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December 28, 2010

xbmc xbmcfreak putty ssh cpu load

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xbmc / xbmc


December 26, 2010

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2 players free flash game multiplayer

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December 25, 2010

Music duplicates

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Similarity Finds and Removes Duplicate Music Files

How Might I Manage My Massive Messy Music Menagerie – XBMC

December 8, 2010

electro dubstep ottawa nightlife reddit

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Nightlife in Ottawa

ritual,mercury lounge, lotus lounge

Sotto plays house almost exclusively, and Studio just opened. It’s supposed to have a pretty good light system (Sotto’s is pretty minimal).

Ritual Night club has epic Dubstep nights. Mercury lounge has house music, Mostly Jazzy and Tribal Jazz on Friday and Saturday. both places usually don pick up til 11:30 -12ish.

Ritual has dub on Friday and Saturday? alternates. this week friday night. Here: these guys set it up

PadMapper – Making Apartment Hunting Suck Less

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appart ottawa montreal louer google maps app


/r/Ottawa, apartments?a

Apartment Finding Help (self.ottawa)


December 3, 2010

Boot Failure Troubleshooting Flowchart

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Why Do Google Maps’s City Labels Seem Much More “Readable” Than Those of Its Competitors?

electro music

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Daft Punk, Royksopp, Simian Mobile Disco and Deadmau5, it’s been a good day for new music.
electro dubstep

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here is the full pedestrian view



This is pretty much how it is every single minute of the day driving in India or in Bangladesh. Every time you’re out on the road you just barely miss a horrifying accident by an inch or two at least two or three times.

They also have massive trucks that can annihilate any vehicle. I remember just dodging one while I was in a taxi. The cars gears weren’t working and there was no passenger seat anymore when I got in.

Also the buses don’t stop, you have to jump off at your stop. While the bus is moving. In the middle of traffic. And hope to God that nobody hits you. Also there are no sidewalks in certain places so you hope the driver is smart enough to stick to the middle which is no guarantee.

And this is all made worse by the sheer amount of people. Bangladesh is just about the most densely populated country on earth, and it’s unbelievable the crowd that constantly envelopes the roads. Here’s a decent video example.



One of the best “cars crashing in the snow” porns ever.

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There’s the giant heaping pile of computer services consulting agencies

Spread your resume around hiring agencies like Excel ITR, Brainhunter, Ajilon, Hays, Robert Half, etc – I get calls and emails from these people constantly as they are all desperately looking to fill short term developer contracts.



Chinese drive their new motorcycles and cars like they are still on bikes. Disaster results.

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