manner as anybody to date.

Bean Bag Kids Presents Little Red Riding Hood. For anybody that has younger children, this is one of the coolest apps I’ve found geared toward them.

Pottery HD. It offers a unique experience for iOS, and everybody loves it. Kids will keep coming back to it, and I even got hooked for an evening.

Glo Flo. Another one the kids love to pick up and play.

Bloons TD 4. Not sure how popular this actually is, but so far has been one of the more distinguished and fun tower defense games I’ve played on iOS.

BBC Live: I had to pirate this one as it’s only available on the EU store, but would have gladly paid if permitted. It lets me watch streaming BBC news.

Tyrian: One of my all-time favorite games. I typically hate shoot’em ups for being cookie cutter clones that haven’t produced a novel idea in decades, but this one did it right. I played it umpteen times on PC way back. I have the port for my hacked PSP, and when I got an iPhone I was ecstatic to find it had been ported again.

Magnetic Baby. It’s a really enjoyable game that involves spinning around planets and jumping among them. The graphics are deceptively childish considering the motor skills required to pass levels.

Cloud Girl: Another one of the kids’ games. It’s always being updated and the developer seems genuinely nice, so I like to mention it and hope it gets the attention it deserves for being such a cute niche game with a lot of heart.

City of Secrets: A must for fans of adventure games. There was a review likening it to Pixar in video game form, which isn’t too far from the truth. It’s filled with quality humor, likable characters, high quality design and graphics, and all of it complete with voice overs. A hint system is helpful if you feel more like walking through it to experience it for the story, or just outright get stuck figuring out what to do next.

Forget-Me-Not: I never really liked Pacman, even when in the early days of gaming. Nor have I enjoyed a roguelike since I was maybe fourteen years old. Somebody decided to stitch the two of these together and created something greater than the sum of its parts. The word ‘addictive’ gets thrown around a lot with iOS gaming, but there’s probably no description better suited for it.

[–]BOSSWIGGA (_) 2 points 4 hours ago (2|0)

I’m going to hijack this post to tell you all about a game that I never see posted is these hidden gem threads.

Soosiz is one of the best platformers I have played on the iPhone. Think Mario galaxy 2-D. Don’t let the 2-dollar price point scare you away, this game is worth more than that with the re-playability and whatnot.

Check it out, you will not be disappointed.

[–]i010011010 (_) 1 point 1 hour ago (1|0)

Thanks, I will.

[–]anyquestions (_) 8 points 14 hours ago (8|0)

Pudding Cam (titled 푸딩 카메라 in the App Store) is a great lesser-known find. It’s a Korean camera app, but nearly all the options are in English and the UI is pretty intuitive. It’s one of my favorite cam apps with some cool [motion] 


and other modes and an array of color treatment options. Also, it’s free! 

[–]Punchomatic (_) 6 points 11 hours ago (6|0)

Drop 7

[–]zowki (_) 2 points 4 hours ago (2|0)

Drop 7 is the most insanely addicting yet simple game for iOS. It has absolutely destroyed my social life.

[–]pyr0gan (_) 1 point 2 hours ago (1|0)

You’re on reddit and you have an iPhone. What social life? 😉

[–]cabbeer (_) 1 point 1 hour ago (1|0)

I have no idea how to play this game. I get more points by randomly dropping numbers vs actually trying to play with a strategy.

[–]mikerapin (_) 1 point 43 minutes ago (1|0)

This looks exactly like DropZap.

[–]amatijaca (_) 4 points 5 hours ago*  (6|2)

Shameless self promotion – my own app – Salt Sugar Fat Calories it’s free – it is used to compare nutrition labels.. Yeah, I’ll probably get downvoted… Just looking for some “traction”…

[–]JennyCide (_) 6 points 4 hours ago (6|0)

Cam Box (video beatbox made stupidly simple and tons of fun)

Guardian Eyewitness (Kind of photo of the day but much better) (Disclaimer – I know the devs but it’s still an awesome free app and just benefits from more people using it. Tag and find local fresh produce near you)

Orange Wednesdays (UK only I think – everything you need to know about finding movies and cinemas near you)

Tiny Wings (dev is redditor and it’s highly addictive)

Galcon Fusion (classic game remade beautifully – move your troops between planets to swamp your enemies)

Osmos HD (another classic game remade beautifully)

Cloudreaders (simple to use – I use it to read my cbr/cbz comics/graphic novels)

The Red Bulletin (Red Bull’s free interactive magazine – surprisingly good)

Sid Meier’s Pirates (I seem to have a thing for classic games remade well)

Galaxy on Fire 2 HD (or non-HD) – for those of us old enough to remember playing Elite several decades ago – this is the natural evolution of it – space trading, mining and fighting)

Machinarium (Go and buy it now! iPad2 only I think. From the makers of the classic flash puzzle games Samorost and, well, Machinarium comes this ios version which is unlike anything else – amazing art and puzzles gauged at exactly the right level – beautiful.)

The Fantastic Flying Books of Morris Lessmore Stunning interactive book from a team of ex-Pixar employees)

[–]MyQuietMind (_) [S] 2 points 4 hours ago (2|0)

I didn’t know tiny wings was developed by a redditor! I was goin to mention this as one of my favorite games, but it’s in the top 25. This is the only game as of late that I couldn’t put down.

[–]GaryDebussy (_) 1 point 43 minutes ago (1|0)

Dammit!!! Don’t tease me with all of these awesome ipad-only apps!!!

[–]jamesvdm (_) 5 4 points 15 hours ago (6|1)

10 Pin Shuffle!

[–]MyQuietMind (_) [S] 1 point 15 hours ago (1|0)

I’ll check it out!

[–]Alex011 (_) 4 points 14 hours ago (4|0)

Convoy, its made by a redditor, he posted about it on here a while ago…

[–]vodkus (_) 3 points 14 hours ago (3|0)

chess with friends. boom, i said it.

[–]bobaf (_) 3 points 13 hours ago (4|1)

I’m not sure if this is in the top 25 but the app that is called “flashlight” with a white on green icon is up there. I often need a flash light & this app works well. I’m sure there are better ones but it was free & I’m happy with it.

[–]modalert (_) 3 points 8 hours ago (3|0)

Iridium Flare App that tells you when an Iridium satellite will become very bright in the night sky based on your location.

[–]mitchell209 (_) 2 points 14 hours ago (2|0)

Astronut, The Last Rocket, and League of Evil are all pretty fun games. And any game by the Game Dev Story guys.

[–]HeadbangsToMahler (_) 2 points 13 hours ago (2|0)


[–]chongssuck (_) 2 points 12 hours ago (2|0)

Moron Test was fun


[–]LeoPanthera (_) 2 points 11 hours ago (2|0)

Pinball Dreams, and Pinball Fantasies.

In my opinion, two of the best games available for the iPhone.

Are we allowed to talk about non-games too? VelaClock is an awesome multiple-city sunrise/sunset clock.

[–]lantheria (_) 2 points 7 hours ago (2|0)

chain link, glass tower, optia, mr. space and the chop chop games are all great.

[–]pheen (_) 2 points 6 hours ago (2|0)


  • Homerum Battle 3D – nice graphics, online play, simple and addictive.
  • Game Dev Story – like crack would be a good description. (just noticed you already mentioned this game)
  • Mirror’s Edge – Really well done and easy to control
  • Stair Dismount – Simple physics-based game
  • Touchgrind – control a skateboard with your fingers

Not Games:

  • i-ginma – If you need a QR code reader, this is the one to get
  • 8mm – shoot videos that look like old cameras. Various presets to change the look
  • Word Lens – augmented reality translator. Hold it up to a sign in a different language and it will translate it in real time, right back on top of the original. Really needs to be seen to be believed. Doesn’t work quite as slick as their promo video, but close.

[–]JoeyBlaze (_) 2 points 5 hours ago (2|0)

Robot wants Kitty. Not sure if this is hidden but I don’t know many people who have heard of it. It’s an amazing game with endless playability. Def check this out if you haven’t already.

[–]funkypenquin (_) 2 points 3 hours ago (2|0)

I got this one free during a promotion. Very fun game.

[–]tzeLih (_) 2 points 4 hours ago (2|0)

Epic War TD Pro

[–]tannrar (_) 1 point 4 hours ago (1|0)

HookWorlds and Pix’n Love Rush. Two great endless runner games that do a lot with the formula that isn’t done anywhere else.

[–]brettcadet (_) 1 point 3 hours ago (1|0)

Eliss, Super original and the best use of multitouch I’ve ever seen in a game. It was free for a limited time when I got it about a week ago, might still be.

[–]bab5871 (_) 1 point 3 hours ago (1|0)

Enigmo 2 – Amazing graphics on this puzzle game… have it for the Macbook Pro too…
Fantastic Contraption 2 – Fun puzzle game as well… simple thinking gets you there.

[–]barrettj (_) 1 point 3 hours ago (1|0)

DropZap 2, the guy that made it is a redditor (he made a post about an update recently) and frequently makes it free for a while.

[–]acalmerkarma (_) 1 point 2 hours ago (1|0)

Sleep Stream 2 Pro – One of my most used apps. Perfect for working indoors or out, reading, sleeping, relaxing. It’s fucking great. In app purchases are useful.

8Bitone+ – A wonderful little 8 bit keyboard

PBS – A fuckton of awesome shows are on there. Love it.

Yacht Free – Because Yahtzee is the best game ever.

Phrase Party! – Catchphrase. Great party game.

[–]Terex (_) 1 point 1 hour ago (1|0)

Not sure if this was ever in the top 25.


When I first saw it I thought it was some crummy game with barebones/lousy graphics. But reading some of the high praise from people on various forums i decided to try it. And after playing it for a couple of days, it is my favorite game ATM.

If you are min/max type of role player that also enjoys puzzle match games this is the game for you.

[–]gemcitytiffany (_) 1 point 1 hour ago (1|0)

DerManDar is an amazing app that allows you to make 360 degree panoramas with amazing attention to the seams. I also use “Pic stitch” and “two face” to make small photo side-by-sides or collages.

[–]psylichon (_) 1 point 1 hour ago (1|0)


Easily the fastest way to get a webpage/image/text from a computer to mobile safari/camera roll/clipboard without any host software on the computer.

[–]rofflewaffles (_) 2 points 1 hour ago (2|0)

If you like beer, I highly recommend BrewGene. It’s a great way to keep track of beers you’ve tried, with tasting notes and ratings. It also gives recommendations of new beers to try and how it thinks you might like beers you’ve yet to try.

[–]rakman86 (_) 1 point 55 minutes ago (1|0)

Thanks. This will def come in handy!

October 16, 2011

How To: Import Photos Directly into the iPhone’s Camera Roll and Not in an Album

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7 Apr 2011 alle 4:37 pm

Do you have a large collection of photos on your computer? Would you like to manage them on your iPhone? As of today you can’t do this. When you import photos with iTunes, you will have them divided into albums you can’t modify. With this brief tutorial we are going to see how to change this situation.

There are two ways to achieve the same result. The first one is simpler but it’s a bit limited and you can do without jailbreaking your device. The second method, instead, is more advanced but it requires a jailbroken device.

First method:

The first method only works with few photos each time. Simply email the pictures to you, on the address you use on your iPhone. Once received, save them and you will find the picture on your Camera Roll.

As you can see this is really a simple process, but considering that all the providers cap the amount of data you can transfer with a mail, you won’t be able to process all your library with this system.

Second method (more functional):

This second method, instead, is useful when you need to transfer a huge amount of pictures to your device’s Camera Roll.

In order to proceed with this method you need to install on your device OpenSSH (look for it on Cydia, it’s free) and you need a SSH client on your computer or you can use iPhone Explorer to do the process via USB; this time you will need afc2add on your device. Again look for it on Cydia, it’s free.

If you try to transfer your pictures and videos inside /private/var/mobile/Media/DCIM/100APPLE, you will notice that you won’t find anything inside the on your iPhone. The files are inside the device but they are not displayed.

This happens because the iPhone needs to update two files in its database and one for the thumbnails. This process could be automatically started by doing the following:

1. Gather all the images and videos you want to transfer inside one folder on your computer, outside of iPhoto or other programs.

2. Connect via SSH to your device and go to the following path /private/var/mobile/Media/DCIM/100APPLE

3. Transfer all your files inside this folder 100APPLE

4. Now you have to delete 3 files that are responsible for monitor the library, so that the iPhone will recreate them. You can do the following directly on your iPhone with iFile.

Go to /private/var/mobile/Media/DCIM/.MISC/ ed eliminate il file Info.plist

Now go to /private/var/mobile/Media/PhotoData/ and erase the two files: “Photos.sqlite” and “PhotosAux.sqlite”

5. Take your iPhone and exit the Pictures app, be sure it’s not present in the Multitasking bar. Relaunch the app and wait for the files to be generated again.

At the end of this procedures you will have all your pictures inside the Camera Roll!

This guide has been tested on iOS 4.o and higher. It can be shared only if you link back to the source.


How to SSH Into Your iPhone Using WinSCP (Windows)

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iPhone | How to SSH Into Your iPhone Using WinSCP (Windows)
Thursday, 12th March 2009, 09:03 pm  Portuguese (Brazil)  Slovak
This entry needs translation. To help us and submit a translation please click here

These are instructions on how to transfer files to your iPhone using WinSCP. To follow this tutorial you need to have a jailbroken iPhone with SSH installed. You can find instructions on how to jailbreak your iPhone here(3G) or here (2G)

Step One
Press the Cydia icon on your Springboard

Step Two
Press to select the Sections tab at the bottom of the screen.

Step Three
Press to select Networking from the list of Sections.

Step Four
Press to select OpenSSH from the list of Packages.

Step Five
Press the Install button at the top right of the screen.

Step Six
Press the Confirm button at the top right of the screen.

Step Seven
Once installation has completed successfully press the large Return to Cydia button.

Step Eight
Hit the home button on your iPhone to return to the Springboard.

Step Nine
We must now obtain the IP Address of the iPhone. To do this press the Settings button on your Springboard.

Step Ten
Press to select Wi-Fi from the Settings Menu

Step Eleven
Make sure you are connected to a wireless network then press the circular blue arrow button.

Step Twelve
Take note of your IP address from the Wi-Fi details screen

Step Thirteen
Make sure you are on the same wireless network as your iPhone and launch WinSCP by clicking it on your desktop, or in the start menu. You can download WinSCP from here.

Step Fourteen
Once WinSCP opens, enter your iPhone’s IP Address into the Host Name Field. Then enter root as your iPhone username and and alpine as the password. Then click Login.

Step Fifteen
You will now see WinSCP connecting to your iPhone. The first time you login using SSH, it may take 30-45 seconds.

Step Sixteen
If a Warning dialogue pops up, click Update or Add

Step Seventeen
After about 30-45 seconds, WinSCP should successfully log you into your iPhone. You will be placed in the /private/var/root directory.

Step Eighteen
To get to the root folder of the iPhone you can select / from the dropdown on the right side of the window. From here you can access all the folders on your iPhone for example the Applications folder

Step Nineteen
To transfer a file to the iPhone simply locate your local (on your computer) file using the left pane. Then navigate to the desired location in the right pane. Drag the file from the left pane to the right pane to copy the file to your iPhone.

As user dlr stated, it is a good idea to set auto-lock to never. You can do this by going to Settings>>>General>>>Auto-Lock and set to never.

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