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January 1, 2011

Best of Ottawa 2010

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Best African

Winner: Horn of Africa (364 Rideau)

Honourable mentions: Blue Nile (577 Gladstone), East African Restaurant (376 Rideau), Kasbah Village Moroccan Cuisine (261 Laurier)

Best all-you-can-eat

Winner: Sushi Kan (1440 Merivale)

Honourable mentions: Ceylonta (403 Somerset W.), 1000 Sushi Islands (1696 Carling), East India Company (210 Somerset)

Best appetizers/tapas

Winner: Oz Kafé (361 Elgin)

Honourable mentions: Manx Pub (370 Elgin), Zen Kitchen (634 Somerset W.), Murray Street Restaurant (110 Murray)

Best bakery

Winner: Auntie Loo’s Treats (507 Bronson)

Honourable mentions: Art-Is-In Bakery (all locations), Kettlemen’s Bagel (all locations), The Wild Oat Bakery (817 Bank), Bread & Sons (195 Bank)

Best bistro

Winner: Chez Lucien (137 Murray)

Honourable mentions: Oz Kafé (361 Elgin), The Wellington Gastropub (1325 Wellington), Atomic Rooster (303 Bank)

Best brunch

Winner: The Manx Pub (370 Elgin)

Honourable mentions: Cora’s (all locations), Lieutenant’s Pump (361 Elgin), Stoneface Dolly’s (416 Preston), Jak’s Kitchen (479 Bronson)

Best burger

Winner: The Works (all locations)

Honourable mentions: Chez Lucien (137 Murray), Hintonburger (991 Wellington), Zak’s Diner (14 Byward Market Square), Manx Pub (370 Elgin)

Best catering

Winner: Thyme & Again (1255 Wellington)

Honourable mentions: Whalesbone

Pick up a copy of Ottawa Xpress

(504A Kent), Culinary Conspiracy (541 Rideau), Epicuria (419 Mackay)

Best up-and-coming restaurants

Winner: Zen Kitchen (634 Somerset W.)

Honourable mentions: Town (296 Elgin), Play Food & Wine (1 York), Hintonburger (991 Wellington), The Moonroom (442 Preston)

Best cheap eats

Winner: DiRienzo’s Grocery (111 Beech)

Honourable mentions: Pho Bo Ga (all locations), Ahora (307 Dalhousie), Ikea (2685 Iris), Burrito Borracho (105A Clarence)

Best Chinese

Winner: So Good Restaurant (717 Somerset)

Honourable mentions: Shanghai Restaurant (651 Somerset), Mekong (637 Somerset), Golden Palace (2195 Carling), Yangtze Dining Lounge (700 Somerset)

Best chip wagon

Winner: The Chip Wagon (Bank/Sunnyside)

Honourable mentions: Sasha’s (next to Dominion Tavern, 33 York), S&G Fries (Carling/Maitland), The Blooming Onion (York/Dalhousie)

Best tea/coffee house

Winner: Bridgehead (all locations)

Honourable mentions: Planet Coffee (24 York), Bubblicity (all locations), The Tea Party (119 York), I Deal Coffee (176 Dalhousie), The Tea Store (53 York)

Best cozy nook

Winner: The Manx (370 Elgin)

Honourable mentions: Chez Lucien (137 Murray), Avant-Garde Bar (135 Besserer), Aunt Olive’s (209 Gilmour), Oz Kafé (361 Elgin)

Best deli

Winner: La Bottega (64 George)

Honourable mentions: DiRienzo’s Grocery (111 Beech), Nicastro’s (all locations), Nate’s Deli (316 Rideau), Sausage Kitchen (5 Byward Market Square)

Best dessert

Winner: Oh So Good (25 York)

Honourable mentions: Auntie Loo’s Treats (507 Bronson), Thyme and Again (1255 Wellington), Memories Restaurant (7 Clarence), Three Tarts Bakers (1320 Wellington)

Best diner

Winner: Elgin Street Diner (374 Elgin)

Honourable mentions: Zak’s Diner (14 Byward Market Square), Ada’s Diner (510 Bank), Mayflower (247 Elgin), Mello’s Diner (290 Dalhousie)

Best farmers’ market

Winner: Byward Market

Honourable mentions: Ottawa Farmers’ Market (Lansdowne), Parkdale Market, Ottawa Organic Farmers’ Market (Bank/Heron)

Best French

Winner: Les Fougères Restaurant (783 Route 105, Chelsea)

Honourable mentions: Metropolitan Brasserie (700 Sussex), L’Orée du Bois (15 Kingsmere, Chelsea), L’Aubergine (138 Wellington, Gatineau), Le Tartuffe (133 Notre-Dame-de-l’Île, Gatineau)

Best Greek

Winner: Greek on Wheels (all locations)

Honourable mentions: Greek Souvlaki House (1200 Prince of Wales), Pilos Restaurant (876 Montreal), Theo’s Greek Taverna (911 Richmond), Aroma Meze (239 Nepean)

Best ice cream/gelato

Winner: Pure Gelato (350 Elgin)

Honourable mentions: Piccolo Grande (all locations), Truffle Treasures (all locations), Pascale’s All-Natural Ice Cream (all locations), Pasticceria Gelateria Italiana (200 Preston)

Best South Asian

Winner: Ceylonta (403 Somerset)

Honourable mentions: Light of India (730 Bank), East India Company (210 Somerset), Haveli (39 Clarence)

Best Italian

Winner: Vittoria Trattoria (35 William)

Honourable mentions: Giovanni’s (362 Preston), Mamma Teresa Ristorante (300 Somerset), Mamma Grazzi’s (25 George)

Best Japanese

Winner: Kinki (41 York)

Honourable mentions: Genji (175 Lisgar), Sushi 88 (690B Somerset), Japanese Village (170 Laurier)

Best Korean

Winner: Seoul House (601 Somerset)

Honourable mentions: Korea Garden (470 Rideau), Joy (315 Somerset), Miga (399 Bank), Kochu (361 Elgin)

Best Mexican/South American

Winner: Ahora (307 Dalhousie)

Honourable mentions: Pancho Villa (361 Elgin), Mexicali Rosa’s (1800 Bank), Agave Grill (1331 Wellington)

Best Middle Eastern

Winner: Shawarma Palace (464 Rideau)

Honourable mentions: Maroush (all locations), Middle East Bakery (all locations), Saffron Restaurant (426 Rideau), Jericho (840 Bank)

Best natural food store

Winner: Herb & Spice (both locations)

Honourable mentions: Rainbow Foods (1487 Richmond), Market Organics (126 York), The Wild Oat (817 Bank)

Best patio

Winner: The Courtyard (The Black Tomato, Mamma Grazzi’s, The Courtyard Restaurant, Social, Helsinki)

Honourable mentions: Dominion Tavern (33 York), Pub Italia (434 Preston), Elgin Street Courtyard (The Lieutenant’s Pump/Oz Kafé/Pancho Villa), Murray St. Charcuterie (110 Murray)

Best pizza

Winner: Colonnade (280 Metcalfe)

Honourable mentions: Gabriel’s (all locations), Louis Pizza (181 McArthur, Vanier), Pavarazzi’s (443 Somerset W.)

Best poutine

Winner: Elgin Street Diner (374 Elgin)

Honourable mentions: Smoke’s Poutinerie (407 Dalhousie), Sasha’s (next to Dominion Tavern, 33 York), The Works (all locations), The Chip Wagon (Bank/Sunnyside)

Best pub

Winner: The Manx Pub (370 Elgin)

Honourable mentions: Pub Italia (434 Preston), Irene’s (885 Bank), Chez Lucien (137 Murray), D’Arcy McGee’s (44 Sparks), The Clock Tower Brew Pub (575 Bank)

Best romantic restaurant

Winner: Black Tomato (11 George)

Honourable mentions: Oz Kafé (361 Elgin), Absinthe (1208 Wellington), Murray Street (110 Murray), Sweetgrass (108 Murray)

Best sandwich

Winner: DiRienzo’s Grocery (111 Beech)

Honourable mentions: La Bottega (64 George), Aunt Olive’s (209 Gilmour), Chez Lucien (137 Murray)

Best seafood

Winner: Whalesbone Oyster House (430 Bank)

Honourable mentions: LaPointe’s (all locations), Pelican Grill (1500 Bank), Merivale Fish Market & Seafood Grill (1480 Merivale)

Best shawarma

Winner: Maroush (380 Elgin)

Honourable mentions: Shawarma Palace (464 Rideau), Shawarma King (all locations), Really Lebanese Garlic King (321 Dalhousie)

Best splurge

Winner: Whalesbone Oyster House (430 Bank)

Honourable mentions: Murray St. (110 Murray), Beckta (226 Nepean), Sweetgrass (108 Murray), E18hteen (18 York)

Best sushi

Winner: Kinki (41 York)

Honourable mentions: Wasabi (41 Clarence), Sushi 88 (690B Somerset), Genji (175 Lisgar)

Best take-out

Winner: Greek on Wheels (all locations)

Honourable mentions: Thyme and Again (1255 Wellington), The Red Apron (all locations), Lunch (121 Bank), Sushi Go + Tea Express (48 Byward Market Square)

Best Thai

Winner: Green Papaya (both locations)

Honourable mentions: Royal Thai (272 Dalhousie), Coriander Thai (282 Kent), Siam Bistro (1268 Wellington)

Best vegetarian

Winner: Green Door (198 Main)

Honourable mentions: Zen Kitchen (634 Somerset W.), The Table (1230 Wellington), So Good (717 Somerset W.)

Best Vietnamese/pho

Winner: Pho Bo Ga (all locations)

Honourable mentions: New Pho Bo Ga La (763 Somerset W.), New Mee Fung (350 Booth), Springroll House Café (1093 Wellington)

Best wings

Winner: Wild Wings (1263 Donald)

Honourable mentions: The Clock Tower Brew Pub (575 Bank), Local Heroes (all locations), Chez Lucien (137 Murray)

Best watering hole

Winner: Dominion Tavern (33 York)

Honourable mentions: The Manx (370 Elgin), The Royal Oak (all locations), The Elmdale Tavern (1084 Wellington W.)


Best alternative to a multiplex movie theatre

Winner: Mayfair Theatre

Honourable mentions: ByTowne Cinema, Rainbow Theatre, Centretown Movies (summer only)

Best art gallery (besides the National Gallery of Canada!)

Winner: SAW Gallery (2 Daly)

Honourable mentions: La Petite Mort (306 Cumberland), Ottawa Art Gallery (2 Daly), Cube Gallery (7 Hamilton), Canteen Art Shop & Gallery (238 Dalhousie)

Best dance performance in 2010

Winner: Meagan O’Shea, Based on Actual Unrelated Events

Honourable mentions: The Response, Status Quo; Susie Burpee, A Mass Becomes You

Best festival of 2010

Winner: Bluesfest

Honourable mentions: Gaga Weekend, Winterlude, Oktoberfest, Ottawa Folk Fest

Best film by a local filmmaker in 2010

Winner: Nuit blanche by Arev Manoukian

Honourable mentions: Donkey by Adrian Langley, Stripped Naked by Lee Demarbre, Death Rally by Martin Bruyère

Best film festival of 2010

Winner: Ottawa International Film Festival

Honourable mentions: Ottawa International Animation Festival, Silents Is Golden at Mayfair Theatre, One World Film Fest

Best live music show of 2010

Winner: Arcade Fire at Bluesfest

Honourable mentions: Weezer at Bluesfest, The Flaming Lips at Bluesfest, Tegan & Sara at Bronson Centre, Wilco at NAC

Best lounge

Winner: Mercury Lounge (56 Byward)

Honourable mentions: Avant-Garde Bar (135 Besserer), Le Petit Chicago (50 Promenade du Portage, Gatineau), Trio Lounge (307 Richmond)

Best new musical artist/group

Winner: Old Crowns

Honourable mentions: Polymorphines, The Peptides, Peach Kelli Pop

Best night out

Winner: Sunday’s Mod Club at Babylon

Honourable mentions: Rock’n’Roll Pizza Party at IX Nightclub, Retro ’90s Night at Barrymore’s, Timekode at Eri Café or Mercury Lounge

Best place to hear live music

Winner: Black Sheep Inn (Wakefield)

Honourable mentions: Zaphod’s (27 York), Babylon (317 Bank), Mavericks (221 Rideau), National Arts Centre (53 Elgin)

Best folk/country album/EP of 2010

Winner: The Acorn, No Ghost

Honourable mentions: Jim Bryson, The Falcon Lake Incident; Old Crowns by Old Crowns; Leif Vollebekk’s Inland

Best country/folk/world music band 2010

Winner: The Acorn

Honourable mentions: Jim Bryson, Male Nurse, Old Crowns, Mighty Popo

Best punk/metal/hard rock band 2010

Winner: Buried Inside

Honourable mentions: Holy Cobras, Sadie Hell, Doll, Killitorious

Best punk/metal/hard rock album 2010

Winner: Fuck The Facts, Unnamed (EP)

Honourable mentions: The White Wires Pogo ’til I Puke Tonight (7-inch); Sadie Hell’s Sadie Hell; Holy Cobras Feed Your Head (7-inch); Peach Kelli Pop’s Peach Kelli Pop

Best rock/pop/dance/other album 2010

Winner: The Love Machine, Sweater Weather

Honourable mentions: Soul Jazz Orchestra’s Rising Sun; The Murder Plans’ Good Omens; The Peptides’ For Those Who Hate Human Interaction

Best rock/pop/dance/other band of 2010

Winner: Hollerado

Honourable mentions: The Love Machine, Amos The Transparent, Soul Jazz Orchestra, The Murder Plans

Best theatrical performance in 2010

Winner: A Christmas Carol at NAC

Honourable mentions: Heroes at GCTC, Swimming in the Shallows at Arts Court, Where the Blood Mixes at NAC, blood.claat at GCTC

Best visual arts exhibit of 2010

Winner: Pop Life: Art in a Material World at NAG

Honourable mentions: Jonathan Hobin’s In The Playroom at Dale Smith Gallery, Anna Forlan’s Kitchen Anatomy at Karsh-Masson Gallery, Louis Helbig’s Beautiful Destruction at Ottawa City Hall Gallery, Angelina McCormick’s Secret Garden at SPAO’s Red Wall Gallery

Best work of fiction/non-fiction/poetry by local writer

Winner: Wild Horses by rob mclennan

Honourable mentions: Soft Where by Marcus McCann, Egg on Mao by Denise Chong, The Lizard and Other Stories by Michael Bryson


Best bar staff

Winner: Manx (370 Elgin)

Honourable mentions: Zaphod’s (27 York), Oz Kafé (361 Elgin), Dominion Tavern (33 York), Babylon (317 Bank), Lieutenant’s Pump (361 Elgin)

Best beauty salon/spa

Winner: Le Nordik Scandinavian Spa (16 Nordik, Chelsea)

Honourable mentions: York Street Spa (11 York), Le Spa (429 MacLaren), Saab (376 Bank)

Best bike shop

Winner: Joe Momma’s (216 Pretoria),

Honourable mentions: Pecco’s (both locations), Bushtuktah (Richmond), Phat Moose (98 Hawthorne), The Bike Dump (407 Catherine)

Best bookstore

Winner: Octopus Books (116 Third)

Honourable mentions: Collected Works (1242 Wellington), The Book Bazaar (417 Bank), Nicholas Hoare Bookstore (419 Sussex)

Best video rentals store

Winner: Invisible Cinema (319 Lisgar)

Honourable mentions: Elgin Video (258 Elgin), Blockbuster (all locations), Glebe Video International (2-779 Bank)

Best comic/gaming store

Winner: The Comic Book Shoppe (both locations)

Honourable mentions: Silver Snail (391 Bank), Fandom II (162 Laurier), Wizard’s Tower (all locations)

Best fun outdoors

Winner: Gatineau Park

Honourable mentions: Rideau Canal, Calypso, Omega Park, Caverne Lafleche

Best furniture store

Winner: Ikea (2685 Iris)

Honourable mentions: EQ3 (60 Byward Market Square), White Monkey (395 Gladstone), Founddesign (1192 Bank), Phillip Van Leeuwen (10 Byward Market Square)

Best independent record/CD store

Winner: Vertigo (193 Rideau)

Honourable mentions: The Record Shaap (209 Gilmour), End Hits (407 Dalhousie), Compact Music (all locations), Birdman Sound (593 Bank)

Best jewellery store

Winner: Magpie (all locations)

Honourable mentions: Sassy Bead (all locations), Milk (234 Dalhousie), Workshop Boutique (242 Dalhousie)

Best men’s clothing store (not a chain)

Winner: Norml Clothing (41 William)

Honourable mentions: Top of the World (158 Rideau), Roadtrip (24B York), Reap and Sew (401 Dalhousie), Trustfund (493 Sussex)

Best women’s clothing store (not a chain)

Winner: Victoire (238 Dalhousie)

Honourable mentions: Milk (234 Dalhousie), Allegro (55 William), Roadtrip (24B York), Workshop Boutique (242 Dalhousie)

Best musical instrument store

Winner: Steve’s Music Store (308 Rideau)

Honourable mentions: Spaceman Music (388 Gladstone), Ottawa Folklore Centre (1111 Bank), Long & McQuade (2631 Alta Vista)

Best outdoor store

Winner: Mountain Equipment Co-op (366 Richmond)

Honourable mentions: Bushtukah (203 Richmond), Trailhead (1960 Scott), The North Face (342 Richmond), The Expedition Shoppe (43 York)

Best pool hall

Winner: MacLaren’s (301 Elgin)

Honourable mentions: Dominion Tavern (33 York), Dooly’s (2277 Gladwin), Orange Monkey (250 City Centre), Cue and Cushion (319 Bank)

Best sex/erotica shop

Winner: Venus Envy (320 Lisgar)

Honourable mentions: Adult Fun Superstore (1565 St. Laurent), Aren’t We Naughty? (1531 Merivale), Classixxx Adult Store (all locations)

Best skate shop

Winner: Top of the World (158 Rideau)

Honourable mentions: West 49 (both locations), Slaysh (775 Bank), On Deck (141 Bentley), En Equilibre (140 Gréber, Gatineau)

Best tattoos/piercing

Winner: Planet Ink (306 Rideau)

Honourable mentions: Five Cents (201 Dalhousie), Living Colour (412 Dalhousie), New Moon Tattoo (all locations)

Best vintage clothing

Winner: Value Village (all locations)

Honourable mentions: Ragtime (43 Flora), Aunt Olive’s (209 Gilmour), Young Janes (203 Dalhousie), Attic (203 Dalhousie)

Best yoga studio

Winner: Rama Lotus Yoga Centre (342 Gladstone)

Honourable mentions: Upward Dog Yoga Centre (251 Dalhousie), Pranashanti Yoga Centre (52 Arsmtrong), Metta Massage & Yoga Clinic (421 Richmond)


Best local website/blog

Winner: Punk Ottawa

Honourable mentions: Apt 613, Ottawa XPress, Craiglist Ottawa, Guerrilla, Noshfood, I(heart)music

Best architectural addition to the city

Winner: Chinatown Gateway (Somerset)

Honourable mentions: Ottawa Conference Centre, Desmarais Hall (University of Ottawa), Gatineau Sports Centre

Best architectural eyesore

Winner: Rideau Street

Honourable mentions: Papa (Maisonneuve at Allumettières, Hull)

Best Ottawa neighbourhood to live in

Winner: Centretown

Honourable mentions: Westboro, The Glebe, Hintonburg

Best new idea for the city

Winner: OC Transpo light rail

Honourable mentions: Turn Sparks St. Mall into a mini-St. Denis, Lansdowne Park

Best radio station

Winner: Live 88.5

Honourable mentions: CBC 91.5, CKCU 93.1, Hot 89.9

Best reason to cheer the city

Winner: Bluesfest

Honourable mentions: Ottawa Senators, Gatineau Parc, Lansdowne Live

Best reason to jeer the city

Winner: Larry O’Brien

Honourable mentions: lack of joie de vivre, Rideau St., Lansdowne Live

Best scandal

Winner: Larry O’Brien

Honourable mentions: The Ottawa Police vs. Gay Ottawa

Best local hero

Winner: Shawn Scallen

Honourable mentions: Sandra Oh, Eugene Haslam, Lawrence Greenspon, Jay Baruchel


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