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November 14, 2010


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In addition to bolt pattern you also need to be concerned with the wheel off-set value. While the bolt patter may be the same the off-set may be different and you will not have proper clearance between your wheels and brakes. – a good site to compare offset differences.

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guys, bit of a newb here. i’ve gotn 01 acura el (similar to civic), and the tires are 185/65/15.. ive ordered them from jcwhitney, and are on the way. looking for steelies. costco has ’em for $39.99 a pop… looking to buy those. i did find a couple people selling locally though, one guy had 4x 15″ 4 bolt pattern, but he said they probably wouldnt clear the caliper on my car.

so my question is, when looking for rims, what measurements should i consider? 15= inch, obviously. 4-bolt, for my car. 100mm, spacing between right. what else? how do i know they’d fit? clear the calipers etc?


Make sure the hub bore is at least 64.1mm (the center hole). 64.1 is the Honda/Acura OEM wheel bore size, if you can find a set of 4 honda or acura steel wheels they’ll fit perfectly. I just picked up a used set of Honda 15″ steel rims for $100 from an ad I found on Kijiji. Cost me another 80 to install/balance, so all said & done I have brand new GT rubber installed on HOnda steel rims for under $500


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