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July 19, 2009

how to pass a weed drug test

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I personaly  don’t do drugs but I just read this on a forum and it might interest some people out there:

[QUOTE=thedrummingfish;14736841]:bandit: Just passed a drug test after only 4 days sober. Smoking one to celebrate.[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=thedrummingfish;14738081]Thanks, I am quite a heavy smoker (have smoked at least a bowl daily for the last 2-3 years).

So for 4 days I drank ~48 oz of water every 3 hours, took a few multi vitamins each day (anything with B2, B12, and Niacin will do as long as you take about twice the daily suggestion). On the day of the test I drank the same amount of water as before until about 1.5 hours before. At that point I drank an Omni Cleansing liquid (about $30 bucks at any health food store. They usually keep it behind the counter). The omni shit really doesn’t clean anything out. Its just a form of dilution (you drink a lot of water with it), but it contains >2000% daily value for B Vitamins and also includes creatine.

The B Vitamins are to color your piss so it doesn’t just look like water. Niacin does act to burn things out of your system, but you can have a pretty severe skin reaction if you take to much. The creatine is metabolized into creatinine in your system and that is what they test for to determine dilution. So then when you drink shit tons of water the amount of THC metabolites is diluted enough not to be detected, but your piss will test fine for dilution.[/QUOTE]


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