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April 22, 2009

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SiteShoter Takes Web Site Screenshots Over Time


April 19, 2009

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10 Youtube URL Tricks You Should Know About

10 Websites To Make You A Photoshop Ninja

10 Quick Fixes to Make your Windows Computer Faster

The Best, Free Alternatives to Nero CD/DVD Burner

How To Convert Audio Cassettes & LPs to MP3 in 5 Easy Steps (différancier track)


(1) BoostCam – Instant video messenger that provides free and disposable online video conferencing rooms. No need to install any software or plugins. Read more: BoostCam – Instant Video Messenger.

(2) Fliis – Watch songs and music clips from favorite artists. It is powered by the YouTube API with a no-frills user interface. Read more: Fliis – Find Songs And Music Clips Online.

(3) Taskbarn – Collaborate and manage projects online. The user interface is nice and simple and there are various options to communicate with project team members. Read more: Taskbarn – Collaborate & Manage Projects Online.

(4) Text2PDF – Create Adobe PDF files from text. Just type in your text and press on the “Download” button to save the generated PDF file to your computer. Read more: Text2PDF – Create Adobe PDF Files From Text.

(5) WhichDateWorks – As you might have guessed from the name WhichDateWorks is an online event scheduler that aims to make it easier for groups to pick the best suitable event date for everyone involved. Read more: WhichDateWorks: Online Event Scheduler.


(1) DropVine – A browser bookmarklet that allows you to instantly share cool links with friends. Read more:DropVine – Share Cool Links with Friends.

(2) DualScreenWallpaper – A collection of hot dual screen wallpapers that are submitted and rated by users. Browse wallpapers by resolution and check out the most downloaded ones. Read more: DualScreenWallpaper – Hot Dual Screen Wallpaper Collection.

(3) Osalt – This excellent site collects and lists open source alternatives to commercial software products. Read more: Osalt – Find Open Source Alternative to Commercial Software.

(4) Trusera – Online community where people with health problems can ask questions and get tips and answers from people who have been in similar situations. Read more: Trusera – Get Practical Answers to Health Problems.

(5) YardSaleTreasureMap – An online yard sale locator map that shows locations of yard sales in your area. The site will then pulls yard sale listings from Craigslist and map them on top the area map. Read more:YardSaleTreasureMap: Yard Sale Locator.


(3) Namecheck – Check the availability of a username on more than 80 popular social networking and social bookmarking websites. When you enter the username and hit on the “chk” button, if the username is taken it shows “Taken”. Read more: Namechk – Check Username Availability on Social Sites.

(4) Roshambo – This website lets you play rock paper scissors with others online. Enter your name, get a link and send it to your opponent to start playing. Read more: Roshambo – Play Rock-Paper-Scissors Online.

(5) Ptable – If you are a Chemistry major or just trying to make through your Chemistry class, chances are you have use the Periodic Table of Elements very often. The is a cool periodic table with a detailed graphical representation for each element. Read more: – Cool Periodic Table Of Elements Online.

Batch Rename Your Files Easily – Mac Style (Mac Only)

Simple Ways To Organize Your Files In Mac

An Idiot’s Guide To Photoshop [Free PDF]

Record Streaming Audio with Screamer Radio

Build The Perfect Music Playlist With MixtapeMe

Seeqpod, a huge music engine

3 Recipe Sites For The Post Fast Food Era

(1) ClosR – Offer an easy way to share high res photos online. This web app transforms the uploaded image into a zoomable widget which can be embedded almost on any webpage. Read more: ClosR – The Easy Way to Share High Res Photos.

(2) LiteFlick – Flickr search tool that provides you with a cool visual interface for searching and browsing Flickr images. Search images by text or by user. Read more: LiteFlick – Nice Flickr Search Tool.

(3) Omgili – Search online forums, discussion boards, mailing lists and other types of online message boards from one place. Read more: Omgili – Search Forums & Discussion Boards.

(4) TimeToast – Create and share cool timelines in a snap. Creating timelines is easy and only takes only few minutes, you basically need to add events for different calendar dates with pictures and text descriptions. Read more: TimeToast – Interactive Timeline Creator.

(5) WikiMatrix – There are wiki platforms (aka wikis) out there that can be used as a collaboration tool. WikiMatrix makes it easy to choose the right wiki platform by letting users compare different wiki platofrms side by side. Read more: WikiMatrix – Compare Wiki Platforms.

How To Make Your Own Workout Music With The Right Beats

(1) AlternativeTo – Find less popular alternative to any Windows, Mac, Linux software and even web app. Enter the name of the tool and the site will give you a list of what it believes to be good alternatives. Read more:AlternativeTo – Find Alternative Software & Web Apps.

(2) Decaf – Create cool abstract art compositions and original patterns. The way it works, you type in a keyword and choose a background color and shape. Dekaf then brings a set of color palletes, clicking on one generates a full screen abstract picture using the colors from that pallete. Read more: Dekaf – Generate Abstract Art Compositions.

(3) FileInspect – Found and unknown file in your process library and have no idea whether it’s something legit or malware? The FileInspect is a comprehensive reference site for processes running on your PC. Read more:FileInspect – Identify Processes Running On Your Computer.

(4) I Need to Read This – Handy browser bookmarklet which lets you instantly save stories for later viewing and read them when you have time. It’s very simple to use and doesn’t require to install anything. Read more:INeedToReadThis – Save Webpages For Later Viewing.

(1) KeepHD – Easily download YouTube videos in high def format. Apart from the HD copies of the videos, you can also download them in FLV, MP4 and mobile 3GP formats. Read more: KeepHD – Download YouTube Videos In High Def Format.

(3) – Protect your email from spam bots when you share it on sites like Twitter, Craigslist and online forum boards. It converts your email into a short link that you can then post online instead of your actual email address. Read more: – Protect Email Address from Bots.

(4) Vattoz – Simple music search engine that searches for songs based on artist name or the song name and displays the results in a clean interface where you have two options – play the song or add to playlist. Read more: Vattoz – Music Search Engine with a Playlist Support.

(5) WordAhead – An online video vocabulary website where instead of just reading a definition of some sophisticated word, you also get to see a video illustration and hear how the word is used in different sentences. Read more: WordAhead – Video Vocabulary Site.

Maintain Your Mac With This All in One Utility Tool (Mac Only)

Use SkipScreen To Bypass Rapidshare Advertising Waiting Screens

April 16, 2009

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free public domain photos

April 15, 2009

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Canadian ISP that appears not to suck ( plein info sur WRT54GL + tomato + MLPP )  –> THE reseller to have, supports MLPP

April 10, 2009

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A Night Out In Cardiff, Wales

A Visual Guide to Deflation (INFOGRAPHIC)

A Buddha the Size of a Skyscraper

40  Logo Designs For Your Inspiration

April 9, 2009

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Encode video for Xbox 360 with EncodeHD

Access Xbox 360 HDD in Windows & Backup

Disassemble Xbox 360 Console & HDD Bay

April 5, 2009

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50 websites you’ll wonder how you lived without bof bof mais p-e quelques nouvelles découvertes intéressant

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