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August 29, 2010

Rogers Wireless Plans

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The Negotiation and Retentions Bible and FAQ
This thread is a result of hardwork from several people. Please thank them for their valuable contributions. The existing thread is outdated and puts lot of server load making it really slow. Most of the info has changed over the years and therefore with these guides on the first page, and a better layout we as a community would all benefit with this thread.

1) FAQ:

These are based off of the original post by mrperfect (, however I added some stuff of my own as well. Make sure you go to the original post and thank mrperfect!

How do you negotiate?

Be persistent, polite and always know what you want. Never despair or discourage, try again until you succeed. You will need to be creative, relentless, shameless and sometimes need to lie too. Always remember this is pure business. You are not going to marry the agent, don’t think about how you sound or what they feel, do whatever it takes to get the job done!

Use your strengths to your advantage! If you are a funny, outgoing person, let it shine through while you call! If you are morally opposed to lying, then don’t lie! You can get killer plans by being honest. On the flip side of that, if you are a fantastic actor, make up your story and play the part well! Remember, negotiation is about confidence! Be the “you” that you are most confident as.

Will I have to resign again if I negotiate a plan?

Most times you will need to resign if they offer you a excellent plan with discounts. Remember most retention plans are only offered to you because you are an existing customer, the agent has to be convinced that you are not going anywhere only then he will give you the best they got. Don’t be afraid of signing a contract, there is no life in Canada without contracts. Unless you are planning on running away there is no reason why you should hesitate for this.

Precisely. From what I’ve been able to tell, anytime you change your base phone plan (and sometimes data plan), you will need to resign for 3 years. If you are just getting discounts or features credited, you usually will NOT need to, unless they give you an absolutely insane deal.

How can I get a plan like XYZ?

You CANT. Every plan and every individual needs are different. Therefore YOU need to know first what you want without this you can never negotiate a plan.

And always keep in mind that there is tremendous variability between agents. One can be extremely helpful and make things easy, another can be a real dicklock and make it tough. It’s up to YOU to keep calling until you get the right person.

Why can’t I get a plan like XYZ?

Most superplans are heavily modified over weeks and months of hard work and CANNOT BE ACHIEVED IN ONE CALL*. You need to start with a good retention plan and trim it down according to your needs by calling back and renegotiating. It takes a while before you will have your dream plan because one agent will not be able to offer you that many discounts and modifications.

*noisewater CAPS edit

Why can’t I get the features or credits like XYZ. The agent says they won’t do it or it is impossible?

This all depends on the agent you talk to if they are willing to help you out they will otherwise try again. Each situation varies greatly and you need to keep trying on until you find the right agent. There are several agents who are genuinely willing to help, there are others who don’t want to, and then there are some who simply just don’t care.

Exactly. I’ve been told time and time again that something is impossible, but the next call it is not only possible, it happens. If you hear the words “it can’t be done,” or “I won’t do it,” mentally add the word “yet” to the end of that sentence. Because anything can be done, you ‘ve just got to find the person/tactic that will make it happen. You determine what’s possible, not the representative you speak with.

The agent said they cannot do this or that due to a policy.

Often times the agent will invent their own rules, procedures, policies and will try to enforce them. Therefore if you are not able to convince the agent simply call back again and you will have better luck next time.

Agreed. The variability can astound you. If the agent sounds like they are a rules stickler, don’t waste your time with them, and better yet, don’t listen to their “rules”.

Should I call Customer service or Customer relations.

Customer relations have better options at their disposal to modify your plan and offer you discounts that normal customer service agents will not be able to. However some people have better luck with a CSR and some with a CXR. It all depends on the individual situation.

And don’t be misled into thinking that customer relations agents are strictly in the customer relations department. Rogers has them scattered throughout. I’ve spoken to customer relations agents when I have the hardware upgrade department, the technical support department, and the billing department.

Should I upgrade to a new phone or negotiate a plan first?

It is always a good idea to negotiate a plan that is suitable for you. Once you have what you need then you can proceed to do a hardware upgrade.

I have already signed a contract, how can I negotiate now? I’m also at so and so time into my term will I able to negotiate?

You can ALWAYS negotiate. It doesn’t matter if you are into one day or the last day of your contract. It is your money that is going out of your pocket into theirs. Therefore you need to do whatever you can to maximize your savings. There is no reason to wait for set amount of time before calling.

Exactly. They want you to be happy with your plan, so they will do what it takes to get you to stay. It’s just a matter of finding the right person to do it. As an example of this, my plan started with an initial offer of $60 and tax, I accepted at $40, and then got it to $30. Mrperfect on the other hand, haha well he went from over $40 down to $17.

How often can I call?

There is no limit to this. Contrary to what people tell you nothing will happen. You are in a market and you want the best bang for your buck. This is business pure and simple. If you are not happy for something you should always call and negotiate.

They might say something like, “I see you’ve been calling often,” but it doesn’t matter. Just politely tell them that you’ve been having trouble with your bill/service/whatever. They really don’t care, they’re just observing.

Is it better to call during the morning/day/night, or during the week/weekends?

It doesn’t matter when you call. It all depends on the person you speak with. No one day is better, and no time of day is better. Call whenever you get the urge to.
Does it make a difference if I talk to male or female reps?
No. There are awesome male reps and there are awesome female reps. There are crappy male reps and there are crappy female reps. Just go with your gut on it.

When should I say what I want?

Always let them offer you what they have. Compare two to three offers and go for the best one. Always take interaction numbers for record. Even after discounts you think you are still paying more. RESTART everything and build everything all over again. Often times this works best then asking for additional credit.

Once I accept a plan, I always take a screenshot of it from MyRogers as well. With this and an interaction ID, you’ve got great negotiation power and proof in the off chance that an agent accidently screws something up.

Agent refuses to honour a Plan I saw on this forum or from my friend

This is a bad approach. Never quote them any plans from the forums or of a friend because they would not match it . Always let them offer you what they can and then simply complain about too expensive, not much minutes or a feature that you don’t have and want it.

The only way I’ve seen the “my friend/family member has” approach work is if you have said friend or family member nearby so that Rogers can access their account.

I was polite and courteous with the agent but they still left bad notes in my account.

To overlap those bad notes you need to call customer service and talk random things. Anything that is not directly related to your account. Enquire about product and services or make up anything you can to start a positive conversation. Do this 5-6 times so that all your bad notes are pushed further down into your file and replaced by good notes. This opens the window of opportunity for you to try again for your credits/addons.

This guide is a work in progress and will be updated whenever possible.

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