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February 25, 2009


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February 23, 2009

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Dossier netbook (partie III) : Comparatif de 6 netbooks

5 netbooks de plus : Vostro, eCAFE, 1002HA, NB100 et S10e

True Image Home 2009

AMT: Compensation sur les titres mensuels

69 really useful OS X timesavers

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69 really useful OS X timesavers

How to link HSBC and ING

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You can link in two ways. Either you link ING within HSBC or HSBC within ING.

1) Link your HSBC within ING.

Log into your ING Account online.
Click the Tab “My Info and Options”.
Choose “Links to External Accounts”.
You should then see a list of your preexisting accounts linked to ING.
Click the “ADD” button.
Follow the directions.

I cannot recall the last time I did this, but I believe you may need to also send ING a void cheque from your HSBC Account. The Direct Savings account does provide you with Void Cheques. You will need to speak with your Account Manager. Call HSBC regular customer service line and ask the Rep for who your Account Manager/Phone number. This person will be in Vancouver so you will need to speak to them during normal PST Business Hours. A Week later you should receive 4 of them in the mail to send to ING.

AND/OR 2) Link ING within HSBC.

Log into HSBC online.
Click “Transfers”
Click “Transfer between HSBC accounts and other Canadian Banks”
Click “Add an Account”
Follow the directions.

This will involve you sending an ING paper statement to HSBC along with the Bank to Bank transfer form.

*What are the advantages of doing both 1) and 2)?*

Initiating the transfer from the sending bank account means the receiving bank will NOT hold the funds (ie.. You wish to send money from HSBC to ING – You would log into HSBC to initiate transfer to ING). If you initiate the transfer from the receiving account, the receiving bank will hold the funds for 5-10 business days.

February 15, 2009

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The year 2008 in photographs

5 Online Instant Messaging Services

5 Ways To Bypass Torrent Connection Blocking

February 14, 2009

360 mod liteon ixtreme 1.5

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40$ flash
~30$ shipping (aller retour) sherbrooke – markham ontario
prend 5 jours ouvrables se rendre là bas

10$ flash upgrade
10$ remettre stock

info de jean

steam left 4 dead 50% off

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cette fds, L4D @50% sur steam:

zombie fun

February 10, 2009

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How To Cheat With Your BitTorrent Ratio

  • je ne l’ai jamais essayé, mais je suis sur vidéotron extreme, ça pourrait être utilile pour quelqu’un sous vidéotron normal qui n’a pas le choix de ne PAS uploader avec les limites ridicules

February 8, 2009

mac os x adobe cs4 master collection

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Je n’ai pas téléchargé ici mais cette méthode simple et efficace (entre autres)…
Les SN

edit the Host-file.
and BLOCK with LittleSnitch !

You can use terminal to give TextEdit root access to the hosts file. Open a terminal window and enter the following:

sudo /Applications/ /etc/hosts

Hit return and enter your admin password when prompted and again hit return.
Your Hosts file should automatically open in TextEdit.
Add the following to the open Hosts file:

The entries should ideally be made between the existing broadcasthost and ::1localhost entries.
Save the file and quit TextEdit.
Now, If using Leopard, you should use Terminal again to flush your cache:

sudo dscacheutil -flushcache

You can also do the same in Tiger with the following Terminal command:

lookupd -flushcache

Q: Can I safely update my CS4 apps in the future? Will CS3 work alongside CS4? Does this work for PPC and Intel? Does this work in Tiger/Leopard?
A: Yes, yes, yes, yes yes yes.

Q: I want to uninstall CS4 completely. How I do this?

If you open up Photoshop and go to the Help menu -> Deactivate, there is a check box “Erase my serial number from this computer after deactivation completes.”

Once this is complete you can re-open Photoshop and it will ask you for a new serial number.

enjoy !


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