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August 14, 2011

Top 13 IPhone Apps For Travelers

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Top 13 IPhone Apps For Travelers

Which are the best IPhone applications for those on the go? LayoverGuide.comhas picked our favorite thirteen travel-related IPhone (and IPad) applications.

1. Gate Maps ($.99)
Wouldn’t it be helpful to have maps of the terminals at the airport when you’re rushing to find your connecting flight? This program gives you a nice visual to help you find that tricky gate.

2. Next Flight ($2.99)
Perfect for those stuck on a layover or looking to catch an earlier flight, Next Flight tracks departures worldwide from over 4,000 airports and 1,000 airlines.

3. FlightTrack Pro ($9.99)
Don’t we all wish we had an assistant to help us out with those pesky travel details? With real-time flight status, live weather updates, route maps and other info, this is a great resource for travelers.

4. Currency (Free)
Better than a calculator, this app gives you the most accurate currency conversion
With the latest rates, the program converts over 90 currencies.

5. Postman ($.99)
Don’t have the energy to buy a postcard and find a stamp while overseas? With this app you can choose a photo and create a custom postcard that you can send out to your friends and family via email, Facebook, and Twitter.

6. Sit or Squat (free)
Travelers everywhere rejoice! This application uses GPS to help you find a bathroom when you’re in an unfamiliar place. Genius and free, what more can you ask?

7. Local Eats ($.99)
While many Iphone users opt for Urban Spoon, we’re going with this app, which ranks the top 100 restaurants in 50 American cities (with reservation numbers and directions). Great if you’re stuck in the U.S. and can’t decide where to go.

8. Flashlight (free)
While the concept is ridiculously simple, travelers know that many times you simply need some light. This app turns the screen white and can help you locate something in your bags, read a map, orient yourself in a dark hotel room, or countless other uses.

9. Taxi! (free)
Ever stuck on a road in some city and can’t find a taxi to save your life? Enter technology. This application finds U.S. taxi services, and dials them for you. Easy peasy.

10. The Weather Channel (free)
The Weather Channel has the updates on, you guessed it, weather around the world. With customized views, it can help you plan your trip and alert you to pack your umbrella.

11. Wi-Fi Finder (free)
Wi-Fi Finder is aware of over 200,000 hotspots in 135 countries. It can save you money by determining free spots that you can connect.

12. How to Get Around (free)
Available for major cities, you can find public transportation maps and routes. You may want to also look up apps for the city you’re traveling to as many times more specialized local options are available.

13. Packing ($1.99)
Always forget to pack something? Socks Toothbrush? With this program you can keep track of packing lists and make sure that you bring everything you need, even the kitchen sink.

Also, check out our article on IPhone apps that help you kill time on a layover.




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