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September 1, 2010

smplayer vlc audio languages

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vlc media player also does the same thing


This file is a perfect example of why you should have smplayer. With smplayer it is possible to play this video with English audio, here’s how. Open this file with Smplayer, download the program if you don’t have it. And under the Audio options select ‘Load external file’ and when browsing for a file to load the audio from change the type from Audio (mp3, wav, etc) instead change it to all files. Now you can select “Iron Man 2 2010 TELESYNC XviD-iLG” or whatever English version of the movie you have. And the result is it will play the excellent quality video from this spanish release, while playing the audio from the English release. Smplayer, this media player can do anything, I love it.

shasha2333 at 2010-05-11 10:23 CET:

PS, forgot to mention this with the last comment about loading English Audio into the video using smplayer. Chances are after loading the external english audio into this spanish release, the audio with be off by a bit, unless you did it perfectly. That’s ok, because smplayer has every feature imaginable. to correct an improper audio delay, under the audio options in smplayer adjust the delay by selecting set delay, or you can just press + or – until the delay is fix and the video and audio are synced up properly.

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