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January 24, 2011

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Best Movies of 2010 That You Probably Haven’t Heard Of


January 22, 2011

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How to Create a Portable Hackintosh on a USB Thumb Drive

How to Install XBMC on Your Apple TV 2

Our Biggest Android Annoyances and How to Fix Them

Stop Hogging Power Outlets, Use a Plug-Less USB Charger Instead

Our Biggest iOS Annoyances and How to Fix Them

Turn Ordinary Digital Photos into Massive Murals


January 17, 2011

CYDIA Error refreshing data GPG NODATA 1 NODATA 2

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Originally Posted by hardfeedView Post
one quick question. when you refer to problematic repo, are you referring to sinful repo ?

Im referring to whicher repo is coming up with an error in Cydia.


Originally Posted by b18c View Post
I think its the ispazzio repo having an error right now

I removed the ispazio repo along time ago as it was causing problems then, I havent had it for ages.


How to remove bad URL’s completely:

Goto –


Then remove the bad entry/source

Then Goto –


Then delete ALL files EXCEPT the ‘partial’ folder, then delete everything inside the ‘partial’ folder

(Do not delete the folder itself).

Then Reboot and let cydia refresh.

If that still doesn’t work, then try this too, BUT….

Only do this last step as a last resort if the other two steps do not work!

(If you do this you will lose ALL the sources you have added if you try to add anymore!)

Goto – private/var/lib/cydia

And delete the ‘metadata.plist’

Then Reboot and let cydia refresh.

But, as stated above, Saurik is working on Cydia at the moment, so any problems COULD be caused by something their end.

I would just sit tight and be patient if I were you.

January 11, 2011

XBMC Live – Setting up a network share

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The object of this how-to is to provide a quick guide on how to install the Samba server under XBMC Live 9.11, create a share on the XBMC Live machine and access the share from a Windows computer. This document assumes that all hardware is properly setup and IP’s have been assigned to the machines. 


computer running XBMC Live 9.11.
computer running Windows.
router, switch or crossover cable.
working internet connection

My XBMC machine has a 1Tb hard drive partitioned as follows:

Primary 20Gb for XBMC Live,
Primary 1Gb swap,
Logical: all remaining space (979Gb) formated in NTFS (/dev/sda5, mounted in /media/sda5) for dedicated storage. This is what I have shared on my network.

Hint: if the logical partition does not automount in XBMC Live remove the nodiskmount switch from grub’s menu.lst

Step 1: Install and enable the Samba File-Server


1. Open a command line shell (CTRL+ALT+F1) and log on using the username and password provided during XBMC Live installation.

2. type the following commands (wait after each command for completion):

sudo apt-get update

Note: when asked for a password, enter the one provided during the XBMC Live installation.

sudo apt-get install samba

sudo nano /etc/samba/smb.conf

Use the page-down key to move the cursor to the end of the file and add the following at the bottom of the file (after the line that reads “;postexec = /bin/umount /cdrom”);

Note: do not include the part between {example}

comment = XBMC Share

path = /media/sda5 {substitute with what you want to set up as a share. Ex: /home/john/mysharedfiles}
force user = xbmc {substitute with the username provided during setup. Ex: john}
inherit permissions = yes
read only = no
guest ok = yes

Now press the Control & X keys together, followed by the Y key and then press Enter to save the updated file.

Next type:

sudo service smbd restart

Type exit to get back to the login prompt, then press CTRL+ALT+F7 to return to the XBMC interface.

Step 2: Connecting to the XBMC storage drive


On the Windows machine, open up “My computer” or “Computer“. Click on the address bar and type \\xbmclive

When asked for a username and password, enter xbmc and the password for YOUR username (the one provided during the XBMC Live installation).

Double-click the xbmc share.

The share should be entirely accessible and can be mounted as a remote network drive under Windows.

Last edited by yggdrasil; 2010-07-19 at 13:46. Reason: correction. thx tyler



The easiest way is to install and configure samba

sudo apt-get install samba

to install the samba server, and then edit/create the file /etc/samba/smb.conf

here’s what mine looks like

        workgroup = HOME
        netbios name = XBMC2 
        server string = XBMC2 Media PC
        security = SHARE
        log file = /var/log/samba/log.%m
        max log size = 50
        socket options = TCP_NODELAY SO_RCVBUF=8192 SO_SNDBUF=8192
        dns proxy = No
        wins server =
        guest account = boykster
        guest ok = yes
        dfree command = /bin/dfree

        path = /home/boykster
        writeable = Yes
        guest ok = Yes
        browseable = Yes

You'll want to update the workgroup/server names to your settings, and  if you did a default install with the user being xbmc you'll need to  change the guest account and the path entries to match your  installation. Depending on where you have the big drive mounted, you'll  want to change the path so that it maps directly to it
 Once you get that configured, you should be able to browse to your XBMC  computer in windows explorer and access the files.  If you want  read-only (instead of read-write), change writeable = yes to no

oh, and if you do set it up so that you can browse your .xbmc folder  using windows, be careful editing files - samba may change the mode on  some things such that XBMC doesn't like them.  best to continue to edit  files natively in linux using nano or other *nix editor

January 10, 2011

Type to Shoot HTML5 Game

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January 3, 2011

xbmc skin aeon fanart backdrop folder path directory linux backup htpc

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windows path: \\XBMCLIVE\System\userdata\Thumbnails

linux: ~/.xbmc/userdata/Thumbnails

January 1, 2011

Best of Ottawa 2010

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Best African

Winner: Horn of Africa (364 Rideau)

Honourable mentions: Blue Nile (577 Gladstone), East African Restaurant (376 Rideau), Kasbah Village Moroccan Cuisine (261 Laurier)

Best all-you-can-eat

Winner: Sushi Kan (1440 Merivale)

Honourable mentions: Ceylonta (403 Somerset W.), 1000 Sushi Islands (1696 Carling), East India Company (210 Somerset)

Best appetizers/tapas

Winner: Oz Kafé (361 Elgin)

Honourable mentions: Manx Pub (370 Elgin), Zen Kitchen (634 Somerset W.), Murray Street Restaurant (110 Murray)

Best bakery

Winner: Auntie Loo’s Treats (507 Bronson)

Honourable mentions: Art-Is-In Bakery (all locations), Kettlemen’s Bagel (all locations), The Wild Oat Bakery (817 Bank), Bread & Sons (195 Bank)

Best bistro

Winner: Chez Lucien (137 Murray)

Honourable mentions: Oz Kafé (361 Elgin), The Wellington Gastropub (1325 Wellington), Atomic Rooster (303 Bank)

Best brunch

Winner: The Manx Pub (370 Elgin)

Honourable mentions: Cora’s (all locations), Lieutenant’s Pump (361 Elgin), Stoneface Dolly’s (416 Preston), Jak’s Kitchen (479 Bronson)

Best burger

Winner: The Works (all locations)

Honourable mentions: Chez Lucien (137 Murray), Hintonburger (991 Wellington), Zak’s Diner (14 Byward Market Square), Manx Pub (370 Elgin)

Best catering

Winner: Thyme & Again (1255 Wellington)

Honourable mentions: Whalesbone

Pick up a copy of Ottawa Xpress

(504A Kent), Culinary Conspiracy (541 Rideau), Epicuria (419 Mackay)

Best up-and-coming restaurants

Winner: Zen Kitchen (634 Somerset W.)

Honourable mentions: Town (296 Elgin), Play Food & Wine (1 York), Hintonburger (991 Wellington), The Moonroom (442 Preston)

Best cheap eats

Winner: DiRienzo’s Grocery (111 Beech)

Honourable mentions: Pho Bo Ga (all locations), Ahora (307 Dalhousie), Ikea (2685 Iris), Burrito Borracho (105A Clarence)

Best Chinese

Winner: So Good Restaurant (717 Somerset)

Honourable mentions: Shanghai Restaurant (651 Somerset), Mekong (637 Somerset), Golden Palace (2195 Carling), Yangtze Dining Lounge (700 Somerset)

Best chip wagon

Winner: The Chip Wagon (Bank/Sunnyside)

Honourable mentions: Sasha’s (next to Dominion Tavern, 33 York), S&G Fries (Carling/Maitland), The Blooming Onion (York/Dalhousie)

Best tea/coffee house

Winner: Bridgehead (all locations)

Honourable mentions: Planet Coffee (24 York), Bubblicity (all locations), The Tea Party (119 York), I Deal Coffee (176 Dalhousie), The Tea Store (53 York)

Best cozy nook

Winner: The Manx (370 Elgin)

Honourable mentions: Chez Lucien (137 Murray), Avant-Garde Bar (135 Besserer), Aunt Olive’s (209 Gilmour), Oz Kafé (361 Elgin)

Best deli

Winner: La Bottega (64 George)

Honourable mentions: DiRienzo’s Grocery (111 Beech), Nicastro’s (all locations), Nate’s Deli (316 Rideau), Sausage Kitchen (5 Byward Market Square)

Best dessert

Winner: Oh So Good (25 York)

Honourable mentions: Auntie Loo’s Treats (507 Bronson), Thyme and Again (1255 Wellington), Memories Restaurant (7 Clarence), Three Tarts Bakers (1320 Wellington)

Best diner

Winner: Elgin Street Diner (374 Elgin)

Honourable mentions: Zak’s Diner (14 Byward Market Square), Ada’s Diner (510 Bank), Mayflower (247 Elgin), Mello’s Diner (290 Dalhousie)

Best farmers’ market

Winner: Byward Market

Honourable mentions: Ottawa Farmers’ Market (Lansdowne), Parkdale Market, Ottawa Organic Farmers’ Market (Bank/Heron)

Best French

Winner: Les Fougères Restaurant (783 Route 105, Chelsea)

Honourable mentions: Metropolitan Brasserie (700 Sussex), L’Orée du Bois (15 Kingsmere, Chelsea), L’Aubergine (138 Wellington, Gatineau), Le Tartuffe (133 Notre-Dame-de-l’Île, Gatineau)

Best Greek

Winner: Greek on Wheels (all locations)

Honourable mentions: Greek Souvlaki House (1200 Prince of Wales), Pilos Restaurant (876 Montreal), Theo’s Greek Taverna (911 Richmond), Aroma Meze (239 Nepean)

Best ice cream/gelato

Winner: Pure Gelato (350 Elgin)

Honourable mentions: Piccolo Grande (all locations), Truffle Treasures (all locations), Pascale’s All-Natural Ice Cream (all locations), Pasticceria Gelateria Italiana (200 Preston)

Best South Asian

Winner: Ceylonta (403 Somerset)

Honourable mentions: Light of India (730 Bank), East India Company (210 Somerset), Haveli (39 Clarence)

Best Italian

Winner: Vittoria Trattoria (35 William)

Honourable mentions: Giovanni’s (362 Preston), Mamma Teresa Ristorante (300 Somerset), Mamma Grazzi’s (25 George)

Best Japanese

Winner: Kinki (41 York)

Honourable mentions: Genji (175 Lisgar), Sushi 88 (690B Somerset), Japanese Village (170 Laurier)

Best Korean

Winner: Seoul House (601 Somerset)

Honourable mentions: Korea Garden (470 Rideau), Joy (315 Somerset), Miga (399 Bank), Kochu (361 Elgin)

Best Mexican/South American

Winner: Ahora (307 Dalhousie)

Honourable mentions: Pancho Villa (361 Elgin), Mexicali Rosa’s (1800 Bank), Agave Grill (1331 Wellington)

Best Middle Eastern

Winner: Shawarma Palace (464 Rideau)

Honourable mentions: Maroush (all locations), Middle East Bakery (all locations), Saffron Restaurant (426 Rideau), Jericho (840 Bank)

Best natural food store

Winner: Herb & Spice (both locations)

Honourable mentions: Rainbow Foods (1487 Richmond), Market Organics (126 York), The Wild Oat (817 Bank)

Best patio

Winner: The Courtyard (The Black Tomato, Mamma Grazzi’s, The Courtyard Restaurant, Social, Helsinki)

Honourable mentions: Dominion Tavern (33 York), Pub Italia (434 Preston), Elgin Street Courtyard (The Lieutenant’s Pump/Oz Kafé/Pancho Villa), Murray St. Charcuterie (110 Murray)

Best pizza

Winner: Colonnade (280 Metcalfe)

Honourable mentions: Gabriel’s (all locations), Louis Pizza (181 McArthur, Vanier), Pavarazzi’s (443 Somerset W.)

Best poutine

Winner: Elgin Street Diner (374 Elgin)

Honourable mentions: Smoke’s Poutinerie (407 Dalhousie), Sasha’s (next to Dominion Tavern, 33 York), The Works (all locations), The Chip Wagon (Bank/Sunnyside)

Best pub

Winner: The Manx Pub (370 Elgin)

Honourable mentions: Pub Italia (434 Preston), Irene’s (885 Bank), Chez Lucien (137 Murray), D’Arcy McGee’s (44 Sparks), The Clock Tower Brew Pub (575 Bank)

Best romantic restaurant

Winner: Black Tomato (11 George)

Honourable mentions: Oz Kafé (361 Elgin), Absinthe (1208 Wellington), Murray Street (110 Murray), Sweetgrass (108 Murray)

Best sandwich

Winner: DiRienzo’s Grocery (111 Beech)

Honourable mentions: La Bottega (64 George), Aunt Olive’s (209 Gilmour), Chez Lucien (137 Murray)

Best seafood

Winner: Whalesbone Oyster House (430 Bank)

Honourable mentions: LaPointe’s (all locations), Pelican Grill (1500 Bank), Merivale Fish Market & Seafood Grill (1480 Merivale)

Best shawarma

Winner: Maroush (380 Elgin)

Honourable mentions: Shawarma Palace (464 Rideau), Shawarma King (all locations), Really Lebanese Garlic King (321 Dalhousie)

Best splurge

Winner: Whalesbone Oyster House (430 Bank)

Honourable mentions: Murray St. (110 Murray), Beckta (226 Nepean), Sweetgrass (108 Murray), E18hteen (18 York)

Best sushi

Winner: Kinki (41 York)

Honourable mentions: Wasabi (41 Clarence), Sushi 88 (690B Somerset), Genji (175 Lisgar)

Best take-out

Winner: Greek on Wheels (all locations)

Honourable mentions: Thyme and Again (1255 Wellington), The Red Apron (all locations), Lunch (121 Bank), Sushi Go + Tea Express (48 Byward Market Square)

Best Thai

Winner: Green Papaya (both locations)

Honourable mentions: Royal Thai (272 Dalhousie), Coriander Thai (282 Kent), Siam Bistro (1268 Wellington)

Best vegetarian

Winner: Green Door (198 Main)

Honourable mentions: Zen Kitchen (634 Somerset W.), The Table (1230 Wellington), So Good (717 Somerset W.)

Best Vietnamese/pho

Winner: Pho Bo Ga (all locations)

Honourable mentions: New Pho Bo Ga La (763 Somerset W.), New Mee Fung (350 Booth), Springroll House Café (1093 Wellington)

Best wings

Winner: Wild Wings (1263 Donald)

Honourable mentions: The Clock Tower Brew Pub (575 Bank), Local Heroes (all locations), Chez Lucien (137 Murray)

Best watering hole

Winner: Dominion Tavern (33 York)

Honourable mentions: The Manx (370 Elgin), The Royal Oak (all locations), The Elmdale Tavern (1084 Wellington W.)


Best alternative to a multiplex movie theatre

Winner: Mayfair Theatre

Honourable mentions: ByTowne Cinema, Rainbow Theatre, Centretown Movies (summer only)

Best art gallery (besides the National Gallery of Canada!)

Winner: SAW Gallery (2 Daly)

Honourable mentions: La Petite Mort (306 Cumberland), Ottawa Art Gallery (2 Daly), Cube Gallery (7 Hamilton), Canteen Art Shop & Gallery (238 Dalhousie)

Best dance performance in 2010

Winner: Meagan O’Shea, Based on Actual Unrelated Events

Honourable mentions: The Response, Status Quo; Susie Burpee, A Mass Becomes You

Best festival of 2010

Winner: Bluesfest

Honourable mentions: Gaga Weekend, Winterlude, Oktoberfest, Ottawa Folk Fest

Best film by a local filmmaker in 2010

Winner: Nuit blanche by Arev Manoukian

Honourable mentions: Donkey by Adrian Langley, Stripped Naked by Lee Demarbre, Death Rally by Martin Bruyère

Best film festival of 2010

Winner: Ottawa International Film Festival

Honourable mentions: Ottawa International Animation Festival, Silents Is Golden at Mayfair Theatre, One World Film Fest

Best live music show of 2010

Winner: Arcade Fire at Bluesfest

Honourable mentions: Weezer at Bluesfest, The Flaming Lips at Bluesfest, Tegan & Sara at Bronson Centre, Wilco at NAC

Best lounge

Winner: Mercury Lounge (56 Byward)

Honourable mentions: Avant-Garde Bar (135 Besserer), Le Petit Chicago (50 Promenade du Portage, Gatineau), Trio Lounge (307 Richmond)

Best new musical artist/group

Winner: Old Crowns

Honourable mentions: Polymorphines, The Peptides, Peach Kelli Pop

Best night out

Winner: Sunday’s Mod Club at Babylon

Honourable mentions: Rock’n’Roll Pizza Party at IX Nightclub, Retro ’90s Night at Barrymore’s, Timekode at Eri Café or Mercury Lounge

Best place to hear live music

Winner: Black Sheep Inn (Wakefield)

Honourable mentions: Zaphod’s (27 York), Babylon (317 Bank), Mavericks (221 Rideau), National Arts Centre (53 Elgin)

Best folk/country album/EP of 2010

Winner: The Acorn, No Ghost

Honourable mentions: Jim Bryson, The Falcon Lake Incident; Old Crowns by Old Crowns; Leif Vollebekk’s Inland

Best country/folk/world music band 2010

Winner: The Acorn

Honourable mentions: Jim Bryson, Male Nurse, Old Crowns, Mighty Popo

Best punk/metal/hard rock band 2010

Winner: Buried Inside

Honourable mentions: Holy Cobras, Sadie Hell, Doll, Killitorious

Best punk/metal/hard rock album 2010

Winner: Fuck The Facts, Unnamed (EP)

Honourable mentions: The White Wires Pogo ’til I Puke Tonight (7-inch); Sadie Hell’s Sadie Hell; Holy Cobras Feed Your Head (7-inch); Peach Kelli Pop’s Peach Kelli Pop

Best rock/pop/dance/other album 2010

Winner: The Love Machine, Sweater Weather

Honourable mentions: Soul Jazz Orchestra’s Rising Sun; The Murder Plans’ Good Omens; The Peptides’ For Those Who Hate Human Interaction

Best rock/pop/dance/other band of 2010

Winner: Hollerado

Honourable mentions: The Love Machine, Amos The Transparent, Soul Jazz Orchestra, The Murder Plans

Best theatrical performance in 2010

Winner: A Christmas Carol at NAC

Honourable mentions: Heroes at GCTC, Swimming in the Shallows at Arts Court, Where the Blood Mixes at NAC, blood.claat at GCTC

Best visual arts exhibit of 2010

Winner: Pop Life: Art in a Material World at NAG

Honourable mentions: Jonathan Hobin’s In The Playroom at Dale Smith Gallery, Anna Forlan’s Kitchen Anatomy at Karsh-Masson Gallery, Louis Helbig’s Beautiful Destruction at Ottawa City Hall Gallery, Angelina McCormick’s Secret Garden at SPAO’s Red Wall Gallery

Best work of fiction/non-fiction/poetry by local writer

Winner: Wild Horses by rob mclennan

Honourable mentions: Soft Where by Marcus McCann, Egg on Mao by Denise Chong, The Lizard and Other Stories by Michael Bryson


Best bar staff

Winner: Manx (370 Elgin)

Honourable mentions: Zaphod’s (27 York), Oz Kafé (361 Elgin), Dominion Tavern (33 York), Babylon (317 Bank), Lieutenant’s Pump (361 Elgin)

Best beauty salon/spa

Winner: Le Nordik Scandinavian Spa (16 Nordik, Chelsea)

Honourable mentions: York Street Spa (11 York), Le Spa (429 MacLaren), Saab (376 Bank)

Best bike shop

Winner: Joe Momma’s (216 Pretoria),

Honourable mentions: Pecco’s (both locations), Bushtuktah (Richmond), Phat Moose (98 Hawthorne), The Bike Dump (407 Catherine)

Best bookstore

Winner: Octopus Books (116 Third)

Honourable mentions: Collected Works (1242 Wellington), The Book Bazaar (417 Bank), Nicholas Hoare Bookstore (419 Sussex)

Best video rentals store

Winner: Invisible Cinema (319 Lisgar)

Honourable mentions: Elgin Video (258 Elgin), Blockbuster (all locations), Glebe Video International (2-779 Bank)

Best comic/gaming store

Winner: The Comic Book Shoppe (both locations)

Honourable mentions: Silver Snail (391 Bank), Fandom II (162 Laurier), Wizard’s Tower (all locations)

Best fun outdoors

Winner: Gatineau Park

Honourable mentions: Rideau Canal, Calypso, Omega Park, Caverne Lafleche

Best furniture store

Winner: Ikea (2685 Iris)

Honourable mentions: EQ3 (60 Byward Market Square), White Monkey (395 Gladstone), Founddesign (1192 Bank), Phillip Van Leeuwen (10 Byward Market Square)

Best independent record/CD store

Winner: Vertigo (193 Rideau)

Honourable mentions: The Record Shaap (209 Gilmour), End Hits (407 Dalhousie), Compact Music (all locations), Birdman Sound (593 Bank)

Best jewellery store

Winner: Magpie (all locations)

Honourable mentions: Sassy Bead (all locations), Milk (234 Dalhousie), Workshop Boutique (242 Dalhousie)

Best men’s clothing store (not a chain)

Winner: Norml Clothing (41 William)

Honourable mentions: Top of the World (158 Rideau), Roadtrip (24B York), Reap and Sew (401 Dalhousie), Trustfund (493 Sussex)

Best women’s clothing store (not a chain)

Winner: Victoire (238 Dalhousie)

Honourable mentions: Milk (234 Dalhousie), Allegro (55 William), Roadtrip (24B York), Workshop Boutique (242 Dalhousie)

Best musical instrument store

Winner: Steve’s Music Store (308 Rideau)

Honourable mentions: Spaceman Music (388 Gladstone), Ottawa Folklore Centre (1111 Bank), Long & McQuade (2631 Alta Vista)

Best outdoor store

Winner: Mountain Equipment Co-op (366 Richmond)

Honourable mentions: Bushtukah (203 Richmond), Trailhead (1960 Scott), The North Face (342 Richmond), The Expedition Shoppe (43 York)

Best pool hall

Winner: MacLaren’s (301 Elgin)

Honourable mentions: Dominion Tavern (33 York), Dooly’s (2277 Gladwin), Orange Monkey (250 City Centre), Cue and Cushion (319 Bank)

Best sex/erotica shop

Winner: Venus Envy (320 Lisgar)

Honourable mentions: Adult Fun Superstore (1565 St. Laurent), Aren’t We Naughty? (1531 Merivale), Classixxx Adult Store (all locations)

Best skate shop

Winner: Top of the World (158 Rideau)

Honourable mentions: West 49 (both locations), Slaysh (775 Bank), On Deck (141 Bentley), En Equilibre (140 Gréber, Gatineau)

Best tattoos/piercing

Winner: Planet Ink (306 Rideau)

Honourable mentions: Five Cents (201 Dalhousie), Living Colour (412 Dalhousie), New Moon Tattoo (all locations)

Best vintage clothing

Winner: Value Village (all locations)

Honourable mentions: Ragtime (43 Flora), Aunt Olive’s (209 Gilmour), Young Janes (203 Dalhousie), Attic (203 Dalhousie)

Best yoga studio

Winner: Rama Lotus Yoga Centre (342 Gladstone)

Honourable mentions: Upward Dog Yoga Centre (251 Dalhousie), Pranashanti Yoga Centre (52 Arsmtrong), Metta Massage & Yoga Clinic (421 Richmond)


Best local website/blog

Winner: Punk Ottawa

Honourable mentions: Apt 613, Ottawa XPress, Craiglist Ottawa, Guerrilla, Noshfood, I(heart)music

Best architectural addition to the city

Winner: Chinatown Gateway (Somerset)

Honourable mentions: Ottawa Conference Centre, Desmarais Hall (University of Ottawa), Gatineau Sports Centre

Best architectural eyesore

Winner: Rideau Street

Honourable mentions: Papa (Maisonneuve at Allumettières, Hull)

Best Ottawa neighbourhood to live in

Winner: Centretown

Honourable mentions: Westboro, The Glebe, Hintonburg

Best new idea for the city

Winner: OC Transpo light rail

Honourable mentions: Turn Sparks St. Mall into a mini-St. Denis, Lansdowne Park

Best radio station

Winner: Live 88.5

Honourable mentions: CBC 91.5, CKCU 93.1, Hot 89.9

Best reason to cheer the city

Winner: Bluesfest

Honourable mentions: Ottawa Senators, Gatineau Parc, Lansdowne Live

Best reason to jeer the city

Winner: Larry O’Brien

Honourable mentions: lack of joie de vivre, Rideau St., Lansdowne Live

Best scandal

Winner: Larry O’Brien

Honourable mentions: The Ottawa Police vs. Gay Ottawa

Best local hero

Winner: Shawn Scallen

Honourable mentions: Sandra Oh, Eugene Haslam, Lawrence Greenspon, Jay Baruchel

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